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What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?
Amazon Product Listings Elements
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How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?
Top 3 Tools for Amazon Listing Optimization
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Amazon Listing Optimization Services

It may come as a big surprise to you, but 95% of product listings on Amazon are currently not optimized correctly. When we say “optimized,” we mean 2 things: listings configured for the right keywords with respect to Amazon algorithm and arranged with the right copywriting and images to generate high visitor traffic and conversions.

Everyone tends to forget that there are people behind Amazon who purchase goods. If you find what to sell on Amazon and already have a great Amazon listing optimization strategy, but still your listing doesn't encourage users to think “it's cool” Or “I need it”, then guess what’s happening? Right - people are not buying your product!

In this article, we’re going to share some useful tips on how to optimize Amazon listings and increase your conversions for increased sales performance. Ready to make your business shine? Then stay tuned and keep reading. 

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

You probably know how fiercely marketers fight to get their website to the number-one position on Google. That’s because people have mastered the skill of laziness and have too little time to scroll all results pages. Google’s special algorithm for search results facilitates user experience by increasing the site’s visibility. This enables people to visit only the first one and get all the information they need from there. 

The same goes for Amazon which uses the A9 Algorithm to define which product to put on which place in the search results . And considering that Amazon has to do primarily with sales, the A9 algorithm works best under one condition: your sales conversions should be higher than competitors’. 

Yet, sales conversions alone will never grant your product a top position on the store. There’s another significant moment you need to consider:

First there were keywords, then there was Amazon. 

 Identify the Most Searched Keywords on Amazon with Keyword Tool Dominator .

Amazon's search engine breathes by keywords. They are a first-class fuel which ignites the sales machine and makes it work impeccably. The more optimally you distribute keywords, the higher your product will rank. 

In terms of Amazon product listing optimization, keywords should must be taken into account from the product title and keywords that marketers insert in the intended fields. Note that keywords from bullet points and product description are not considered in this case. 

The higher your product listing in the search is, the more people click on it and go into it.

So, the key to your success lies in the following factors: eloquently placed keywords and decent sales conversions. Also, don’t forget to put the number of sales and the number of positive reviews before initiating Amazon listing optimization. Without these, your chances of increasing sales will decrease. More information you can find at .

Amazon Product Listings Elements

Now that we’ve worked through the question of what the A9 algorithm is and how it works, it’s time to move to the burning matter and discuss the key components of Amazon product listing optimization components. 

But before we do that, let’s delve into basics and clarify what product listings are. Product listing pages are the outputs of whatever category pages or internal search results. They are represented in the form of a “ catalog ” because they show all the items available either inside a category or after a filter is applied. Product listings are an integral part of each buyer’s journey as they help convert visitors into customers. Here are the main product listing components to keep in mind: 

Product Title

The main objectives of the product title are: to make users click on your product and gain Amazon listing optimization for the main 2-3 key queries. 

We recommend adhering to the following structure for the title:

Brand name + Brief description of your product + Classification (color, size, material) + UCA (unique competitive advantage)

This structure is a recommendation, nothing more. You can change elements or delete something if you want. Note: your main keyword or key phrase should be placed as close as possible to the beginning of the title of your product, and it should also have a readable linguistic structure. In the product title, indicate only relevant information that will satisfy the buyer's request and the Amazon algorithm. Finally, the density of keywords you use shouldn’t damage the user's understanding of your product title.

Let’s take coffee as an example of Amazon product and break its listing components to see how exactly a proper listing page should look like: 

how to optimize amazon listings

Product Images

Even though the keywords will index your product on Amazon, images are still the first impression of the search results on the first page. Your main image should not only stop customers from further scrolling and motivate them to click, but also comply with Amazon’s strict product image guidelines.

Here are a few must-knows of perfect product photography on Amazon:

  1. The main image should have a white background and good lighting to visually show all the details of the product.
  2. There are currently from 7 to 9 graphic slots available for product listings on Amazon, so it’s highly recommended to take advantage of all of them by displaying different sides of the product. Don’t forget to add infographics, if applicable.
  3. Sellers can use the last slot with images for a product commercial that can show customers everything they need to know about the item.

