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An Ultimate Guide on Amazon Image Requirements

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Amazon Image Requirements - Technical Requirements
Amazon Main Image - Requirements
Amazon Main Image Restrictions
Amazon Listings Images - Requirements
5 Tips to Make the Best Amazon Photography
Final Thoughts

Amazon is an online platform that allows you to create captivating product pages. They have strict requirements regarding every Amazon image that sellers upload. What is a real challenge is to know what page requires photos with specific rules. Unique style guidelines are set by Amazon for 45 various categories of products. In the detailed guide below, we clarify the exact Amazon photo requirements and restrictions that kick the image uploads back. Also, create an optimized product listing with IO Scout amazon listing optimization tool, such requirements improve your SEO and chances to promote your products for more sales on Amazon.

Amazon Image Requirements - Technical Requirements

Amazon has dedicated software that validates the uploaded images in accordance with the basic requirements set by the e-commerce platform. The Amazon picture requirements from a technical perspective are the following:

  • The minimal allowed dimension on the longest side - at least 500px .
  • The max allowed Amazon product image size - 10,000px.
  • The zoom of the image starts at 1000px - longest side, 500px - shortest.
  • The picture requirements only support several formats: JPEG (static) and GIF (likely animated) images are the safe bet. Most of the time, upload in JPEG format, Amazon prefers that format over PNG or TIFF.
  • The color gamut of the image should not overlap sRBG standard.
  • The maximum Amazon image size of the uploaded image is 10mb .The best aspect ratio for the uploaded image is 1:1 square . The proportion might stretch up to 5:1 , which is a rectangle, those are fine choices of best size for Amazon images.

Amazon Main Image - Requirements

Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon product image requirements are related to the specific design of the photo. It has to be professional and display the sold items properly, showing the key elements of the sold goods. The list of main image requirements is the following:

  • Product images must be real-world photos taken from the professional perspective. The alternative is to display the cover of products for specific product categories like digital books, magazines, etc. Amazon image guidelines do not favor drawings or illustrations of the selling products.
  • The images on the product page must be photographed in full focus without any details cropped out from the view.
  • It is not recommended to use too many filters and color rebalancing on Amazon product images. The colors must correspond to what customers would see in real life after getting products on hands.
  • The background has to be filled with clean white color ( RGB 255, 255, 255 ).
  • Watermarks or any external design that has the ability to distort the representation of the product are forbidden.
  • Extra objects placed on the image must not distract the focus of customers from the product that you sell. For example, if you’re selling the brown jacket, you shouldn’t dress the person who wears it in bright-yellow pants or grotesque feather hat.
  • The product is recommended to be placed in the frame.
  • Graphics or text that are not necessary for the product selling shouldn’t be present on the image.

Amazon Main Image Restrictions

Amazon has distinct rules that limit the image uploads for the main pages. The pictures with following criteria are not permitted for using:

  • Not actual portrayal of the product. Sketches, drawings, and other art that distort the perception of the selling items are not allowed.
  • Images with misleading objects that confuse viewers. Accessories or misc objects are the common examples.
  • Pictures with text or overlaying graphics.
  • Pornographic and offensive content.
  • Images with unverified ownership. Watermarks or logos on pictures are not allowed.
  • Images with repeating view of the same product from different angles.
  • Pantyhouse, stockings, and socks are the only products that can be displayed on a mannequin along with external branding.

Amazon Listings Images - Requirements


Apart from main images, Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to upload additional pictures. The smaller images are displayed once the visitor clicks on the page. The picture like that is often called Amazon swatch image with the following requirements

  • Image must be in 100% focus with indication of the product characteristics.
  • Additional objects on the image must not make the impression of being included in the final price.
  • The main product must take 85% of the total place on the image.
  • Cropped, close-up, or distorted images are kicked back.
  • As long as the product is in the main focus, backgrounds, text, and plain graphics are allowed, Amazon swatch image requirements permit that.

5 Tips to Make the Best Amazon Photography

The right image quality is essential to get the pass to Amazon platform. We collected the best practices to create astounding visual content that will be approved through moderation.

White Background

Most e-commerce platforms benefit from placing the products on the white backgrounds when selling. Amazon is not different, most sellers usually place the products on the white background because it minimizes the distraction. The product becomes the center of attention on the web page. The feeling of consistency is also in the bucket of advantages, it creates the sense of fluent design.

Light Matters

The correct light makes even the dullest products shine. If you’ve set up the direct light like during professional photoset, then the product will have a look of something ready to be sold. People enjoy candy-like visuals, this technique allows sellers to achieve such an effect.

High Resolution

Use the camera with high-resolution lens to create the photos which do not have pixelization and visual artefacts. Every photo uploaded on the product page must have superior quality and absence of blur. The higher the number of pixels on the camera, the more details will be observable by potential customers.

Product Image Size

Amazon product image dimensions are necessary to hit the sweet spot in displaying the product to reach high sales. Using the right proportions, you can display the products that are not too small or big. The way to do things right is to use the medium size of the product on image with some white space around, yet the details have to be clearly visible.

Use Various Angles

Amazon listing image size should be correctly set for the swatches as well. It’s always a winning tactic to show the product from several angles in the thumbnail section. By moving through various images under different angles, people will have a better understanding of the items and their benefits.

Final Thoughts

Uploading the photography that meets the photo requirements of Amazon has a positive effect on customer experience and the number of sales. The photos that are displayed on the white background with multiple angles in the thumbnail section and high image quality will definitely work out in the overall sales volumes. That’s the standard of Amazon, so sellers should better follow it.


How to name photos for Amazon?

Amazon has the standard of naming the uploaded photos. File names must have the following product identifiers

  • Amazon ASIN.
  • 13-digit ISBN.
  • EAN, JAN, or UPC.
  • Period followed by the name of file extension (.jpg, .png). (Example: B000223457.jpg)

What is Swatch Image on Amazon?

Swatch images are the previews of the product from the main page. Basically, swatches are the small gallery on the product page where the selling item is displayed in different environments or angles.

How to prepare photos for Amazon?

Here is a short instruction on how to prepare photo for Amazon:

  1. Choose the product you wish to upload images for.
  2. Select Catalog (for new products) and press Add Products . For the existing products, open Manage and edit the products you want to upload the images.
  3. Press the Images tab.
  4. Below Main section , press Choose File .

This is how you upload second-tier images.