AMZScout Review

Every challenge is a new possibility. In case of entrepreneurs, it’s a possibility to put things into sharp focus and finally grab the right chance to launch the right product at the right time. And it doesn’t matter which level of selling expertise you have, there’s always an ample amount of tools ready to provide you with timely help on your winding road. 

Great software is like your favorite food – the more you try it, the more you realize how awesome it is, and the more you’re getting reluctant to trade it for anything else. In the framework of sales business, the most demanded “food” both by shoppers and sellers is Amazon. But before you learn how to make money and nourish your clients there, consider the powerful AMZScout tool for searching and estimating the potential of top-rated goods. 

What is AMZScout

AMZScout is a convenient plugin for Google Chrome, with the help of which Amazon sellers can quickly analyze the product and tap into the right niche. This application is rightfully the king of convenience since it retrieves key metrics without even opening product pages. That is, there is no need to collect data manually and use additional tools whatsoever, which saves you a lot of precious time. Statistics are generated very quickly in the application window too, which is another reason to consider this tool for the evolvement of business ideas.

Once you choose AMZScout, you get a powerful tool for collecting the following information:

  • assessment of monthly sales;
  • assessment of monthly income;
  • minimum price among sellers;
  • FBA fees;
  • product description quality index (listing quality indicator);
  • contribution to margin (an indicator of the ratio of profit to price);
  • BSR;
  • average rating and number of reviews;

AMZScout Pricing

Before we destroy any of your expectations about the costs, we have to warn you: not a single software with high reliability status is free, and AMZScout is not an exception. More so, for this particular tool you’ll have to spend a decent amount of money, but the return of your investment will come to you in the form of staggering profits. Sounds too good to be true? Wait until you get acquainted with the list of benefits AMZScout has to offer. 

The software offers two payment options: monthly or annual payment, with the latter option being more profitable for users. Overall, the pricing depends on your level of expertise and key business purposes. You can choose one of three subscriptions:

Basic. This package is a convenient one for business starters who want to explore the market. The price for this plan is 30$/month or 15$/month and 180$/year if you choose to pay yearly. The basic inventory of tools includes all of the features available at AMZScout + 20 products in product tracker. 

Start. This pricing plan is analogous to the previous one. The main difference is in the number of products available for access in product tracker, which is 40. Also, it’s a more advanced package designed for entrepreneurs who have a bold intention not only to discover the market in depth but also detect the niche with high selling potential. For utilization of this plan, you’ll need to pay 40$/month or 20$/month and 240$/year.  

Business. The “pro” AMZScout package is created for sellers who already have their business but want to get armed with state-of-the-art tools to upgrade their selling skills and increase revenue from products. That’s a perfect solution for ambitious leaders who don’t find the price of 60$/month or 30$/month and 350$/year staggering. Business plan includes 80 products in product tracker as well to make sure you’re using the maximum potential of the software. 

AMZScout also has a pleasant bonus for those unwilling to pay immediately – you can try a free trial option so that you can test the tool’s functionalities, weigh all pros and cons, and choose the plan that best fits your needs.

amzscout price
amzscout pricing

AMZScout Web App VS AMZScout Chrome Extension

If you want to opt for AMZScout, there’s a slight difference between its extension and app you should be aware of. In essence, the only common thing that makes both versions of this  software similar is interface, whereas functional elements vary

Thus, the main peculiarity of Google Chrome Extension is that it extracts data from a particular Amazon page while you work with it, and provides you with an accurate profit calculator. 

It is quite convenient and enables you to explore necessary niches straight from Amazon search page, product’s page or seller’s page. The AMZScout extension also has Get Niche Idea, Product Score, Potential Score and a bunch of other beneficial functions. Also, keep in mind that this AMZScout desktop version is available only for Google Chrome browser.

amzscout chrome extension

In comparison to the extension, AMZScout Web App is an application that embraces a wide range of tools and functions, all of which work on AMZScout website (you don’t necessarily have to open Amazon as it operates successfully with any browser). In addition, the Web App grants a possibility to get access to product database where you can research items, analyse competitors and tap into relevant niches. 


AMZScout Tools

Of course, possessing knowledge of this or that software superficially is not enough to make a rational decision of whether it’s worth using or not. After all, there are so many details to be taken into account that it’s more than possible to get confused. So let’s investigate the complex world of AMZScout and outline the key benefits of each tool.

1. Product Database

This tool marks the starting point of product exploration and performs three main functions: helps brainstorm product ideas, keep track of competitors, and search relevant keywords. In particular, this feature enables you to look through extensive product collection and apply 44 advanced filters to detect the most profitable and frequently bought items. 

In addition, AMZScout Product Database enables you to keep an eye on products’ price, average rank, rating, and other essential data over a specific period of time. Pair these functions with effective keywords’ search, and you get a makerting bomb for traffic attraction and PPC ads setup.   

amz scout

2. AMZScout Google Chrome Extension PRO

With this tool at hand, no Amazon seller will have to worry about marketing collapses and business misfortunes. AMZ Scout Pro offers plenty of advantages that help users sell effectively and earn money with exponential growth rates. Among the top features of this extension are: the ability to find promising products for sale, identification of emerging trends, verification of niche. 

