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For both product manufacturers and Amazon sellers, Algopix provides meaningful information and analysis to make the most relevant and beneficial business decisions. Advanced options allow determining the possible profit from Amazon activity as well as give a precise overview of future selling activity and market situation.

What is Algopix? 

Algopix is one of the most robust tools for analyzing the profitability of your Amazon activity. In essence, the Algopix app is designed for you to be able to recognize risks and minimize them as well as to boost sales dramatically . With this platform, one is able to discover market opportunities daily, get useful information on product sourcing, and estimate competitors’ performance. 

Algopix Pricing 

Pricing for Algopix software will vary depending on the type of plan you opt for. Algopix offers four plans, and the main difference implies the number of analyses you want to conduct each month. 

  1. Basic plan for 19.99$ per month. Such a plan implies up to 500 analyses.
  2. Business plan: 39.99$ per month, including 1,500 monthly reports.
  3. Premium plan: 59.99$ per month, 3,000 reports.

Also, a seven-day Algopix free trial offers you access to all the features of a basic plan. Once the free trial finishes, you will be able to subscribe to a more advanced plan to get access to a restricted version.

Algopix Products 

Algopix product line is represented by ultimately useful tools, all of which aim at helping you to make appropriate business decisions . Particular products provide you with an understanding of demand in some niche, possible expenses, and revenues associated with it. Additionally, Algopix products enable precise competitor analyses and product sales estimation each month. Also, some features tell you how to optimize your marketing strategy in a way that reduces costs and boosts sales.

Single Product Analysis

This feature allows you to perform a search for any product in order to get all the information needed for analysis. First of all, you will need to select a market (or a couple of them) and find your product’s identifier. 

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After you have filled in all the data for doing a precise search, you will get redirected to another page. The latter will explain the best recommendation for the product you are attempting to sell.

Single product analysis allows you to get an understanding of your potential expenses as well as the most probable profits. Most importantly, this little helper tells you whether it’s recommended to sell the product on the market you have chosen or not.

algopix review

Bulk Product Analysis

Compared to the single product analysis option, this one allows to conduct research based on multiple products. Generally, it answers the question of which suppliers to trust and which one to choose among, roughly speaking, a thousand. 

To use the feature, you just need to upload the CSV file containing all the necessary data about a multitude of different suppliers. The tool will instantly cross out unprofitable products that are not worth your attention and financial resources.

It takes only 30 minutes for a tool to analyze your data. Imagine doing it on your own, and you will be glad to use this feature!

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Product Discovery

A product discovery feature is presumably the most useful one for those only starting their Amazon selling activity. Since the matter of finding the right good to sell is undeniably fundamental, this tool comes in handy. 

algopix free

In case you are looking forward to selling pencils on American Amazon, you can quickly get information on which types of pencils are increasingly popular in this marketplace. In particular, one may see the average price as well as how the most highly ranked products are titled. 

algopix alternative

With this tool, you can always opt for analyzing your product and getting a deep dive into its peculiarities, such as sales performance and essential product insights across the markets you have selected. 

 Store Analysis

This remarkable option lets you spy on your competitors and get a precise picture of your rivals’ situation. Initially, you will be asked to provide Algopix with the URL of the company you are attempting to analyze. The process will commence with instantly obtaining inventory data and an overview of the seller’s listings. 

If you feel like you need to dig a bit deeper, you can always request a ‘ store insights ’ from Algopix and obtain all the data you need. Store insights imply providing you with competition levels that the company has, demand breakdown by regions and countries, and sales volumes in previous periods.

Best Seller

This option gives an opportunity to discover top products that are in-demand today. Best Seller Algopix tool works in real-time and outlines only the most relevant products which are extremely popular at the moment. 

Such products are, as a rule, represented by low competition but extremely high demand. That is why checking what customers need the most is a prerequisite for a successful selling activity. 

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If you want to get detailed information on one of the most popular products, you can request a full report and get sufficient information on where the product is sold the most and what lays behind this popularity.

Algopix API 

API is another yet indeed useful tool for finding a market price and estimating performance among different marketplaces. Besides, Algopix API allows conducting a sophisticated product matching based on real-time data. 

You can opt for integrating Algopix API with Amazon to get access to retail analytics as well as regularly check your online presence to make sure your business is going in the right direction. 

Another way in which API gives you a competitive edge implies calculating the degree of competition in the most precise manner and informing you on whether competitors use Fulfillment by Amazon or not.

Final Thoughts

So far, Algopix does a great job by carrying out diverse, precise Amazon research. As for the product’s utility, it is complicated to doubt it. Building on this and other Algopix reviews, one can say that the price you have to pay to get access to such a complete range of products is indeed satisfactory. Algopix offers everything you need in order to succeed with your selling activity, meaning that there is no point in searching for an Algopix alternative.


What markets are supported by Algopix?

This software supports Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. More precisely, marketplaces in Australia, America, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Canada are supported.

Does Algopix offer a free trial?

The software offers you free access to all the features for seven days. In particular, once you opt for a free trial, you will be given a limited number of searches per day, but you can use all the tools. As soon as your free trial finishes, you will be able to choose a subscription plan.

Can I cancel my Algopix?

Anytime you feel like you are done with using Algopix, you can always cancel a subscription. Once you cancel it, you will be partially refunded.