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The competition on the Amazon selling market is tighter than ever in 2019 . New niches boom every week. The task of the Amazon finders is to find niches to keep the sales flawless. Best products and prices aren’t available on the spot. Hopefully, Amazon product research software saves the day for every seller in such a crowded competition. 

Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools

The tools from the paid list will save tons of time to any Amazon product finder. They allow not only to make daily chores of Amazon sellers automatized. It’s also possible to reach the competitors to see what prices they set and what product range they target. 

Many beginners use Google Sheets or Excel to process the finder data. Soon, it will be too much of a volume to carry over. Have a closer look on paid amazon product research. The number of amazing tools skyrockets today.


Have you ever wondered why more than 30,000 merchants might select the paid Amazon product research tool? The answer is quality of online and retail arbitrage and cost-friendly monetization. IoScout provides the most accurate item selections among more than 150 million Amazon products. You can also scan and analyze the data on every bid that interests you with detailed statistics, from the rank of the item on Amazon to the customer satisfaction rating:

best amazon tools

amazon product finder software

This paid solution is highly grossing and most advanced with the range off features. Every best Amazon product research tool is pricey, but IoScout has monthly/yearly plans that allow you to save from 25 to 62.5 percent based on the selected tariff.

The list of famous clients of IoScout includes such companies as Prom, De Telegraaf, and TimesInternet . These companies choose IoScout for finding the brilliant products that undergo careful filtering from revenue/price to sellers and stock status. 

Jungle Scout

The Amazon research tool like that is well-known among the sellers who have been on the scene for at least several years. Basically, what they offer is the standard range of services from product database filter analysis to sales analytics. You also can’t miss with their limited time offers to save up to 30% of the initial price. Not that great compared to other players, yet it’s still an attractive proposal from Jungle Scout . One minor hiccup is that they sometimes offer the product details from avg. price to avg. daily revenue only in 48 hours after your search query: 

amazon product research tool

Among other features, you’ll find the effective Amazon fba product research supplied with extensive product data, 24/7 support team in reach, and educational blog that describes every feature that Jungle Scout has in the arsenal.

The prices are available in two plans. Monthly tariffs start from $39 for the in-browser extension. Yearly plan saves you 50% for the option that includes Jungle Scout and extension for $49

Helium 10

Amazon product search is easier than ever before with the slogan Helium 10 sends to all sellers - “Rise To The Top”. Get ready to test them out for such an ambitious promise. All credits go to the marketing specialists of the brand who decided to name the basic functions of Amazon product search in the manner of sub-brands. “Black Box” is the product search in Amazon database. “Xray” is the browser extension. “Scribbles” optimizes listings to target the right keywords.

best amazon tools

It’s fair to admit, but they have a comfortable, stacked-up interface . You’re not going to get lost in the flow of retrieved data on their platform. The service provides you free registration with limited range of features. The Elite Plan will cost you $397 per month. 

Viral Launch

To research products on Amazon, the paid services like Viral Launch can be the smart solution that incorporates all seller tools needed to scale the operation . The integrated platform offers the following tools:

  • Amazon Product Research
  • Amazon Competitor Tracking
  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Amazon Listing Optimization

Those are the basic tools every seller will need to get better visibility on Amazon and fantastic degree of automation at the same time. Filtering system will also allow you to target the right range of niches and goods. 

amazon product finder software


This Amazon market research tool has been selected by companies like Disney, Dell, and Huawei. Amzscout allows the sellers to estimate the revenue on any pre-selected product . You can easily discover the products of low competition and rising demand. You can get the metrics from average monthly purchases, sales rank, price, reviews, and net margin. Besides, they’ve also introduced KeywordTracker tool:

amazon product finder software

The extension is distributed on the PRO model where you pay $44.99 on the monthly basis or $199 for the lifetime subscription. Compared to competitors, this service asks for a moderate price considering the lifetime usage scenario. 

Unicorn Smasher

The product that was one the peak of popularity in 2018 is Unicorn Smasher . It was the time when browser extensions for Amazon selling were the fresh addition to the crowded market of Amazon product database analysis to target the right niches. This little thing in your browser can do lots of things. You’ll get the following features:

  • Real-time data updates including prices, ranks, reviews, ratings and even more.
  • Full dashboard where you could manage all search queries inside of Amazon and do the review of analytics. 
  • Opportunity score system that allows to invest into the promising opportunities in the product segment of interest. 

amazon product research

Unicorn Smasher is the child product of AMZ Tracker, but it’s free compared to the parent service. You’re not getting the full pack functionality of AMZ Tracker, and they want Unicorn Smasher to be the doors to getting their main service. 


The service is not that big of a shark as it may seem. It offers a range of tools that allow sellers to go into Amazon product analysis. Amzshark enables sales tracker, niche scout, search ranking tracker, keyword explorer and at least 5 other vital features that save the day for Amazon sellers . Look how their Supplier Scout allows to choose the item for the specific region in a few easy steps: 

amazon market research

Their distribution model is also quite experimental. While most best Amazon tools offer monthly/yearly subscription, the creators decided to put a $299 price tag per month as the primary plan. If you still want some flexibility over offered features, get in touch with their support team. You’ll find the right option together. 


