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What is Amazon Sales Estimator?
Why Do You Need Amazon Sales Estimator?
Best Amazon Sales Estimators
How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?
What's a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

Over the past few years, the competition existing in the Amazon selling segment has been growing dramatically. Such circumstances organically create all the grounds for strengthening the market positions and choosing the most winning selling strategy. In particular, it is becoming vital to make accurate forecasts and predict your sales. What is more, you regularly need to be informed of the price changes in the niche. That’s why the Amazon sales estimator may become your top helper in coming up with precise profit predictions as well as staying ahead of the competition.

What is Amazon Sales Estimator?

Even though the essence of Amazon sales volume estimator might be easily distinguishable from its name, it is still crucial to understand the tool to its fullest. In particular, a sales estimator implies a tool that comes in handy while <b>planning future sales</b>, both monthly and yearly. You may estimate either product categories or take an in-depth analysis of specific products.

Apparently, this tool is irreplaceable in situations when you need to take an overview of the future profit you can make as a result of selling on Amazon. The analysis may also detect your competitors and evaluate product performance, as well as let you know how fruitful your sales will be.

Why Do You Need Amazon Sales Estimator?

Amazon sales estimator is a universal tool that proves to work effectively on multiple occasions. First of all, you may significantly decrease the risks of losing money while buying specific products and sell them on Amazon later. As long as the Amazon sales calculator feature immediately helps you know the estimated revenues, you may instantly come up with which products you don’t need for sale. Overall, such a tool proves its indispensability since it allows you to thoroughly estimate your sales and make profitable decisions at each point.

Best Amazon Sales Estimators

Having considered all the benefits of the sales estimator Amazon software, one can admit that such a tool is fundamental for business. Another issue implies which specific tool to choose. As the evidence demonstrates, most companies in the segment provide similar services, meaning that the competition is intense. To facilitate the task of selecting the top suitable sales estimator, we have collected several tools that thousands of new sellers use every day. Take a look at the most effective tools and set your sights straight away.

Jungle Scout Amazon Sales Estimator

You have probably heard about Jungle Scout before. This tool is one of the top sales estimators that combines multiple useful features. This outstanding estimator is the best for monitoring your monthly sales in chosen Amazon product categories. The tool is designed in a way that allows you to spy on competitors and always stay ahead.

amazon sales rank calculator

The way the tool works is indeed simple. Your task is to do nothing but choose the marketplace and indicate the product category. After that, you immediately get the estimated sales calculated. This tool is as easy as ABC.

Helium 10 Xray

amazon sales rank estimator

Helium is another brilliant tool for conducting a sales estimation for particular products or categories. This platform is represented by 20 powerful tools that are used for making an estimation report. Apart from offering you a standard sales estimation tool, Helium 10 also provides a profitability calculator and a new Amazon product research software. The latter allows you to calculate accurate profit thanks to estimating potential of Amazon fees.

With each session, you can get a detailed, precise price estimation. And, what is also important, the tool can be deemed as user-friendly, since you definitely will not mess up with all the features and their descriptions.

AMZ Scout

AMZ scout is a software that offers you multiple tools to reach the maximum precision of your sales estimation. Additionally, their estimator tool is incredibly easy to use and, thus, is user-friendly too. This is so due to the product categorization they have implemented. You just need to decide which category describes your products best. Then, after choosing the category, you will be asked to indicate the seller rank. This, in essence, will let you get the most probable picture of your future sales.

AMZScout offers this unique tool absolutely for free. What could have been better?

amazon sales rank estimator

IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator

IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is a great and free solution for Amazon sellers. The system works as an Amazon sales rank estimator and calculates the best sales. Each hour, IO Scout moderates best seller ranks, so one may end up with some very accurate representations. Get 14-day money back guarantee right today.

sales estimator

Seller Legend

Seller Legend is another excellent tool for customizing the data from Amazon while coming up with the best selling strategy. This transparent service makes every effort to boost your user experience. You may get a quick overview of estimated sales just by referring to the estimator, which is built in the dashboard.

Seller Legend is one of the top tools for quickly generating a financial overview. Additionally, it is pretty easy to use.

amazon sales rank estimator

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a sales estimator tool for Amazon that provides sellers with relevant, precise data from their own software. In other words, this software provides its users with real-time information about products from the chrome extension. You may take a look at the sales estimations just by opening the pages of your product - Unicorn Smasher will do everything for you. Instead, you get valuable revenue and product rating information to understand the situation better.

What is also significant is that you can upload it for free. But do not expect profound daily analyses from Unicorn Smasher since they simply won’t work. Nevertheless, the tool offers pretty useful features without asking you to pay anything.

Sales Estimator


ASINspector brings you an opportunity to review your sales and get the most profound sales data each month. ASINspector is also represented by a helpful chrome browser extension that is fairly easy to navigate. Plus, the extension is easy to follow.

amazon sales estimator

ASINspector collaborates with third-party retail corporations, such as eBay and Walmart. This means that the software provides its users with access to even more comprehensive data range . So, one may claim that ASINspector is gradually expanding its value as a reputable sales estimator.

