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Selling a high-quality product and managing to make it attractive to customers is the keystone for success. But the truth is that it is not enough to make people know about it and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Supposedly, you have placed your product on Amazon and are now looking forward to hearing from the first client. But you will hardly reach a customer provided that you skipped crucial phases and put the product on the market straight away. 

Prior to putting a product on a shelf, analyze the market and the current demand. To motivate sales and increase visibility , you can use a wide range of Amazon keyword research tools.

Top Paid Keyword Research Tools


Being presumably the best Amazon keyword tool, Jungle Scout allows users to ensure that a particular product is indeed worth the money. By the way, you will often come across multiple Amazon keyword search tools, and most of them are not free of charge. Nevertheless, such devices are worth every single dollar spent on them thanks to the valuable functions they include.

amazon keyword ranking

After you sign in, you will need to set up filters for keyword research . In particular, with this Amazon keyword tool, you should mention the qualities and attributes of the product you want to sell. Using this tool will cost you 49$ per month. 

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Amazon keyword tool

Amazon Keyword Tool

This Amazon keyword tool is designed in a way that helps customers find your product many times faster. This one can be both used for free or for a fee, given that the latter option can provide you with multiple preferences and access to a wide keyword selection.

Amazon keyword tool

This Amazon keyword tracker is relatively simple to use. In particular, you will need to insert the word that describes your product and click the search button to see how often users look for this keyword. Later on, you will manage to utilize keywords to get more clicks and visits on your page. 

The Amazon keyword tool also has flawless support and accurate data . Last but not least, it charges you 69$ per month for 7000 keywords per day and 159$ for 70,000 keywords per day as well as competitor keyword analysis, so it’s a good value for the money.

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Keyword Tool Dominator

The keyword tool dominator extension uses an autocomplete function to find the most relevant keywords. 

The Amazon keyword tool is relatively easy to utilize and it’s based on four key metrics:

  1. Trend . Demonstrates the tendency of a keyword on Amazon
  2. Competition. Shows the number of sellers who base on the keyword
  3. CPC. The price that advertisers pay for the keyword
  4. Search volume. The number of searches per month

amazon keyword planner

This Amazon keyword tool is best for discovering perspective niches and creating a product with a unique selling proposition. As for the price, it costs 69$ per month and includes multiple useful features, such as sales tracking, supplier tracking, customized emails, FBA training, and many more. If you pay yearly, you save up to 20$ each month.


Viral Launch

best keyword research tool for amazon Another excellent tool for doing keyword research is Viral Launch. What makes the Amazon keyword tool stand out is the simplicity of researching . You may start a free trial and sign up in a matter of a minute. 

A distinct advantage of this software is the fact that it has a convenient dashboard with all the necessary functions on the left. It can be claimed as the best keyword research tool for Amazon in terms of its convenience and user-friendliness.

best amazon keyword research tool

To do keyword research, you need to choose a trial keyword and press the search button. Right after that, you will see the fullest description of your keyword, including search volume trends, dominant category, and average prices

amazon seo tools

To use a pro version, you will have to pay a monthly amount of 49$ , 83$ , or 124$ per month, depending on the type of subscription. In any case, it is always appropriate to choose a yearly subscription, since there is no point in paying extra. 

amazon keyword research

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Helium 10

amazon seo tools

This Amazon keyword tool offers multiple keyword research tools according to your goals and initial preferences. To be more specific, it includes four different tools; all of them serve different purposes.

  1. Cerebro. This tool is mainly designed to discover a keyword strategy and find the unique keywords. The price equals 37$ per month.
  2. Keyword Tracker . To track the keywords in real-time and to monitor them for profitable niches, it is highly recommended to use Keyword Tracker. Additionally, the Rocket Boost feature allows checking the world’s rating each hour for 57$ per month.
  3. what are people searching for on amazon

  4. Magnet.  This tool has the most complex keyword database allowing you to increase your organic traffic. It also allows using filters for conducting advanced research . Overall, you’ll have to pay 37$ per month, just like with Cerebro.
  5. how to choose keywords for amazon

  6. Misspelinator. The final tool is peculiar for the fact that it allows you to take advantage of users’ misspelling . You get a chance to add misspelled keywords to your listing and benefit from it. You may try this tool for 30 days without paying anything.
  7. This is how it works when you search for the ‘computer’ keyword.

    amazon keyword tracker


    Seller App

    With this software, you can drastically boost your performance on Amazon. Most importantly, via Seller App, you can discover prevalent but low competition keywords .  

    You may opt for either starting a 7-day free trial or pay 49.99$ per month. Remember, you can bring it back anytime.

    With this amazon keywords generator, you can freely pick up search terms from your competitor’s list.



    This is presumably the gigantic database of shoppers’ search trends with 1.6 billion keywords collected over the time span of 6 years . This tool helps you to succeed in business and optimize listing so that more people can find out about your product. 

