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As a seller on Amazon, you probably already know the burden of managing all the processes and making sure your product reaches the customer timely. Amazon has made it much easier for you to conduct business since it offers enormous help. In fact, FBA selling can be even more facile thanks to various Chrome extensions that are available. 

What is Amazon Chrome Extension?

Amazon extension for Chrome implies the browser extension that is designed in a way which facilitates the business processes , helps you obtain more loyal customers, increase profits , and take better control over the selling operations. In particular, using Amazon FBA Chrome extension allows you to identify the top keywords, find profitable products, and give you an idea for a selling strategy .

Why do you need Amazon Chrome Extension? 

There are multiple arguments for using the Amazon extension Chrome. If you are wondering which benefit you can take from utilizing an extension, here are some ideas:

  • it makes selling simpler
  • it helps you research keywords
  • you can set the most optimal price  
  • it gives you an idea of Amazon fees 

Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

It works relatively easy. All you have to do is just perform a certain search on Amazon, and then run your extension. You immediately obtain the fundamental metrics which is necessary for selling successfully on Amazon. Apart from the average price and average reviews options, you can take a glance at opportunity score, letting yourself get an insight into the niche attractiveness. 

amazon seller chrome extension

If you already have some experience with using Amazon and FBA, then this app should be beneficial for your business. Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) won’t be an unbearable task once you utilize the extension. 

Helium 10 Plugin

This Chrome amazon extension can be undeniably claimed as one of the top extensions for Amazon selling. In particular, it gives you access to multiple valuable features, such as advanced keyword research, listings protection, tracking competitors’ strategies. 

Helium 10 is an excellent plugin for planning your keywords and the overall selling strategy . Indeed, apart from designing your product’s keywords, the plugin allows you to perform a thorough competitor analysis. 

Other attractive features include seasonality, sourcing decisions, and product opportunity validation. Finally, the extension allows you to calculate profitability straight away, including ROI and margin. 

chrome amazon extension

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

This amazon seller Chrome extension can especially come in handy when you are wondering whether to source the product or not. Besides, the tool gives you a better understanding of how the market works and what are its specific patterns. 

The tool can be recommended to those who want to increase productivity and performance while removing the risk of making false decisions and paying a fortune. 

The last but not least, Viral Launch is represented by the most comprehensive and relevant Amazon data , meaning that one can make the most precise decisions building on such data.

amazon extension chrome

AMZScout (PRO)

Amazon Chrome Extension

AMZScout offers a multitude of useful features to all Amazon sellers. Most importantly, one can try all the features for free, make up their mind on which one serves them best, and, finally, subscribe to one. 

This chrome extension amazon automatically performs Amazon fee calculation, so there is no need in doing it manually. Another point that contributes to the extension’s utility is the adaptive data sorting and lowest seller price data

With the tool, you can access the niche history and the trend so that you can get the general picture of the niche and its attractiveness.

AMZ Seller Browser

The AMZ Seller Browser is designed to speed up your keyword research and market analysis. With the app, you can instantly get access to the product’s price history and conduct your own further investigation. 

Needless to say, this software is quite helpful as it gives an understanding of how the market looks and how profitable niche is. Most importantly, this Amazon Chrome Extension is free of charge. And if you want to conduct in-depth research, you may install complimentary plugins. You can use the app either along with similar services or on its own.

amazon extension chrome

DS Amazon Quick View

This software might be exactly what you need if you are interested in carrying out thorough product research. In particular, you can see the fullest description of the product that interests you, as well as include some sellers data to the search page. To boost user experience, Amazon Quick View utilizes Google Analytics to portray user statistics. 

In addition, this app demonstrates BSR and Price history once you enter a search page. This means that you will get high-quality information to boost performance and carry out excellent research.

Amazon Chrome Extension

The Camelizer 

This Amazon Chrome Extension is very easy to navigate and do your specific research. 

Just like many other extensions, this tool is perfect for analyzing historical data and seeing how price changes over time. The extension distinguishes the Amazon price from those of 3rd parties. 

Another point that makes the software peculiar implies alerts about price fluctuations . In particular, you get a chance to spectate how price changes and get a notification when fluctuations are drastic. The latter can be genuinely helpful and beneficial for your business while it gives you a possibility to adjust your price according to the competitors’ prices. 

amazon seller chrome extension

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool 

FBA Keyword Tool Amazon Chrome extension is aimed at helping you discover the search volumes for any keyword. Additionally, it gives you a general understanding of competition and niche attractiveness.

The Amazon Smile Chrome Extension copes with generating the most suitable keywords based on the word you provide to describe your product. 

The app is free of charge; nonetheless, you will need to pay to get access to premium features. Don’t hesitate to check this program out if you are looking forward to getting add-ons.

amazon fba chrome extension

Final Thoughts 

Whether you have long been selling on Amazon or you are just attempting to launch a business, an Amazon Chrome extension will always come in handy. Since multiple free options are available, nowadays it becomes a lot easier to make the software work for your business. Just install the extension of your choice, make sure it corresponds your goals, launch it, and grow the most successful business ever. 


Is there a Charge for Amazon Chrome Extension?

Most Amazon Chrome extensions that you will probably come across are free of charge. In some cases, companies offer free trials for you to test the software and make up your mind on whether the tool is worth the money or not. Following this, you can subscribe for free, but you can always take it back anytime. 

What is Amazon Assistant for Chrome?

Amazon assistant is a program that allows you to see the best offers on Amazon and compare all of them while browsing. In addition, it notifies you about the upcoming deals. Also, the tool helps you manage listings and keep all your favourites in a single place. Overall, one uses Amazon assistant to be kept in the loop and be informed when the product is picked and delivered. 

What's a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

A sales rank on Amazon describes your product’s position in the market. In other words, the sales rank demonstrates how likely will a customer choose your product and not the one from your competitor. A good sales rank starts at 1, meaning that your product is the top one. The lower the level is, the worse your positions are.