Learn about Amazon product listing designer on AMZ Graphic .

Product Reviews

Testimonials are critical to your Amazon listing optimization success. They greatly influence Amazon’s search algorithm and, more importantly, generate trust from potential customers.

If you don’t have reviews on Amazon, you don’t even exist in the marketplace.

The “reviews” block is displayed in two places on the listing:

  1. Right under the heading and brand name of your product;
  2. At the bottom of the listing ( under the description and general information ) in more detail - with the display of all customer questions, reviews and photos.

Of course, it is no secret that the more positive reviews you have, the better. But each niche has its own rules, and here your task is to compare competitors . For successful sales, the minimum acceptable values in your niche will be enough.

Here’s what we mean. For example, if at the top of requests the maximum number of reviews is 1500 and the minimum is 139 , this does not mean that you need to accumulate all 1500 reviews as quickly as possible. This means that it is enough to reach the number of 139 and slightly exceed it for successful sales. It is also important not to forget that the number of reviews for each competitor is growing steadily, therefore it is necessary to check these numbers regularly, not just at the beginning of the work.

Always try to comment on reviews on behalf of the seller and respond to your customers' questions as fast as possible, as well as give an immediate answer to negative feedback. This will affect the rating of your product on Amazon.

Pro Tip: ask shoppers to use your keywords in reviews for a discount

It is not necessary for the review to look fake, but if it makes sense to insert a keyword such as, for example “ the best remote control ,” then do not be afraid to ask your commentator to insert this phrase.

Let’s take a look at the Colombia Ground coffee’s reviews below:

how to optimize amazon listings

Product Description

In addition to other places where you can saturate the listing of products with keywords, the “description” department is an opportunity to tell customers more about your product .

The purpose of the product description for Amazon listing optimization is quite simple yet intricate: to convince the user to buy your goods. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the listings of your competitors to understand what you can write in the description to your item.

For this section, the same rule as for any advertising text on the Internet applies: it should be easy to read and understand .

The main points to consider when writing text for the product description segment:

  • Write short sentences - 15-25 words;
  • Repeat in more detail the benefits of your product. Present the item to the customer as if it’s exactly that product the customer has been looking for a long time;
  • Use a style that is close to how you would talk about a product with a client in real life;
  • Include keywords in the text, but make sure that they’re balanced - they should not interfere with the perception of the text;

End this section with a call to action , as well as information on bonuses (if any are available) and how to receive them.

Here’s how the seller of Fresh Columbia Ground Coffee describes their product: 

amazon listing optimization tool

Product Features

Let’s suppose that thanks to your alluring product title, a potential client has found your item, the images got hold of them on the page and caught their interest. Now you have to convince your client to make the final decision and buy your goods . To do this, you should include bullets - this is the name for the main characteristics of the product, which are located at the top of the listing (usually at the right side of the product’s image).

The ultimate goal of bullets is to increase conversions

Bullets for Amazon product listing optimization should be relatively short in quantity ( 5-6 are enough ) and describe the main benefits the buyer will receive from your product. The number of characters in each bullet shouldn’t exceed 256 ( approximately 35 words ). Here’s what else you can do to attract more customers:

  • Put yourself in the client's shoes and imagine what they want to know about your product. Why should they choose exactly your product, and not the one offered by competitors?
  • Use transparent and technical language;
  • Place the most important information in the first bullets and at the beginning of the sentence. Lots of shoppers quickly skip through content without examining the full text;
  • Try to respond to possible customer objections that may arise as soon as possible. With the appearance of negative reviews about the product, supplement these points with the necessary data to prevent misunderstanding by customers;
  • Describe your audience - instantly connect to potential customers. Do this as effectively as possible to establish closeness and make clients’ emotions work for you;
  • Include the information on all warranty obligations that are available to the buyer;
  • Mention the composition, quality of materials or environmentally-friendly properties of the product, if appropriate;
  • You can include useful tips and tricks on how to take care of the product, as well as its overall dimensions;
  • Answer the question: does the product solve the buyer’s problem? Explain how.