    The app’s interface is understandable and user-friendly and offers you a seasonality feature. The latter explains how often users seek for a keyword (monthly, seasonally).

    amazon keyword search

    You can upgrade your Amazon keyword tool to pro and store keywords lists, find out complementary keywords, and optimize listings. But you’ll have to pay in order to access the mentioned features.

    amazon keyword ranking


    Ama Suite

    With this Amazon keyword tool, you will be able to find the most relevant keywords and will come up with an idea of what to sell on Amazon. The point that contributes to this app’s uniqueness implies providing the fullest product description (dimensions, weight, FBA size, and even ships by). 

    Most remarkably, this Amazon keyword ranking tool allows you to search through sub-categories to get the most out of your research.

    amazon keyword research

    In case you choose a full-pay option, you will have to pay 97$ . And, you get plenty of bonuses, such as affiliate course, inspector software, brand new review analyzer. 



    Just like many other tools, this Amazon keyword tool allows you to return results based on a single keyword . This can be assumed as the best amazon keyword research tool for using body terms instead of long phrases. 

    amazon keyword ranking

    You can search for keywords in real-time and click the ‘stop’ button when necessary.

    what are people searching for on amazon

    For more profound research, you can address an advanced version. The alphabet feature is needed to substitute the required letter for searched keywords. Below the ‘Alphabet,’ there is a ‘numbers’ section for expanding your search by finding the common questions containing the keyword. You may also make wide use of ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ features to mention necessary phrases and stop words, respectively.


    how to choose keywords for amazon

    Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

    Even though you will need to pay for using the bizarre features of Amazon SEO tools, you can also come across devices that are free of charge. These can be your best choice in situations when you don’t feel like overpaying or don’t need to use the software on a regular basis.

    Keywords Everywhere

    This Chrome Extension is free of charge. Nonetheless, it provides exclusive features, just like many payable tools do. With the help of this Amazon keyword tool, you can instantly find the volume for any keyword. 

    The desktop version of this free Amazon keyword tool is available for Chrome and Firefox. Along with volume metrics, you can get ‘others also search for’ data. 

    amazon keyword research

    Nonetheless, the results of your search cannot be 100% accurate, like in the case with payable features.


    Amazon Autocomplete

    Amazon Autocomplete resembles Google and works almost exactly like that. To be more precise, all you have to do is type a specific keyword , and below you will see the most relevant search results.

    amazon keyword tracker

    Even though this Amazon keyword tool is a plain one, it allows you to grasp an idea for a new keyword. However, if you are interested in conducting a thorough competitor analysis, or getting additional metrics, this app is unlikely to suit your preferences. 



    Sonar is ranked as the top free Amazon keyword tool. Even though it is free of charge, it can be your reliables helper in increasing organic traffic and sales

    best amazon keyword research tool

    For instance, if you search for a keyword ‘Samsung’, you will see the search volume of all related keywords, as well as the most frequent words associated with your search. Besides, you can instantly see the main products which the program finds relevant for your search. It is also worth mentioning that it uses Amazon’s data instead of utilizing a third-party one.

    To create listings that can convert, you may opt for utilizing the Sellics option and get useful recommendations on how to improve your title and product description.


    Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner is another free tool that is found helpful by lots of users. 

    amazon keyword planner

    Amazon keyword planner is synchronized with Google , so it provides you with the data that can be found on Google. As for the keyword search, once you have entered a keyword of your choice, you can use such a feature as a top bid . Following this further, you can thoroughly plan your budget and uncover the keywords you may bid on with the help of this Amazon keyword tool. 

    Another point that is worth mentioning is that although the tool is free, you should have a Google Ads account to access it. If you are continually asking yourself “what are people searching for on Amazon,” feel free to create a Google Ads account and maximize the usefulness of the Keyword Planner.


    Final Word

    If you are still wondering how to choose keywords for Amazon in a way that increases profits and organic profit, there is a solution. Multiple free tools, as well as paid software, exist to facilitate your life and boost your business’ performance. 

    A suitable SEO strategy will help you get more people to know about your product and thus, boost conversions. Since all tools have advantageous features, you can find the one that will assist you in finding a profitable niche.


    What are Amazon Keywords?

    Amazon Keywords are words or phrases that are commonly used by people who do their search on Amazon. These words reflect on what people search for the most. They explain what product has the highest demand. 

    How many keywords can you use on Amazon?

    For a successful listing, you can feel free to use up to 250 characters. Even though there is a belief that you can capture only a single keyword for a field, you may freely use a couple of them. Roughly speaking, you can place 3-4 words in the title.

    What is SEO on Amazon?

    SEO on Amazon can be described as a procedure for stimulating sales and attracting more people to the product’s page. In particular, effective SEO results in traffic increase and income generation. In other words, Amazon SEO implies using an appropriate Amazon keyword tool and optimizing product listings to make it visible to more users and appear in the top of search results.