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You’ve probably already heard or read about a myriad of Amazon software designed for professional entrepreneurs who have established brands but strive to reach new business heights. These tools help them lead the advanced marketing business and create concrete grounds to keep it thriving. But what most of these tools lack is specialized features for the top-notch preparation of newbies on the way to their very first sale on Amazon. 

Of course, the majority of software grants endless sales possibilities and promising results by offering diamond and platinum pricing plans with extended tools. Nonetheless, those who are only at the stage of business initiation could hardly benefit from these upgraded features, for they simply don’t need them at this point. 

Luckily, there’s a much cheaper yet lucrative alternative to other costly software that’ll help you sell your first product successfully. Let us introduce you to Amaze Owl - your ultimate guide to selling well and receiving first revenues.

What is AmazeOwl?

AmazeOwl is a software that helps sellers-beginners find and launch their first Amazon product . This tool assists newcomers with creating a business that aligns with their schedule, thereby saving much time on research and development of product ideas. In a nutshell, AmazeOwl contains all necessary equipment to arm you with the right tools, including a huge database with millions of items, 11 marketplaces and other valuable assets to get you started. 

If you belong to the kind of “business toddlers” who want to take the first steps in starting Amazon business, then AmazeOwl is your primary helper. 

AmazeOwl Pricing

Turns out you can sense the taste of income without sacrificing a fortune on investments. The software’s pricing plans will suit everyone who’s thinking of starting new business, since you’ll unlikely find cheaper costs for each subscription. 

AmazeOwl offers both monthly and annual payment options , with the latter option being more beneficial as you can save up to 33% by opting for it.

Depending on different user goals, there are three categories of plans available:

Starter. This AmazeOwl package is a promising solution for those who are eager to learn more about Amazon FBA business and willing to know its essentials. Notably, the starter plan is absolutely free for use . The only drawback of this package is the limited number of tools and features given for disposal. 

In particular, you won’t be able to get access to the product database, customer support, and Amaze Owl Academy discounts once you opt for this subscription. Plus, the loading speed in this package is rather slow. 

Growth. This plan was created for entrepreneurs who have a solid intention to launch their first Amazon product. Unlike the starter package, this one has all the features and tools in open access for its users. 

This AmazeOwl plan will cost you 20$/month or 13$/year . This eloquent pricing policy for such an imposing number of marketing tools won’t make your wallet empty, especially considering the fact that you have access to niche tracker, keywords monitoring, and all other essential tools.  

Established. This subscription is a real treasure for bold Amazon sellers who have a good hold on their market and are ready to find and sell several products simultaneously . Get ready to spend either 30$/month or 20$/year and see how the marketing world revolves around your products in a matter of minutes. How’s that? 

The established pricing plan will help you control product demand regularly and detect some blank spots that need improvement on the spot. As you can see, the privileges are high, so feel free to choose this plan to maximize your profit. 

Ultimately, if you don’t feel confident about either of the packages provided, AmazeOwl offers 10 days of Product Training included in all plans so that you can test how all the features work.

Amazeowl Chrome Extension

Amazeowl extension

AmazeOwl Features

The number of tools presented by AmazeOwl is moderate, yet sufficient for you as a starting Amazon seller who needs to sell and promote products of high potential to masses. Here’s what you can do while working with this software:

1. Hunt for Products

Obviously, the first thing you should do before finding a perfect product for your niche is browse the database of all available items. 

How to Use AmazeOwl Chrome Extension?

Thanks to AmazeOwl, you can spot the right item without significant effort by just clicking the “Hunt for Products” button. Once you do that, you’ll get exposed to staggering millions of products on 11 competitive marketplaces. 

The tool allows you to search for smashing products by keyword or ASIN, bestseller, or product database . All you need to do is just choose one of three options that you find most convenient and instantly get access to the Amazon page. Then, you can look through the items and save the ones you liked. 

A word of warning: take into account the fact that AmazeOwl product database gets updated every day, which is a suitable option for daily product scrolls. Nonetheless, only subscribed users can obtain data from this tool.

Amazeowl extension

Amaze Owl x3

2. Track Products

Next on the list of AmazeOwl’s Chrome extension tools is Track Product. This feature was created primarily to help you find out if your product is worthy of spending time and money on. It is possible that the very first attempt of such scrupulous evaluation won’t result in success, for the competition is definitely burning, and you can’t know for sure how your product will perform. 

But if it will, congratulations - you’re ready to move on and take another stride towards your end result - product launch. 

Amaze Owl Track Product embraces an ample amount of tools to ensure the most accurate and detailed product search operations . Namely, it enables you to conduct keyword monitoring, perform new research, as well as get access to competitor and product data. On top of that, you can add your favorite items to the corresponding list. As well as that, you’ll see which products have the best and the worst ranks on the level of gradation, meaning that you’ll have a chance to evaluate them properly and decide if your product is compatible to competitor’s. 

And the best part is that you can make a forecast of the quantity of reviews you need to complete in AmazeOwl to receive profit from your sales.

Amaze Owl x3

3. Leverage from Product Database

Okay, the worst part is left behind. You’ve hit the right target. Your product has found its place in the niche. What’s next? The final, yet one of the most important parts has to do with careful monitoring. Product Database is a perfect tool developed to help you keep a close eye on competitors , including every fluctuation of their product costs, along with changes in images and keywords. 

Not only can you get access to such priceless bits of information but also know when exactly these modifications take place by getting notifications. Owing to this tool for Amazeowl extension, you’ll always be one step ahead and outperform top Amazon sellers right away. 

AmazeOwl price


AmazeOwl is the most effective tool for Amazon sellers who want to find shelter from overly costly software and settle down in a moderate, simple, and powerful tool to search their winning products. With the help of AmazeOwl, one can explore a database with millions of trending products, verify them, and get the list of items most frequently bought on Amazon. 

Collectively, these features drastically simplify manual work required for optimal product research, therefore making this software a number one choice among adapting sellers.  


How accurate is AmazeOwl?

Considering that AmazeOwl is a tool that works best predominantly for product research, it’s 100% accurate and efficient in terms of this purpose. The statistics and data provided in each tool is precise, clear and helpful enough to provide valuable insights into the basic understanding of the market. Plus, the software allows its users to conduct in-depth competitors’ analysis and keyword research using comprehensible interface. 

Who is AmazeOwl for?

AmazeOwl is a product research-based software for entrepreneurs who want to sell their first product on Amazon. 

Are there AmazeOwl Tutorials?

Yes, there are video tutorials presented by AmazeOwl experienced sellers for each tool. You can watch all of them on Youtube or directly in the AmazeOwl app. 

Can I use free trial?

Yes, you can use the 10-days free trial to get acquainted with the software and test each of the AmazeOwl’s features and tools.