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Why do You Need to Track Amazon Prices?
How To Check Amazon Price History?
Top Amazon Price Trackers

The search for the right Amazon price tracker might be a quest of tremendous length and complexity even for the experienced sellers. One of the reasons why that happens is that the market is now supercharged with competition. Many brands claim that they offer the best Amazon price tracker out there, no matter how long they’re on the market.

However, we believe that choosing the right one will solve the majority of problems when your operation will grow and the number of cash in your pockets will increase exponentially. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the right price tracker that won’t break down when tracking tens of thousands of goods at the same time.

Why do You Need to Track Amazon Prices?

Sellers need Amazon price tracking because it benefits them at least in two ways. From the first perspective, buyers definitely benefit from the prices on a par with competitors. People usually seek for the lowest available price when making a purchase. Considering the majority of products that are bought online, like electronic items, they’re all purchased on Amazon, so volumes of buyers who want to save a coin are tremendous.

How To Check Amazon Price History?

To check the pricing history, you’ll definitely have to use a price tracker in one of the many FBA sales tools. Basically, most price trackers show pricing history in the view of a chart that shows all the fluctuations that changed the status of the item within a certain period of time. This is how sellers recognize the moment when price drops to the lowest level to control the flow of sales and investments into particular kinds of items.

Top Amazon Price Trackers

To choose the product that delivers best insights from Amazon price history, you need to select the top players in the US. Each price tracker Amazon was analyzed according to several features. We reviewed pricing, features, and distribution model that they offered. This is how we brought together five trackers worth of your attention, making the management of your selling products easy as a piece of cake.

IO Scout

IO Scout for Amazon is another fantastic software tool for price tracking on Amazon. Although IO Scout offers several other tools to Amazon sellers, it is also currently one of the best software tools in terms of price tracking. 

historical amazon prices

Currently, IO Scout has over 150 million Amazon items in its database. This makes it an amazing Amazon Price Tracker. With this software, you can easily keep tabs on Amazon price history and other relevant information that can help make the best business decisions. helps you gain an edge on your competition. 

Another fantastic thing about IO Scout is that it is a holistic package. By subscribing to a package, you get access to all the other essential tools you need as a seller on Amazon. The software also comes with a Chrome extension that makes it convenient to use from your browser. 


Camelcamelcamel is one of the early pioneers of Amazon price check solutions. The service has been on the FBA scene for up to a decade so far. Sellers who’ve written testimonials for Camelcamelcamel conclude the same thing: the service helped them to make a safe investment into profitable product categories. This Amazon price checker helps sellers to keep the balance between cash protection and future revenues:

  • Instant notifications about the latest product price jumps on Twitter and email.
  • Millions of products and their prices on the palm of your hand with price history charts.
  • In-browser extension to monitor prices on every page online.

check amazon price history

Camelcamelcamel has a simple-to-use price tracking system that is available for free in the basic package. However, the interface isn’t that impressive and modern, it’s quite average.


Keepa is another popular solution to track Amazon prices. With services like this, you have zero barriers from becoming a top seller in the FBA niche. All you need to do before accessing their advanced application to control price history charts for 800+ million Amazon products is pay the $15 monthly subscription fee for the full pack of the features that they offer. Keepa knows how to attract new clients, this price is quite affordable compared to the competition.

amazon price watch

The main features of keep sales tracker include history charts of the prices, alert system that covers the global price net of Amazon, and top deals among the goods for every day. Keepa works best when investing $15 for the broader range of features. Free account works better than a demo version.

Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration

Amazon price tracking by DigitalInspiration is a different thing compared to the traditional approaches of the trackers described before in this article. They’ve launched their service relatively recently, but the promises during the launch have been stellar. Speaking of the distribution model, the service offers an individual Amazon price tracker app for every add-on. They have tens of add-ons that can be added inside of your browser to track prices via watchlists, price thresholds, and notification system via emails.

amazon price tracker

If you search the way to upgrade your Chrome browser to a superb price tracking machine, DigitalInspiration is the service that allows you to do that in 30 minutes. You should pay a visit to their online web store to check the add-ons that change the game of price tracking for you as a seller. Only the future knows whether their experimental approach is savored enough to stand out from the competition.


Honey is the futuristic way to check Amazon price history, at least speaking in terms of the design language they chose for their services. Honey currently supports such browsers as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The Amazon price monitor that developers created uses the computed tracking algorithm. It helps to receive the pro-level profits from the products that are tracked in the live mode. The steps to start tracking prices are the following:

  • Label the products with tags on the supported web-services to start the tracking.
  • Configure the conditions that will enable tracking: the timespan of product observation and the highest price to pay for the product.
  • Check the notifications about the price falls and jumps to detect the opportunities for the upcoming reselling of the tracked items.

amazon price check

Among other features, Honey promises the following price tracking opportunities for sellers with different experience:

  • Detect the lower prices ever since you’ve enabled tracking. Honey compares the prices on Amazon looking at the millions of items that are selling on the marketplace. It also looks at your close competition, analyzing price nets of different sellers.
  • Checkup of the complete Amazon price history. In a single click, you’re getting the overall chart of the price fluctuations considering the goods that you tagged. This is how you get the precise analysis of the trends that happen to the particular goods, so investing now or waiting is entirely up to you.
  • Every price drop is detected. Honey has a separate Droplist. It notifies you each time when the price drops down. That’s a pretty common notification system most sales trackers have implemented in one way or another.

This is the versatile price tracking solution that makes the promise to keep an eye on the prices that you’ve picked for observation. With, you can set up ordering the best sales in automatic mode. All you have to do is place the tracked items into the system. The service leads to the following opportunity: creation of the product presets that might generate the wave of cash when the price hits the optimal mark.

amazon price watch

The price tracker works according to the algorithm. First, you set up the price limit during the time when tracking happens. In other words, that’s the max price you’re ready to pay in that period. Next, you’ll get the notification about the price drop that might be an interesting moment to invest for you. Then, the order is automatically added into your basket. is one of the few trackers that can automatically add products into the cart when the price is right.


Price history Amazon is like the key to the secret room of cash profits and consumer benefits. Either you’re a regular buyer or a professional seller, the moment when the price gets optimally low is the sweet spot you have to catch by any means. We compared the tools that make that easy - Camelcamelcamel, Waatcher, Honey, DigitalInspiration, and Keepa are the top-performing solutions in price tracking. When choosing the one you prefer, consider the basic functionality for price tracking. The service has to bundle a notification system to keep you informed about price fluctuations, setting up the filtering preset on the product ranges, and a chart-like system of pricing history to make things understandable.


What are Amazon Price trackers?

Amazon price trackers are similar to price monitors in many ways. The idea is to enable you to see the price dynamics over the product ranges or the individual ones that you’re interested to buy, sell, or invest into. The main idea is to set up the filtration correctly to get notifications about price status and general dynamics of item’s value.

Can You View Price History on Amazon?

Yes, because price trackers provide visual charts that show how the price was changing through a certain period of time. Nonetheless, the products like DigitalInspiration focus on the browser extensions that won’t show you the old-fashioned charts. They have integration with Google Sheets to deliver precise reports about the numbers that changed over a period, so far without visual graphs for this product.

Can Amazon Alert You When the Price Drops?

Yes, there are several notification types on price trackers. In the majority of cases, notifications fall into your inbox. The alternative is to get them on social media like Twitter or Facebook, as well as via mobile app notifications.

Does Amazon Make Refunds If the Price Drops?

Customers can ask for refunds if the price drops within 7 days after the item was purchased. This is the policy of Amazon designed to protect the rights of customers. Amazon supports only items sold via their FBA program.