On top of that, you get subtle espionage of competitors, fees and profit estimates, and accurate forecasts of upcoming competitions. In sum, these tools contribute to the synergy of all AMZScout pro forces, allowing you to empower business and critically evaluate its potential. 

amz scout pro

 3. AMZScout Keyword Tracker

Get ready to take a wider perspective into the way your product listing keywords perform on the niche. With the help of AMZScout keyword tracker, you can monitor how your marketing endeavour affects the position of your product listing per keyword. Here’s how the entire process looks like: first, you search for a specified item in Amazon by entering product ASIN; then, you filter keyword ranks by page and position for a variety of keywords. 

Once you’ve done that, graphics will appear to display how the position varies with the lapse of time. Finally, you can track ranking movement each 1-24 hours in 8 marketplaces.

amzscout keywords

4. Keyword Explorer

What does every Amazon seller orients on while seeking new sales possibilities? Right, he hunts for keywords with low competitive rates and high product demand. The AMZScout Keyword Explorer lets you do just that, for it allows every user to take their product pages to the next level. Besides, this feature grants you a sufficient number of tools to help you elevate business and achieve higher Amazon search page results in a matter of minutes. The net effects are top position in affluent sectors of the market, higher brand recognition, and increased sales. 

amz scout

5. Listing Wizard

This AMZScout tool has such a name for a reason: with a sweep of a magic wand, it transforms the low-income business into a fully-loaded one, with accurate Amazon listings featuring relevant keywords for titles and descriptions. The good news is that this feature applies not only to newbie sellers who want to create their first listing in an hour, get millions of keyword ideas and beat competitors’ keywords. Listing Wizard will also come in handy for level 99 sellers willing to automate listing optimization for good, leverage PPC keywords, and track efforts on a daily basis. 

AmzScout Listing Wizard

Free Tools

1. FBA Fees Calculator

Apparently, there’s no way for Amazon sellers to make forecasts about their upcoming profits, at least as long as they don’t use powerful software to help them calculate it. AMZScout FBA calculator excels at what human brains cannot: it evaluates Amazon FBA fees with the help of an intricate algorithm which conducts evaluations according to size and weight once you enter product ASIN. 

More importantly, the calculator showcases accurate results and can be used in the app and the AMZScout Chrome Extension alike. Other criteria for effective evaluation of profits include the product price, costs you anticipate to spend, additional prices per unit and additional costs per month. 

amzscout fba calculator

2. Amazon to Ebay Comparator

Another extension available only for AMZScout called Amazon Smart Shopper allows entrepreneurs to check out more affordable prices on Ebay while browsing Amazon products. Accordingly, the key benefit of using this tool is the ability to preserve decent sums of money from making purchases on Amazon. 

As soon as you download this AMZScout free tool, you’ll receive personal notifications about lower prices on Ebay immediately. This way, you can anticipate your financial situation more rationally and evenly, therefore making sure you won’t pay more for the products of your choice.

amzscout review

3. Stock Stats

This one is a marketing pearl and a genius invention of AMZScout developers, since it allows Amazon sellers to keep a close eye on competitors’ inventory levels and sales dynamics. For what can be more effective than timely intervention into activities of rivals and prevention of their business from evolving faster than yours?

Monitoring competitors is now easier than ever with the help of AMZScout Sock Stats. You only need to take three simple steps to get an open analysis: check product’s best seller rank, evaluate stock levels, and investigate each and every seller who markets identical item. 

amzscout stock stats

4. Sales Estimator

The last tool on our list is as simple as table. AMZScout Sales Estimator can help you calculate the exact number of sales per month based on a particular category. The collection of categories embraces all items designed for different utilization purposes. Everything from appliances to tools for home improvement can be found in the inventory to provide you with the most accurate and effective estimates. 

Plus, the evaluation procedure is super simplified: just insert the desired sales rank and get the number of monthly sales instantaneously.  

amzscout sales estimator


Overall, there’s no room for denial of an obvious fact: it is simply impossible to conduct profitable business in such a highly competitive store as Amazon without AMZ Scout. It helps to quickly and accurately perform market analysis, choose the appropriate product category and the product itself, and find the item that meets the specified criteria. 

In AMZScout, every tiny screw works to the maximum extend to keep the entire mechanism working, thereby helping you improve your business and reach new heights without significant effort. And even though yearly payment plans might not fit everyone’s budget, it’s definitely worth the money. 


Can I cancel my AMZScout Subscription?

Yes, you can do that in your PayPal account given that you use this payment system. If you don’t, the only means of cancellation is to contact AMZ Scout support team with an inquiry to cancel your subscription. 

What markets does AMZScout support?

AMZScout Extension supports such global markets as Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India and Mexico. The Web App supports all of the above mentioned markets except Mexico