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Amazon sellers are often undermining their performance when investing in products that have fake reviews. The number of goods on Amazon has passed more than 12 million products in 2019 . If you think that’s easy to clip the truthful, verifiable review to each of those items, it’s likely naive. This is why fake reviews have overcrowded product credibility on Amazon. Nonetheless, every seller should know about the cure. That amazing technology is an Amazon review checker.

What is Amazon Review Checker

Amazon fake review spotter allows sellers to check whether the rating of the item has been based on the credible experiences collected from real users . People who purchase on Amazon usually leave a short comment with stars to get the seller ranking higher or lower depending on product quality. Review checker lets you know whether those reviews are real or made up intentionally on behalf of product seller.

How does Amazon Review Checker Work?

Amazon fake review checker works according to the algorithm used by Amazon when suspending fraudulent activity on improving the rates with intention in mind. The tool that detects if lots of positive reviews were made in a short time, feedback from users with the same photography on the profile, and short content in every 5-star review. Those are only a few factors that allow Amazon reviews checker to get the truth beyond the surface.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

In this article, we set the goal to cover the best of the popular FBA sales tools that help to defend your operation against malicious reputation . Picking the credible, customer-marked goods on Amazon is the key to success for fighting against the fake review epidemic, all with the help of the right review checker. Join the club, let the fake review finder help you with fighting evil on Amazon. 

Camel Camel Camel

As a free option, Camel Camel Camel is an outstanding product, according to the many happy FBA sellers who saved the coin. But the drawback is that they only work with enterprises and products affiliated with Amazon . It limits the scope of the platform because review checker Amazon is not a priority for them. Camel Camel Camel is still fantastic for price tracking and product sale alerts. Everything without a price tag whatsoever. 

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Helium 10 Chrome Extension

As a Chrome extension, Helium 10 includes several tools that embrace the generator of product ideas, competition analysis, and keyword ranking tracking . You may ask how to check Amazon reviews with the help of Helium 10 Chrome extension? They pack up at least 13 tools that help Amazon sellers get Amazing results. Inventory Protector and Cerebro will help you with that.

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AMZ Reviews Tracker

Amazon review checker under this brand is an oasis in the desert of fake reviews that have flooded the Amazon. They have a tool called Amazon Critical Reviews Tracker. What such AMZ review checker does is enables the tracking of negative reviews on Amazon to guarantee the best customer service on the selected goods. You can track not only negative reviews but the fake ones that check reviews on Amazon to give you lower star ratings.

how to check amazon reviews You’ll see who gave you less than three stars in the overall rating in the reviews section. Negative reviews tracking, alerts and history charts are included to let you filter out fake and bad reviews to improve the item on Amazon rating.


The review checker from the platform that honestly certifies the motto “Say no to fake reviews and counterfeits”, which is quite challenging. However, they support several projects from e-Commerce and Hospitality spheres. They now support more than 5 third-party platforms , but notably Amazon. What you have to do is just paste the URL of the product that interests you or where fake reviews could be possible. Fakespot Amazon review checker is indeed a great tool to get a fix from numerous intentional reviews on Amazon that may misguide the clients when making check reviews on Amazon.

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Product Review Monitoring

The review checker from Product Review Monitoring is primarily designed for big data analytics to track any harmful or fake reviews . They offer several features before getting started with a paid subscription:

  • Schedule a demo with an overview of the main features.
  • Get the trial account where all features are powered up on the fully-functional dashboard. 
  • Make a choice to start or not after all those demo options, it’s entirely up to you where to go next. 

Amazon Review Checker

Product Review Monitoring review checker is the featured entry to the world of exploring and checking the reviews under promising items on Amazon. Start now to understand the review dynamics in various categories to fake review spot easily.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right review checker might save your entire business operation. The level of dishonesty is surging on Amazon today, that’s unfortunate for such a fantastic e-commerce giant. The competition is so tight that sellers use blackhat methods to rank their products higher in the search charts of Amazon. However, the situation gets better with the A9 algorithm and its refinement, with every review checker on Amazon duplicating that logic. Some of the reviews still bypass the firewall, and you can manually extract them to contact Amazon support to get them banned and removed entirely.


How do I know if an Amazon review is legit?

To understand if the review is legit, you have to analyze several criteria when looking in the corresponding section:

  • The reviews are concise without logical explanation to negative or positive marks.
  • Check if the user uses emotional language. Credible reviews usually contain rational explanation rather than swearing. 
  • Check the reputation of the reviewer. He should have written other reviews as well.
  • If you see various reviews in a very short time, it’s likely a scam session from several users done by one person or a bot.

Use the review checker to save your time and nerves. 

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

Not always, but most of the time - yes. Amazon advances its A9 algorithm, and in 2019, the risk of reading scammed reviews is less obvious. Still, we advise to be patient and read what is beneath the product description. Get the help of the services from our review for that.

Does Amazon have fake reviews?

Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes, the algorithm does not work as it should because of the inventive strategies of spammers. They may not only use the bot but pay real people to leave fraudulent reviews. But they don’t have a chance with the review checker you’re going to choose.