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Amazon Sales in its highest extent is the desired thing that many FBA sellers are pursuing many years. If you have ever sold anything on Amazon, know that it’s vital to get to the top in the competitive range of this e-commerce platform. Looking at the Amazon sales rank chart, no surprise that only the sellers with high indicator dominate in ratings and customer level of trust. 

The perks of having the skyrocketing BSR are extra traffic, increased sales, and uplifted reputation. To be that seller, it’s not always necessary to sit over the Amazon sales rank calculator. In this review, we’re going to guide you through the way of becoming a fantastic seller with an astounding rank. 

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Many people wonder how to understand sales rank Amazon. The answer is hidden in a single number. Find the entry called Best Sellers Rank on the screenshot below.

sales rank amazon

As you can see, the Rank is the number in interval from 1 to 1 million and higher . This number is attached to every product on Amazon individually. The logic here is that the lower the number you’re having, the better are the sales as for today. The number is calculated given separate transactions since an item was sold. The higher the timespan, the worse is the Amazon rank. 

Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the Same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

Yes, both terms mean essentially the same thing. When you’re left with the question of how to find Amazon sales rank, maybe you should watch for BSR because it’s located in the same place. ASR, or BSR, helps to determine whether the item is selling well on Amazon , and if it’s popular or not in the selected category. Each product is labeled with BSR no matter if you're looking for a towel or trying to purchase the smartphone. The platform ranks all goods individually. 

How is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

Before asking us what is a good Amazon sales rank, let’s clarify how it’s calculated anyway. The Sales Rank is calculated according to the hourly sales of the product and upcoming updates. Sales history is affected too. If your product has been sold recently more times than other products in the same category, then you’re going to get the number #1 in the total rating. Generally, you should keep in mind that the Sales Rank is based only on the sales rate. The rank is also varied on different marketplaces across the world. Amazon wants to keep it as regional as possible. 

The Key Factors that Can Help to Grow Sales Rank

We’ve collected the top factors that will assist you in keeping stable and secured growth of your sales rank.

The Right Choice is FBA

Obviously, you’re not going to take care of all the logistics that happen inside of Amazon. This is where you have to set sail and choose FBA, and only FBA. All you’ll have to do to perform sales is ship the goods to the Amazon fulfillment center where they will pick up items, deliver them, and deal with possible refunds when customers issue them.

Product Quality

Customers are usually giving their respect to the FBA sellers who deliver excellent quality. If you offer the item that has superb quality and above-average price, it’s better to stick to this strategy. People are tired of low-tier goods that do not meet even basic expectations. 

Stability of Stock

Keep the stock of the items that you always sell with a surplus. We mean that you cannot always predict how the item will sell when the demand suddenly jumps. This is why having extra items in stock always works fine to secure your sales rank.

High Search Volumes

When your potential customers bump into the relevant search term that matches their buyer intent, it’s a win, and a direct way to boost your BSR. Choosing the right Amazon sales rank tracker might help you find the right keywords to name the products you sell. 

Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank

Before pinning the goal to achieve a #1 sales rank in your product category, think how many people before you wanted to achieve the same. For those who want to do their best, the tools that detect the volume of item distribution and sales rank exist on the market. With their help, the question of what does Amazon sales rank mean won’t need to be answered ever again. 

IO Scout

IO Scout is the cutting edge tool to track your BSR. The advantages which the company bundles inside of their software include the precise online and retail arbitrage alongside with dropshipping, which is a perfect fit for the needs of you as a seller on Amazon. 

what is a good amazon sales rank

The features that allow sellers to track and analyze more than 150 million products to get the right sales rank dynamics of niches include the following:

  • Near infinite product database. IO Scout constantly expands the range of goods inside their software. You can retrieve the 100% clear data on the BSR among the competitors using this feature. 
  • The product tracker to observe everything. You can check on the thousands of items on Amazon and bookmark them at once. After that, the understanding of the sales dynamics of the things of interest will come to you in no time. 
  • The versatile Chrome extension. This is a useful browser add-on that collects such stats as price, rank, rating, and revenue from all the goods on the page. What’s in there for you? You’re able to find out what the rank for particular items actually is. Simply open the extension in your Chrome and it will show everything in the neat and informative box. 

sales rank amazon

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the solution that has been present on the market for quite a while. One of the reasons why they’re still on the Amazon FBA tools scene is because they’ve included the Amazon Sales Estimator. Basically, this is a calculator that asks for the input of BSR number, Amazon marketplace, and product category. After that, you have to press the button “Calculate Sales” and see the estimated number of sales per month under these parameters.

what does amazon sales rank mean

  • The search for the winning products is facilitated on sufficient level. They have a powerful database from Amazon, which allows sellers who want to find out the sales rank update the info quickly and effectively.
  • Track the supply and demand to keep the sales rank high. Jungle Scout has included this feature in the beta version, but it already shows great results. You can monitor your inventory on a regular basis while staying informed to keep customers satisfied. 


Algopix takes the third position in our list not in vain. They have a weakly informative website that does not say much about the tool, but still the basic commands are clear. The tool has the price range starting from $9.99 per month up to $39.99 . The range of features is also different. The Algopix’s integration spans from to, and they also cover eBay sites and Google Ads. Overall, the range of features is enough for merchants. The only thing is that we haven’t found out how to actually get the BSR right when using the tool.

How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?

In the magic box of advice on how to boost the sales rank, there are several things to enjoy. The first thing we recommend you to do is analyze the price carefully as compared to other sellers. Also, you have to follow a simple strategy:

  • Decrease the prices that don’t include the shipment fee. People will notice the positive sales history where the rating from customers is the highest possible.  
  • Always maintain the brand image with tools like IO Scout that have a reliable CRM system for Amazon.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be the champion of the Sales Rank, go ahead - our guide will help you to achieve that. The rank is one of the most important stats to support the item's success in the overall number of sales. So feel free to use the automated tools like IO Scout to save your time and nerves achieving the highest BSR. 


What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

A good sales rank is as highest to the #1 as possible. The ranking system starts from the lowest possible numbers moving higher to the top if you’re selling well. 

How to find product rank on Amazon?

When you open an item on Amazon, you have to look at the bottom of the page where you’ll find the entry called “Amazon’s Best Seller’s Rank.”

How to rank higher on Amazon?

To rank higher, you have to offer attractive price, high quality, and manage customer reviews of the item that you sell. If everything is checked, the sales will jump and the sales rank will increase.