Amazon Associates Program - Everything you Need to Know

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Blogging and managing a website is something that many people engage themselves in. Apart from giving the ability to express oneself and providing some helpful information for users, such an activity can also be quite profitable. Amazon associates are one point that can make your blogging activity even more beneficial. 

What is Amazon Associates program

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program coordinated by Amazon , which aims at helping bloggers to earn money by advertising products on their websites. Anyone who pursues the goal of making some money from an advertising activity can freely become a member of the Amazon affiliate program. The way it all works is also undeniably simple: bloggers or website owners who have previously become Amazon associates program members place links on their websites. 

Once customers click on those links, they get redirected to the page of the product which is being advertised. Amazon affiliate members get paid with a referral fee each time a person clicks on the link and then buys the product on Amazon. The larger the number of units that Amazon associates advertise on their website purchased - the higher the overall profit the member will get.

In case you have just started blogging, or if you are owning a website and wondering how to increase the revenue, you may think of creating an Amazon affiliate account. As mentioned above, creating such an account is free, so that you can do this anytime. To get approved, you will most likely need to wait for one day. 

Two points will likely contribute to your success the most once you launch your Amazon affiliate marketing account. The first implies the extent to which your account is well-established. Once you are certain that your blog or account has enough readers or, respectively, users, the second point to consider implies the profitability of a niche. In essence, Amazon associates always need to thoroughly analyze the market , stay alert, and know which product has a high demand.

How to Choose the most profitable niche

Building on what was explained in the previous section, one should undeniably keep in mind the niche profitability. Digging deeper into this issue, it is far not the best option to choose random products and advertise any item you find on the market. After you have become an Amazon affiliate member, you ought to make a precise analysis regarding the current demand on the market, its structure, key leaders, top products, and so on. Doing so is a fundamental condition for ending up with maximum profits from Amazon associates and not just advertising the product in vain. 

Needless to say, you can hardly find out which products can be characterized by increasing popularity as well as state that this or that niche will be an attractive option. Therefore, for you to be able to collect relevant and sufficient data, there are some life-saving product finder tools . Such tools are essential for those engaged in Amazon affiliate activity. In particular, such tools serve as tiny helpers in making market analysis, competitor research, and finding out what to expect from specific products. 

IO Scout

As one of the most cost-effective research tools for Amazon product, IO Scout might have an excellent value for Amazon affiliates. In essence, the general purpose of IO Scout software is to help Amazon associates to find really profitable products that can be characterized by low competition in the market. Since the latter is a condition for a business’ success, this tool does a great job by helping Amazon associates. 

You, as an associate, are willing to advertise the product that will be sold quickly, and this tool might help you to succeed. With the help of the IO Scout software, you can set up multiple filters to finally discover which niche is especially popular, and which one will 100 percent provide you with a profit. It is highly likely that you will gradually find the product which is indeed worth advertising via Amazon affiliate since advanced filters can help you find the right niche.

With this software, Amazon affiliates can create bookmarks in order to track more than one product and stay aware of the smallest changes. Additionally, one gets a chance to monitor the competitor's situation and find out how the latter behaves on the market. 

amazon affiliate account

As for the price, you don’t need to spend vast amounts of financial resources to afford this software. After the free trial, one may always opt for a 49$ per month advanced seller version. The paid version includes all the necessary features in order to help you with making up the mind on what to advertise as an Amazon affiliate. So, this tool can be on the top of your preferences list , as it will find you one product out of 150 million to advertise and get the most out of your activity as an Amazon associates member. 

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is one of the most powerful Amazon product finder tools for Amazon affiliate. You can either use it as a web version or install a Chrome extension for more convenience. As for Amazon associates, this software may turn out to be increasingly useful in terms of finding out which products are worth advertising. Since the logic behind it is that the more popular the product is - the more people will be willing to buy it.

Conducting an Amazon affiliate research is even easier provided that you have previously installed a desktop version of Jungle Scout. In essence, you only need to search the word you are interested in and run your extension. Shortly after that, you get a general metrics, which is essential for selling the right product. 

