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What is Amazon Chrome Extension?
Why do you need Amazon Chrome Extension?
Best Amazon Chrome Extensions
Final Thoughts

Like every single seller on Amazon, you are definitely aware of the fact that carrying out all the necessary selling procedures and ensuring a flawless service are your top challenges. Sellers’ responsibility grows steadily, as well as the workload tends to increase rapidly. Under such conditions, being capable of ensuring timely delivery and excellent customer service becomes a top priority.

To facilitate your work, Amazon has been continuously supporting sellers by letting them use specialized Amazon research software. That’s why multiple Amazon chrome extensions are available for marchants to help them better operate on the selling business.

What is Amazon Chrome Extension?

Amazon seller Chrome extension is a particular browser extension that one can upload on PC easily. It is an ultimate helper in managing all the essential business functions and obtaining control over all the vital aspects of selling activity. Using an Amazon extension chrome allows merchants to boost their profits and stay confident that the software will substantially ease all the operations.

An Amazon extension for chrome offers you a lot more than you may even expect. For instance, you can identify profitable niches with top-selling products and minimum competition. In addition, you may research winning keywords and come up with an understanding of the most suitable selling strategy.

Why do you need Amazon Chrome Extension?

There are several reasons to use a chrome Amazon extension for your business. In case you are still not 100% confident whether using an Amazon FBA chrome extension is worth your resources, here is a quick overview of its top benefits:

  • It makes you able to save a great deal of time.
  • It facilitates the process of selling goods.
  • An extension provides you with Amazon fees that you will most likely face.
  • It gives you an idea of which prices to set according to the current situation.
  • You can save your money by using an extension.
  • You can run your business in a more effective and optimal way.

Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

There are a bunch of useful Chrome extensions available today, and many of them are indeed effective. With multiple extensions to choose from, you may effortlessly find the one that fits all your expectations. Below we have listed the most helpful extensions that every beginner and experienced seller need to have.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout is a chrome extension for Amazon that has already proved its stable positions in the market. Yet, many retailers use jungle scout extension in particular, meaning that the latter has a lot to offer. Such an extension is a valuable asset because it allows monitoring information about every product in real time. Such informative data offers substantial help when it comes to making accurate business decisions.

Once you start using this extension, you will not have any issues with it. Getting the most out of Jungle Scout is easy: you just need to make a search on Amazon and then run Jungle Scout. Only by knowing the product’s ASIN, you can immediately get access to essential metrics. You will need it to achieve high rankings and achieve better success in your sellings.

One more thing you may discover by using a jungle scout extension is an opportunity score. An opportunity score is a depiction of how attractive the niche is and how much potential you have.


If you are not new to utilizing Amazon and FBA, your business will substantially benefit from this application. Using an extension and reaching the desired return on investments are likely to be synonyms.

Helium 10 Plugin

Helium 10 is another helpful Amazon software that is indispensable when it comes to selling on Amazon. It has all the features to help you carry out advanced keyword research and protect your listings. Managing the latter is vital to ascertain that the customers will buy from you and your competitors will be helpless.

Another task that Helium 10 is perfect for is spying on competitors and getting to know their unique selling strategies. Once you manage this, you may stay sure that the competition is unlikely to hit your business and your sales hard. Following this, such an extension can be your excellent helper in coming up with a selling strategy. You can plan your keywords and perform a flawless analysis of competition on the niche.

Finally, this plugin allows Amazon sellers to use multiple unique features, such as sourcing decisions and tracing products by seasonality. And, of course, you may instantly calculate profitability with the help on an FBA calculator and get an understanding of future margins.


Viral Launch Market Intelligence

A selling activity is all about coming up with appropriate sales decisions. Whether to sell a product or not - it always depends on the set of specific criteria and meaningful indicators. Some products can give you unbelievable profits, while others, although potentially profitable, may lead to losses. Viral Launch Market Intelligence is a tool that is especially useful when it comes to dealing with critical situations.

Namely, Viral Launch comes in handy when you need to decide which product to sell. It provides you with a general picture of the market and demonstrates its particular patterns and traits.

You may use this software in case you seek ways to boost performance and productivity but want to protect your business from failures. Notably, such failures often imply not only losing profits but also becoming bankrupt.

The last but not the least argument for using Viral Launch is that it is represented by the real-time Amazon data. This all means that you may readily build your future business decisions on the basis of comprehensive data that Viral Launch provides.