Amazooka is your way to automatizing your Amazon success. At least that’s what creators promise for every seller who chooses their service. In practice, you’re getting a 7-day free trial of all-in-one solution for Amazon product analysis. The domains of success in the context of Amazooka are global customer support, customizable plans, and free masterminds program after the first month of subscription. Your first experience with this service will likely start from convenient, functional dashboard:

amazon market research

They offer several monthly plans that include flexible price ranges:

  • Bronze for $60 per month.
  • Silver for $120 .
  • Gold for $250 .
  • Platinum for $500 .

Amztracker desperately wants to be in the first tier of Amazon product finder software services. They want users to associate their brand with a rocket, it’s everywhere on their website. You can go freely into that rocket with 7 day free trial that will deliver you to 360-degree seller strategies . They offer you three strategies that cover Amztracker main feature list:

  • Offensive strategy.
  • Defensive strategy.
  • Recon strategy. 

best amazon tools

Expect traditional pricing models from Amztracker, no surprises here. They have both yearly and monthly subscription plans. Basic (monthly) starts from $50 ending up with Legend for $400. Yearly plans allow you to save on the mirrored offerings starting from $41.7 to $333.3

Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools

The budget on Amazon selling does not always allow to afford hundreds of dollars washed down on convenience and beautiful interfaces. Actual goals matter the most. Empty wallets at most startups are not a terminal verdict for the sellers on the budget. There’s a collection of several utilizable alternatives to the paid tools - let’s investigate how they stand in contrast.


The price tracker like that shouldn’t have gone for free, yet it’s great to have this Amazon product finder software in your pocket. You can do everything the paid platforms offer without spending a coin on tracking millions of products with the help of Camelcamelcamel . The search is absolutely free. You can get the query of Amazon goods that interests you the most. In turn, the service includes several monetized options:

  • Amazon price drop alerts via email and Twitter.
  • Amazon price history charts that give you access to more than 18 million products.
  • Browser addons for Mozilla and Chrome. 

The search results usually look like that:

amazon product research software


Keepa promises more than 800 million products from Amazon using their service via web platform or by installing the browser addon. They also offer the system of alerts when the price on overwatched goods fluctuates. The chart on the chosen items looks like that, pretty informative and clear:

product research amazon

You should know that Keepa has paid features for the advanced users who want to get the fully-fledged experience. They give the users data access on the advanced level. The amount of free data to request is limited, premium for $15 solves that barrier. 

AMZ Base

It’s hard to find a free tool that speeds up the product research several times faster than doing it by hand with Excel sheets. The tool like that is AMZ Base that is a nice addition to the browser of every seller who searches and finds the best products to sell on Amazon. 

amazon research tool

Among the features of the tool, you’ll meet some extras:


amazon product database

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to boost the sales on Amazon in just a few steps without that much of a hassle. Well then, Sonar is the free Amazon keyword tool that allows you to kickstart the sales in three simple steps. Research the needed keyword on Sonar, create converting listings, and track the retrieved keyword rankings. See how the keyword suggestions are pulled from search queries of people who shop on Amazon:

Google Keyword Planner

amazon fba product research

The legendary Google tool that allowed thousands of SEO project to achieve success and get the top rankings. You use it almost in the same way as any other finder service. Just type in the name of the product you’re interested in on Amazon and see when the search volumes peaked on Google data.


Budget, project goals, and the level of professionalism among the team of sellers who use the chosen service are the main factors to use free or paid Amazon finder tool. The paid option gives you a polished, structured interface that is followed with unique features per every service. Free options sometimes require an inventive approach to adapt them to Amazon product research. 


What Are Amazon Product Research Tools?

Those are the tools that allow you to find the best items in the niches with low/high competition to make optimal data-driven decisions that will generate fantastic sales. Product research tools are the right companions to minimize the risks when choosing an item to invest into the promotion. 

Why Is Amazon Product Research Important?

Product research on Amazon is the doorway to making solid cash by selling affordable items on highly competitive prices and stable customer demand. Product research saves tons of time, especially when picking the paid services that reduce the number of chores that sellers see each day. From informative search queries to item history, everything adds to your value as a seller on Amazon. 

What You Can Do With Amazon Product Finder Tools?

With Amazon product finder tools, you can do a precise search over thousands of products in less than a minute. Imagine how many human working hours it would take if done manually. The services also allow sellers to control and check the competition that is barely possible with manual approach. 

Amazon Web App and Chrome Extension. What to Choose?

In most cases, web apps provide you maxed out, performance-top features and ability to import/export data. However, expect heavier monetization in the web version than by installing the addon. Browser additions are usually an announcement, or a simplified version of the mature web-based services.