Conducting an Amazon affiliate research is even easier provided that you have previously installed a desktop version of Jungle Scout. In essence, you only need to search the word you are interested in and run your extension. Shortly after that, you get a general metrics, which is essential for selling the right product. 

amazon associate


When it comes to analyzing some particular products as profoundly as possible, Camel software may come in handy. This tool is designed constructively in order to give Amazon affiliate sufficient information about the product they are researching. Mainly formulated as a price-tracking tool , the Camelizer app serves you by making you aware of the smallest price changes as well as the overall price history. By checking this data, you will benefit by knowing what to expect from particular products and whether to advertise them as an Amazon affiliate member.

become an amazon affiliate

Another point that makes Camelizer software attractive for Amazon affiliates is the ability to check the data in real-time. This helps a lot since Amazon associates need to be aware of the smallest price fluctuations and overall trends. Once you decide to discover more about a particular product’s price, you can quickly go for it. You can even search for top price drops, both in absolute and relative values, and make up your mind on whether to use the product in Amazon associates activity. 

If you want to see more elaborate data, you can always look for tables and charts with the most precise interpretation of the product’s price history. Overall, Camel serves the purpose of every Amazon affiliate member, customer, and even seller. And, most remarkably, one can install and use the software totally for free. 

amazon affiliate account

How much can you earn as Amazon Affiliate member

The procedure of getting paid for advertising the product on the website is rather transparent. One creates a link to the product’s page on Amazon and gets some referral fee each time when some user clicks the link and purchases this product. Therefore, the more users buy an advertised good - the bigger your profits will be by the end of the day. 

Another critical point that cannot remain untouched is that the customer can make the purchase not later than 24 hours after he or she clicked your link. If the user decides to purchase a product 2 days after he was redirected to the website via your link, you will not obtain a referral fee . However, you will earn a fee in case if the user has put the advertised product in a cart on Amazon. But then he needs to conduct a purchase during 30 days after clicking the link; otherwise, you won’t get a fee. 

Another question that pops up concerns the fees for particular products. The fee rates for a standard Amazon associate program are displayed below.

affiliate marketing amazon

Depending on the niche you are advertising and bringing traffic to your website, your monthly expected profit may vary from 50$ to 500$

You can opt for joining an affiliate marketing Amazon special program. In essence, the latter implies that the user should register on Amazon and subscribe to a specific application. For each registered customer, you will always obtain a particular sum, depending on the type of the program.

How to Promote Products on Amazon

Apparently, the more products Amazon sells - the higher revenues Amazon associates will end up with. Therefore, you are one of the interested parties who questions how to become an Amazon affiliate member and how to make more people buy a particular product. 

In essence, Amazon associates offers three basic ways of placing promotional content on your webpage. These are banners, links in the text, and shopping ads.


Placing banner ads is presumably one of the most popular ways to advertise content on a personal website. Creating a banner ad is relatively easy. Go to the Product Linking page in your Amazon associates account and click on Banners. You will be asked to mention the category that your perspective banner is going to correspond to. After choosing a particular product category, you will able to select the size of your banner ad, as well as get some recommendations on how to place it in the best way. 

Keep in mind that banner ads are not considered the most effective way of promoting a particular product. The thing is, some users may feel skeptical about clicking on such ads. Thus, there are chances that such a type of promotional content will not give you maximum profits from your Amazon associates activity. 

Links in the text

Utilizing text links in your content is probably the most logical way of including ads within your text. While links are placed in the main text, there is a 100 percent probability that the reader will come across the link and your Amazon associates activity will be beneficial. If you put the link in a very cohesive way, then many users will click on it. Since the lion's share of conversions is generated from the text links, one needs to know how to make the most out of it. 

To create a link, you will need to click on ‘Product Linking ’ and choose ‘Product Links.’ But, keep in mind that you need to search for a particular product you can advertise via linking. However, you can easily manage this by using software which was described above.

After you have decided on which product you want to advertise, you will need to copy the product’s ASIN and insert it in the search field.

After that, you can copy the link. You will be offered three main options of how your link will look like. You can opt for text, image, or both. And, of course, at this point you can set up colors for the link as well as for the text. 

Native Shopping Ads

This type of promotional content placement resembles typical ads. If you have set your sights on this type of product linking, here is a quick overview of how to create native shopping ads. Initially, you will be asked which type of ads you would like to choose ( search, recommendation, or custom ads ). 

Custom Ads imply choosing your top favorite products that you want to advertise. The peculiarity of this ad suggests that it will be placed within your article blog posts.

Search ads allow you to include all product recommendations that build on the top keywords that most of your users often search for. The thing that distinguishes this type of ad from the other is that the first allows your users to perform Amazon searches directly from your blog. 

Recommendation ads rely heavily on your content and its peculiarity. In other words, these ads automatically show the most appropriate product recommendations that are tightly linked to your website’s content.