AMZScout (PRO)

AMZScout is another reputable Amazon extension that offers multiple useful features. Most importantly, sellers can try each of the features entirely for free. AMZScout provides customers with such an opportunity in order to let them discover the features at large. Then, they can decide which feature to subscribe to.

Once you begin using the software, you will immediately see how convenient it is. First of all, AMZScout calculates the fees automatically. This means that you will not need to spend your time on filling in this data manually.

Another pleasant fact about the extension is the adaptive data sorting. Such a feature undoubtedly contributes to the software’s utility. Besides, it gives you access to the lowest seller price data, which might be useful while forming prices for your goods.

Finally, this tool makes it possible for you to browse the niche history and see the trend data. Overall, this facilitates the process of evaluating niche attractiveness.

AMZ Seller Browser

AMZ Seller is another excellent tool for speeding up the process of keyword research and ensuring a high-quality market analysis. Installing AMZ Seller extension to your PC will instantly let you obtain a competitive advantage. First off, this application provides you with access to the price history of specific products. This means that you’ll have all the means for conducting further goods investigation.

Overall, the tool may give you a general impression of how the market operates and how attractive your niche is. With AMZ Seller, you can conduct your research and decide on a relevant strategy without having to pay anything. Or, if you are interested in carrying out an in-depth analysis, you are welcome to download additional plugins. Finally, if you feel like you want to connect this tool with other services, you can also manage this with the AMZ Seller browser.

DS Amazon Quick View

DS Quick View is something you will surely need to conduct an in-depth product analysis and market research. A distinctive feature of this very extension implies providing users with a detailed product description. With this tool, you can keep in mind the most efficient product composition details as well as include sellers’ data.

Amazon Quick View cares for the precision of the data it provides, so the tool uses Google Analytics to depict user statistics and trends.

If you are looking forward to estimating a seller rank by taking a glance at the price history of a specific product, you can manage this via DS Quick View. You only need to enter a search page and keep your product’s ASIN in mind. Overall, DS Amazon Quick View has all the instruments for you to improve earnings by carrying out the most precise research. The latter is always based on the outstanding information quality that cannot be questioned.


The Camelizer

The Camelizer chrome extension is another useful tool that is very easy to navigate. With its help, you will conduct your research faster and with more fruitful outcomes. The Camelizer app possesses one feature that distinguishes it from other tools. In particular, the Camelizer differentiates the Amazon price from prices set by competitors.

Another reason to use the Camelizer app is the fact that this software sends you immediate notifications about the slightest price fluctuations. With the help of such a feature, you obtain a chance to see the pace of price changes and get informed when prices change significantly. In essence, staying aware of the financial state in the market gives you an idea of how to set prices in the future and how not to undermine your own reputation.



Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

Amazon FBA Keyword is the last but not the least effective and useful Amazon research tool. This extension aims at assisting you in uncovering how often people search for a particular keyword. In short, it offers you to find out search volumes, or the popularity of specific keywords. Plus, it makes one capable of making conclusions regarding a particular niche.

Besides, The Amazon Smile Chrome Extension generates the most appropriate keys by building on the search word you use. The latter usually describes your products in the most accurate way.

To get premium features, you will need to choose a specific plan and subscribe to it. However, you can opt for a free version as well. This program might be your top choice if you are not indifferent about getting some add-ons.


Final Thoughts

Amazon Chrome extension is always here for you, regardless of whether you are just starting a business or have experience already. This small helper makes it easier for you to keep up with modern Amazon requirements and be sure that you can always catch up. 

These days, it has become a lot more convenient to make any software serve your business goals. Free options, as well as outstanding paid features, allows you to grow professionally and always stay up-to-date.


Is there a Charge for Amazon Chrome Extension?

You will come up with multiple features that are free of charge or, at least, have a free trial. Most software offer a free trial for customers to make some use of the tool and realize whether it meets their goals. After a free trial finishes, you can either subscribe to paid features or stop using the tool.

What is Amazon Assistant for Chrome?

Amazon assistant for chrome shows you the top offers from Amazon and gives you a chance to compare them. An Assistant can also give you a notification as soon as new deals appear. With its help, you can collect your favorites and store them in a single space. So, you may want to use the Amazon assistant if you're going to stay up-to-date and always be informed of the slightest changes regarding the product.

What's a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

In general, a sales rank is a depiction of how strong your product’s position is on the market. It shows how likely a customer is to see your goods and gives an evaluation of your chances for selling it. Basically, it demonstrates how weak or strong you are in relation to your main competitors. A perfect sales rank is 1, meaning that your product is the best on the market.