Be sure to include high-frequency and medium frequency keywords in the bullets to create an effective Amazon listing optimization. Do not repeat those that were already used in the page title - although this is not an obligatory point and you can experiment with keywords here.

Basically, Amazon has less stringent rules for the “features” section, so feel free to test different options and check how the end result affects your sales. Everything you would like to emphasize about the key features of your product, or maybe repeat or supplement, will go exactly to this section. Plus, it can be beautifully divided into paragraphs, or highlighted in bold in the right places. To do this, use the appropriate tags that Amazon store supports. Such structurization will help you organize the section in the most effective way. 

listing of products

Product Ratings

As we’ve mentioned previously, reviews directly affect the rating: the more reviews you have, the higher the ratings.

If you want to have the highest ratings on your niche, pay attention to the advice below. Hopefully, these tips for improving product ratings on Amazon will assist you in business: 

  • Look for patterns in negative reviews. What do your customers complain most often about? This can be either size disparities or poor material quality. In any case, look for an effective solution to fix this and never leave the situation as it is. In the worst case scenario, your clients will simply buy the identical product from some other seller. 
  • Collect as many reviews as possible using automated email campaigns . Given that automation allows you to set email letters with default, and more importantly, urgent responses, this approach will help you solve the problem right before the customer leaves a bad review. This, in turn, will raise your chances of getting a high rating and will serve as a basis for perfect Amazon listing optimization.
  • Gather as many reviews as possible and balance them so that you have a good rating and overall reviews.

In the framework of our example, the Colombia coffee has earned 600 ratings, with a total one reaching 4 stars. Not bad!

amazon listing optimization service

How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?

We guess the essence of the whole Amazon competition is now clear for you: the merchant’s task is to maximize the rating of their listings in the Amazon search engine. But how to best create Amazon listing optimization for enhanced attention to your product? Here’s a detailed guide:

Optimization by Keywords 

The majority of Amazon merchants follow 4 golden rules: 

  1. Carefully select keywords;
  2. Pay special attention to the placement of keywords in headings and subheadings;
  3. Constantly monitor listings of competitors, especially successful ones;
  4. Check products for proper indexing on Amazon.

Listing quality will instantly affect the order of product placement. 

If readability allows, try adding more keywords to the listing. You can check the indexing level of your keywords using the ASIN code . It is an automatically generated code that is produced each time a product is added to the site. You should enter this code and a keyword in the search bar. According to the search result, you can draw conclusions about the quality of your listing: if the product is not found, then you need to put this keyword in the product description.

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

People adore making purchases on their electronic devices. It’s a much more convenient process in comparison to desktop product browsing. That’s why more and more Amazon sellers go for creating Amazon listing optimization that considerably eases shopper’s buying journey. Maybe it’s time for you to opt for the same practice too? But before you do that, there’s one nuance you should keep in mind: 

Only the first three bullets are displayed on the first screen of the product in the Amazon application for mobile devices. The rest can be opened by clicking on the appropriate section.

When counting on mobile device buyers, consider the following:

  • Embed the most important and valuable information for the buyer about your product in the first three bullets.
  • Choose the optimal length of the bullet so that the buyer is comfortable on the page of your product when entering it from a mobile device. Consider the fact that long texts shift the sections and force the potential buyer to make additional scrolls.

Check out 6 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing on Plytix . Also, you can find more information by visited sellerapp amazon product listing guide.

Top 3 Tools for Amazon Listing Optimization

Now that you are presented with so much information that needs to be processed, we recommend you avoid the common practice of getting mentally overwhelmed and let the technology do all the dirty work instead of you. Imagine how time-consuming would the entire process be if you decided to handle everything yourself? You’d have to conduct keyword research, analyze competitors, respond to clients’ requests, check product rating, optimize listings and do many other things. 