Setting Up Amazon Associates account

As it was mentioned previously, creating an account is neither complicated nor a paid process. Everyone who has a desire to set up an account provided that he or she is confident in their own blog’s popularity can create a free Amazon associates account. However, some steps might be somehow confusing for beginners or just for those who have never engaged themselves in a similar activity. In order for one not to get lost, below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up an Amazon affiliate account without encountering any difficulties. 

Log in to your Amazon account

One cannot set up an Amazon associates account unless he or she has previously created an Amazon account. Even in case if you still haven’t registered an Amazon account yet, you may complete this in a matter of a few minutes. After clicking the login button, you will need to fill in some basic details about yourself as well as enter your email address. After you have confirmed your account, you may proceed with registering an Amazon associates account. 

Fill in the payment address details 

Right after you have logged in as an Amazon user and you are ready to proceed with Amazon affiliate account, Amazon will kindly ask you to mention the payment information . At this point, you can either select yourself as a payee or mention another person who will pay. But if nothing needs to be changed at this point, you may leave this step and proceed with the following one.

amazon associate program

Mentioning Mobile App and Website lists

At this stage, you are expected to outline all the websites where you want to display a specific advertisement. Also, you can mention your mobile app and use it at Amazon affiliate. Provided that you have mentioned at least one app as well as at least one website, you are done with this stage.

amazon affiliate

The number of your websites should not exceed 50 . Additionally, remember that you can always insert links to your websites, instead of filling everything in manually. 

Enter your preferences and the topics that your links are likely to cover 

To become an Amazon affiliate, you are expected to explain what drives you to create this account. In particular, you should be ready to outline which goal your website or an app strives to accomplish. In other words, you should write down a couple of words on what your site does (e.g., how does it help people, which function it performs ). 

Besides, you will be given an elaborate list of descriptions of your app or website, and you will need to choose a couple of them. This step is essential for Amazon to understand what to expect from your Amazon associates activity. Knowing which topics your website will address is crucial for Amazon to get a general idea of your potential. 

amazon associates program

Provide Amazon Associates with an idea of how you will increase traffic

Here one can outline the general approach towards driving organic traffic to his or her website. Amazon needs to know that you are serious about your intentions as one of Amazon associates. Therefore, it would be great if you could outline some data regarding the monthly number of your website’s visitors or the way in which you usually build links.

amazon associate

Undergo Amazon Affiliate Verification 

To let Amazon know you are a real person, you will need to undergo a fast verification. For this, they will ask you for a mobile phone number. To verify your identity, Amazon will perform an immediate call. In particular, a four-digit pin will be sent to your mobile device, and all you will have to do is enter your code. Right after that, the verification procedure will be completed and you will become a member of Amazon affiliates.

Finally, mention the payment method 

The final step towards successfully creating an Amazon associates account implies choosing a payment method. However, you can feel free to postpone it and turn to this procedure later. 

Now, you can create your first link as Amazon Affiliate Member 

At your account page, you can get access to all the information that interests you (payments, total clicks, earnings). Besides, here you can find the most relevant products that you can easily advertise directly from your webpage. 

amazon affiliate

Final Thoughts

Creating an Amazon Affiliate account is all about getting nice profits for just advertising the right product on your website. Making money with an associate program is relatively simple. Nonetheless, one should always consider various ways of improving their own website and making sure that the number of its visitors grows, at least gradually. 

Once you get to know how to master advertising skills by making use of various software, your activity will result in high profits. Since anyone engaged in a blogging activity or owning a website can become an affiliate, there is a high likelihood of observing a substantial success over time.


Does Amazon affiliate pay for clicks?

One may assume that Amazon affiliate will pay you each time your website’s user clicks the link you provided. But, the payment will take place only provided that the user further buys the product you advertise. Putting it differently, Amazon Affiliate pay for a click in case the person who clicked conducts a purchase not later than 24 hours after following the link.

Can I become an Amazon affiliate without a website?

In case you don’t have a website or a blog, you can become the Amazon affiliate by using your Youtube link. But, if you are taking your future affiliate activity seriously, you may start to think about developing your own website or blog. In fact, it is way more effective to earn money from advertising if you do this from a personal website.

Who can become Amazon affiliate?

You can become an Amazon affiliate if you own a website or a blog. You don’t need to possess particular skills or be experienced in a particular field to begin an affiliate activity. Therefore, everyone can gain profits from an advertising activity under the condition that he or she has a website.