Viral Launch

According to Viral Launch itself, this software provides the most exact sales estimations ever. Historical data they use is one of the top arguments for believing the software’s claim. Exactly the historical data makes a difference. Overall, Viral launch struggles for you not to miss even the tiniest fluctuation on Amazon.

amazon sales estimator


Splitly is an Amazon software that offers some useful and, at the same time, free estimation features. In essence, Splitly focuses on precise sales estimation and in-depth analyses. It allows you to estimate how suitable your listings are and makes top suggestions for you to optimize them in the best way. Splitly’s private label optimization technique is especially useful for keeping up-to-day with competitors’ actions and making sure you catch up.

Additionally, this tool includes a statistical significance calculator so that you can test your products and figure out whether these tests are significant.

sales estimator


Helloprofit is a powerful tool for getting the most out of seller analytics. The extensive range of seller tools establishes excellent opportunities for getting total control over your Amazon business. Using the top-notch technology of Helloprofit, you may dramatically boost sales. First of all, this software is suitable for monitoring rankings and sales statistics in real-time. Besides, this tool will immediately gain your trust and recognition since it does not use complicated spreadsheets and complex data. Instead, the graphical interpretation of the data is easy to perceive. And, finally, you can begin your 21-day free trial at any time.

amazon sales rank


Helping you with selling to eBay from Amazon is basically what Joeslister is in charge of. Selling your own merchandise on another big platform provides conditions for making more out of your sales. Joelister is powerful enough to assist you in listing your Amazon inventory on various selling marketplaces. Additionally, Joelister works as a fulfillment instrument by synchronizing with Amazon .

This tool is quite costly and is listed among the most expensive tools. And, as for the sales estimation itself, this tool provides a less specialized help, compared to other tools. So, using this tool strictly for sales estimation might not be practicable.

amazon sales rank calculator

AMZ Tracker

Last but not least, AMZ tracker is a straightforward but indeed useful sales estimator tool. But you need to take into account that this tracker tool may not be relevant for all products and purposes. In essence, you can apply it to the best selling products or highly ranked goods.

Using the estimator allows you to get reports regarding keyword tracking for you to see product rankings for particular search. Moreover, you may quickly find out why some products sell not as well as expected. And, you may utilize AMZ tracker on 11 different marketplaces, meaning that this tool is universal.

How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

In general, Amazon sales rank describes a particular seller’s position in relation to their competitors. By weighing and summing up all the indicators, the seller rank is being assigned to a specific seller on Amazon. Here is a detailed explanation of how exactly the Amazon sales rank calculator works:

First of all, the calculator analyzes the sales of a specific product on an hourly basis. This step takes both current prices as well as the price history into account. The value of 1 is assigned to that product, which has demonstrated the highest sales among other relevant products in the category. Such a product is then deemed the top-selling and, therefore, claimed as the one that is sold the best in its niche. As a result, the sales rank further allows making valuable predictions regarding future sales.

It is worth mentioning that the number of positive and negative reviews do not affect the overall sales rank on Amazon. And neither do customers’ ratings influence the sellers’ position. Besides, the rank will not be the same in all countries: marketplace in the UK and the one in Europe may have different sales ranks for the same product.

What's a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

Apparently, every seller on Amazon continuously aims at achieving the highest rank possible. Therefore, it flows logically that the good sales rank is the one that is significantly higher than the average.

In other words, Amazon allows you to get ranked from one to over million, where one represents the top desired position in the ranking. A good sales rank will most likely be defined by high conversion rate and customer satisfaction, which are later embodied in overall sales. With higher sales, you will end up with a good sales rank on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

As an experienced seller or the one who only begins to trade on Amazon, you will always need an Amazon sales estimator to improve your earnings. You may now freely choose among the full range of tools that have already proved their effectiveness. With the help of an Amazon sales estimator, you increase your chances of both driving more traffic to your pages and accurately predicting your revenues. Such tools can let you make sure that your competitive strategy will be winning.


How to Choose the Best Amazon Sales Estimator?

There is no universal sales estimator that suits every purpose. So, while choosing the top estimator for your business, it is essential to keep your motives and the overall scenario in mind. For one business, using browser chrome extensions can be suitable, while another may give preference to subscription-based platforms.

How do I find sales on Amazon?

As a seller, you need to keep several factors in mind. Roughly speaking, you may always make sales during the holiday season. So, you may acknowledge yourself with the upcoming holidays and respective dates. Also, you may wait for the end of the holiday season and buy many goods at lower prices.

What’s a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

A good sales rank on Amazon is the one that is closer to one. In fact, there are over a million rank positions on Amazon. This means that the best product is assigned the first position in the rank, while worse-selling products will be somewhere below 10,000.