Luckily, you can use powerful software for these purposes. Looking for the highest quality Amazon listing optimization tool on the market? Here are the best options to choose from: 

IO Scout

When in doubt, boldly go for IO Scout - t rusted by 30,000 sellers worldwide, this software has become one of the top-selected products for Amazon listing optimization in the whole marketing arena. And not in vain: its most distinctive features include enhanced data accuracy and possibility to connect up to 10 researchers to the IO Scout account. Isn’t that a perfect blend of features for experienced sellers? 

On top of that, the software is equipped with a product database where you can track and analyze more than 150 million Amazon items, as well as check each product history to detect trending goods. And don’t pass by the competitors’ analysis feature - it will help you throughout your entire sales development process. Plus, with native Chrome Extension included in IO Scout, you won’t need to study Amazon listings and bookmark products you like. The tool displays stellar performance even in relation to this function.  

listing of products

Jungle Scout 

In this tool for Amazon listing optimization, you can find everything that pertains to keyword research and more. Specifically, Jungle Scout embraces a gamut of features every Amazon seller dreams to see in the fully-loaded software like this. Product tracker, supplier database, keyword scout, sales analytics, inventory manager - these and other useful features are available in Jungle Scout to bring you maximum effectiveness and take your business to the new level. 

First, the tool finds winning products and sources reliable suppliers. Then, it optimizes your listing and calculates your expenses, along with revenues. Jungle Scout keeps you updated on new trends and inventory status on a daily basis, so you don’t need to devote lots of time and effort to see the entire sales picture and make sure you drew it well. Besides, you can gain business inspiration from using free educational resources presented by the tool - it’s a win win option if you want to get valuable tool usage insights.     

amazon product listing optimization

Seller App

Seller app has taken one of the leading positions on the market as a platform-multitasker . It works quite effectively to help Amazon sellers bring their boldest marketing initiatives to life. The tool operates on four essential business directions, such as marketing, sales, operations, and solutions . That’s an all-in-one sales booster that grants users incomparable experience with access to promising Amazon listing optimization variants. 

Want to set up your PPC campaign and make sure it performs well? Seller App has got you covered. Willing to improve your portfolio for better returns? The software is coming to help. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Amazon tools of such potency. Among other things, you can use this tool 7 days for free to check its functional features and cancel subscription anytime you want - no strings attached here! It doesn’t matter if you’re a business starter or an entrepreneur with solid sales growth - Seller App is there for everyone. 

Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon Listing Optimization Services

There’s nothing more challenging and time-absorbing than directing all your resources and efforts on Amazon product listing optimization. For you have to be a skilled photographer and copywriter to come up with perfect shoots for product images and alluring copies that catch public interest. 

But what if you lack these skills or simply have no desire to bear all this weight on your shoulders? To facilitate the work on these tasks, you can use a variety of Amazon listing optimization services aimed at making your life easier and your business more competitive. 

Even though the market is saturated with lots of such services, not every single one offers exceptional quality. That’s why we gathered a list of the most effective Amazon listing optimization services for you not to get into financial pitfalls. Here are the top performing options for you to look for:

Viral Launch Runs over 40,000 Amazon product launches to elevate your on-page conversion rate. Ensures quality Amazon product title optimization, as well as enhances description, bullets, HTML, and keywords.  For more information about :

FBA Copywriter Delivers a stellar copy incorporated into Amazon listing optimization elements to maximize its visibility and prominence. For more information about :

Awesome Dynamic Combines departmentalized efforts to satisfy your overall listing quality demand. Operates on copywriting, photography, storytelling and keyword research simultaneously to help bring you more happy customers. For more information about :   

AMZONESTEP Assists in creating product images, PPC optimization, and enhanced brand content to make your product speak louder with compelling words and powerful photography.  For more information about :

Final Thoughts

People do not buy your product. They buy what it does for them both in emotional and practical terms. That’s why product listings exist - to sell clients that visual attachment to your goods. No one’s going to argue with the fact that the process of creating a magnetic Amazon product listing is polychromatic and complex. There’s a whole myriad of steps you need to take to guarantee a seamless browsing experience to your potential clients. 

Yes, the responsibility is huge, but so is your potential. So don’t hesitate and incorporate Amazon listing optimization today, either by yourself or with the help of reliable services.