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Finding the best Amazon price tracker might be a daunting task for any seller. The reason is, most existing market players are supercharged with extras that exist around standard features, the same for all trackers. The Amazon price check is not a squeeze of lemon, believe the savored product sellers who’ve seen the growth of the platform. Hopefully, you can easily track Amazon prices , from several hundreds to tens of thousands with the price checkers. We introduce you our favorite tools for masterful price tracking on Amazon.

Top Amazon Price Trackers

In our list, we’ve tried to collect the tools from the first page of Google. We also analyzed the range of features in contrast to distribution model. The formula has allowed us to get those 5 sweet trackers that make the management of products and listings on Amazon a breeze.


Have you ever heard a legend about the Camel who crossed the Amazon desert without a sip of dollar water? Well then, it’s all about Camelcamelcamel, the legendary Amazon price watch tool. Many sellers saved the buck to invest them into profitable product categories with the help of Camelcamelcamel. This price tracker will save your cash in three major ways:

  • Price drops with Amazon alerts via email and Twitter.
  • Price History Charts in Amazon of over 18 million products.
  • Browser Add-ons that Make Life so Much Easier. 

check amazon price history

Amazon price tracking has never been more convenient for free. But, consider the averagely-looking interface without that much of beautiful visuals.


Nothing keeps you from staying the top seller on Amazon. Keepa knows how to come in handy when it comes to free Amazon price tracker app. Keepa simply asks you for a small favor, optional though, to pay a $15 monthly subscription for full data features . For a free service in the segment of Amazon price tracking, Keepa knows how to magnetize the sellers. 

amazon price watch

They have a powerful price drop history chart, in-built alert system, international price net, and best daily deals from Amazon product lines. Keepa is a nice choice, but it’s still free. So, consider all the limitations.

Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration

We want to congratulate DigitalInspiration for the promising launch of their new service. How did we found that it’s a fresh player? They have a different distribution model compared to classic brands like Camelcamelcamel. To check Amazon price history, you can use one of the tens of add-ons that they offer to upgrade your browser.

amazon price tracker

Making your Chrome a productive machine for Amazon price tracking takes around half an hour. Simply visit their web store to get the needed add-ons that will make every Amazon operation effective and cash-bringing. We’ll see how their experimental approach will work out in the future.


Honey offers the coverage of five key browsers with their amazing, futuristic extensions , including Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and even Edge. The key advantage of Honey is their smart tracking system to get maxed out profits from the observed products. Honey asks you to perform several steps to get the revenue:

  • Tag the products on the supported web-services for performing the tracking.
  • Set the conditions for tracking: top price to pay and the length of observing the product.
  • Wait for the email to know if you’re getting the optimal price for the tracked product for future reselling.

amazon price check

The ultimate price keeper that promises to “Keep an eye on the price and place the order for you” How’s that for a problem-solving line? This service allows you to get the best sale deals automatically, just place them in the system. You can use several features to get the right preset on attractive products that might be what you need to generate flows of cash.

amazon price watch

Set the price limit during tracking (the max price to pay), wait for the right price drop that might interest you, the order is in your basket - easy as that. takes care about everything described automatically and precisely.


Either for a regular buyers or professional Amazon sellers, a great price tracking tool is the opportunity to save a buck. Prices on Amazon drop and rise in the obvious contrast. Your price tracker that you’re going to select must have several features in the arsenal. Either it’s Camelcamel, Honey, Waatcher, DigitalInspiration, or Keepa, they must allow you to get notified with preselected parameters for every fluctuation with the right price filters placed on the selected product range. 


What Are Amazon Price Trackers?

These tools can be compared to the Amazon price monitor. You see how the prices drop and rise on the products that interest you the most. Your role is to set up the filtration appropriately. From service to service, the settings might differ, but the general idea stays the same. You select the category, then particular goods in the Amazon query. Then, you set up the date range when the products will be tracked. You set up when to notify you, either price drops or rises to the chosen limits.

Can You View Price History on Amazon?

Yes, price history charts are available inside of almost every Amazon price watcher. Taking DigitalInspiration and their in-browser extensions, you can get Amazon Price Tracker that they integrate with Google Sheets for detailed reports. There, the price history will be visible when you look through the report on price fluctuations.

Can Amazon Alert You When the Price Drops?

The notifications about price drops are conveniently organized in the reviewed services. Most of the time, you’ll just leave your email address, so when the price changes - you’ll get the email report about what happened. Also, some trackers include Twitter notifications that add social networks to the list of notification channels.

Does Amazon Refund If Price Drops?

If the customer buys the item and the price drops in the next 7 days, the buyer can ask for a refund of the price difference. That’s the official policy of Amazon, considering the week after the delivery was made. Only items that are sold and shipped by Amazon are supported.