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Why Do People Leave Fake Reviews?
What is Amazon Review Checker?
How does Amazon Review Checker Work?
Best Amazon Review Checkers
Other Ways to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon
Final Thoughts

When selecting what to sell on Amazon, merchants often rely on reviews. The number of products is increasing every day on the platform, and in 2020 it counted over 12 million goods. It’s therefore impossible to determine the truth about all of them based on reviews. Plus, many entrepreneurs fail to choose highly profitable items, and the confidence in products promoted on the website subsides as a result. But there is a powerful weapon that will help sellers identify fake comments – let’s analyze the best Amazon review checker together.

Why Do People Leave Fake Reviews?

Entrepreneurs who decide that fake reviews are the best solution for their products on Amazon have different purposes. But the main reason why they leave untruthful testimonials is to <b>sell more goods</b> through the marketplace. And here’s a list of possible goals for you to understand about why fake reviews keep appearing:

  • A seller wants to boost sales.
  • Positive testimonials may help improve the seller’s and product’s ranking.
  • An entrepreneur strives to sell more items that demonstrate low sales.
  • With the help of fake reviews, a seller wants to increase the visibility of the products he has just launched.

What is Amazon Review Checker?

Amazon fake review checker is your little helper that makes it possible to understand whether testimonials you see on the platform are written by real customers . Shoppers want to tell everybody about their experiences with using particular items – they decide on a number of stars they leave for a seller and add comments. Ranking and reviews help brands increase their chances of getting higher or lower because everything depends on the quality of goods and services. Unfortunately, some sellers hire people who leave fake comments or do it by themselves, and that’s why you need the Amazon review checker. It will help you identify real reviews.

How does Amazon Review Checker Work?

Amazon has special algorithms that help determine fraudulent activity on the website. The principles of the functionality of review checkers are the same. The detector identifies how many positive comments have been left recently, checks the occurrence of the same photos, finds short messages that appear with 5 stars, and many more. And it’s only a tip of the iceberg, because the best review checker Amazon has other effective features that allow you to <b>conduct comprehensive research</b> and find out what stands behind highly rated products.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

Unfortunately, the negative impact of fake reviews and misinformation that surrounds thousands of products on Amazon keeps circulating. The best way to fight against untruthful feedback is to choose <b>high-quality products</b> that will generate the appearance of real positive comments. Let a reliable Amazon review checker do the dirty job for you – find fake information and reduce investment risks.


how to check amazon reviews

Camel Camel Camel may be an excellent tool for those striving to save some money, as sellers can create accounts for free here. Entrepreneurs who’re promoting goods on the website on FBA terms will essentially benefit from it. But the tool limits opportunities for other sellers because it’s designed for affiliates of the marketplace. And Amazon reviews checker isn’t in the first place for Camel Camel Camel – price tracking and sale alerts are of the highest priority. It also informs a user when costs become lower.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

amazon fake review checker

This tool unites 13 products that help sellers get a better experience with Amazon. The main options include keyword research, market analysis, and product ideas finder. If you need to determine whether the comments you see on the item’s page are left by real users, you can try one of the offered tools. Whenever you have to complete this mission, consider exploiting Inventory Protector and Cerebro – these features will help you identify fake reviews quickly. With the generated results, you’ll succeed with your product ideas, as nothing will draw your attention away from worthy items.

AMZ Reviews Tracker

review checker amazon

If you’re tired of fake reviews that will absorb Amazon soon, you can count on this tool. It offers an effective feature called Amazon Critical Reviews Tracker that allows you to monitor negative comments and choose the best item to perform on the website. Besides, you can explore such reviews to improve your customer service. This tool also detects fake testimonials connected both with someone’s and your products – a competitor could leave a negative comment just to make your rating lower.

Check Amazon reviews and identify people who rated you with 3 stars and even less. For your convenience, you can use filters of this tool to find negative and untruthful reviews. Track bad comments, alerts, and historical data to boost the rating of your product.


The slogan of this brand brings hope to those striving to win in the battle against fake testimonials. When you visit the website, the first phrase you see is: “Say no to fake reviews and counterfeits.” And it makes you believe that finally, it’s your turn to gain success on Amazon. Fakespot works with E-commerce and Hospitality businesses. Today, this tool is available for users of 5 platforms, but Amazon is the main marketplace among them.

How to check amazon reviews with this tool? Easily! You only have to copy the URL of a product you’re interested in and paste it in the appropriate gap. This tool will provide you with the necessary insights that display the dark side of the reviews on the platform.

fake review finder

It’s a cutting-edge tool that was created for big data analytics purposes. Sellers can use it to search for fake reviews and those having harmful content. The tool offers people to try a few features before they decide whether they want to buy a subscription:

fake review finder

  • View a video that demonstrates major options.
  • A trial account gives access to all the provided features. They run on a specially designed dashboard.
  • It’s up to you which way to choose – buy a subscription after the trial or refuse the offer.

Other Ways to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

When searching for particular products, customers check reviews, and only after that they decide whether it’s worth their attention. But everybody knows that a large number of comments are fake. We prepared a few tips that will help you check reviews on Amazon with overly positive messages:

  • Pay attention to the language of comments. Fake customers use the same phrases for different products very often.
  • Read the feedback with 5 stars. If a product has a short review, it’s unlikely that it’s written by a real user. Usually, people who get a perfect experience with an item want to tell a full story connected with it.
  • Check whether a comment has a mark “Verified purchase.” Amazon indicates shoppers with this headline – so, you’ll quickly identify a fake reviewer.
  • If you see that reviews were published almost at the same moment, don’t trust them. They were probably written by the employed person.
  • Reviews with the same images were left by fake customers.
  • Pay attention to the reviews that contain negative thoughts about the competitor’s product – they are fake.
  • Comments contain full names of items - real users won’t bother naming a product with long wording.
  • Reviews that sound unnaturally are probably written by writers who used SEO keywords.

Keep in mind that real shoppers try to describe the good and bad characteristics of a product. They want to help other people make the right choice. And fake reviews are far from reality. Such comments contain common words and phrases like “amazing, cool, fantastic, etc.” Fake reviews don’t give you any useful information about a product.

Final Thoughts

With the effective Amazon review check, you’ll manage to operate your business successfully. It’s a pity, but this popular marketplace is drowning in the sea of fake reviews, and we have to do something about it. Obviously, sellers who decide to implement the strategy with unreal comments fail to create an excellent performance on the website. But thanks to A9 and the best Amazon review checkers , it’s easier to bring cheaters to light.


How do I know if an Amazon review is legit?

If you want to determine fake reviews, we recommend using the Amazon checker and paying attention to the following details:

  • Neither positive nor negative comments describe the characteristics of a product at large.
  • Fake reviews don’t have exhaustive information – they only contain common phrases.
  • A large number of comments appear within a tight timeframe – this flow is generated by a bot or an employee.

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

Most of the reviews are reliable, but you still have to protect yourself from misinformation by using one of the mentioned tools. Besides, Amazon has the algorithm A9 that helps it identify fraudulent activity.

Does Amazon have fake reviews?

Amazon uses robust algorithms to fight against fake reviews, but scams keep finding new opportunities. They create bots and pay people to write unfair comments. But with one of the recommended tools, you’ll never be cheated again.