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CamelCamelCamel Review

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What is CamelCamelCamel?
CamelCamelCamel Pricing
CamelCamelCamel Features
Browser Add-ons (The Camelizer) 
Wishlist Synchronization 
Price Drop Alerts
Amazon Price History Charts 200
CamelCamelCamel Alternative

As an Amazon seller, you are always expected to have a clear understanding of price policy and its fundamental determinants. To stay ahead of most serious competitors, you should regularly check prices and make your own decisions to end up with the most accurate price formation. Camelcamelcamel is one of the most brilliant price tracking tools that can make your sales plummet.

What is CamelCamelCamel?

Camelcamelcamel is a software that is aimed at making you aware of price changes and their tendencies. The Camelcamelcamel app is so versatile that both sellers and buyers can make extensive use of it. In particular, as a buyer, you get a chance to be kept in the loop and be informed on price changes in real-time to save a great deal of money. As a seller, Camelcamelcamel serves you by letting you correct and adjust your price to motivate customers to buy from you instead of from turning to competitors.

CamelCamelCamel Pricing

One of the brilliant features of Camel camel camel that makes thousands of people love the software is price. Mainly, you can sign up without paying anything. Creating a free account and using some helpful features is an excellent opportunity for both buyers and sellers. Nonetheless, one will need to pay extra for more advanced software and synchronize it with the Amazon account with Сamelcamelcamel. But for those who seek nothing but a price tracking software, it is enough only to install the free Camelizer.

CamelCamelCamel Features

Even though the tool is free and, therefore, accessible to everyone, its features are not limited to merely checking products’ prices. Сamelcamelcamel app is initially designed to monitor costs and their tendencies. Moreover, you can always check the price history via Сamelcamelcamel to make more precise conclusions regarding the trend.

Another peculiar feature of Сamelcamelcamel implies price drop alerts , which is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is give camelcamelcamel API the price you wish to be notified about. Checking price drops or increases allows you to save a great deal of money, regardless of whether you are selling or buying.

You will be pleased with the fact that you can access a camelcamelcamel chrome extension . In order not to close the product page, you may install the Camelizer software and use it anytime you go through Amazon products. Take a more detailed look at the most valuable features in this camel camel camel review.

Browser Add-ons (The Camelizer) 

Camelcamelcamel chrome extension which is also known as the Camelizer , is a tool which allows you to check price history and its drops while staying on the product page.

the camelizer chrome

After having installed Сamelcamelcamel the Camelizer chrome extension, you will immediately get an understanding of prices set by Amazon and third parties alike. Moreover, you will get an idea of how prices vary each month and make assumptions based on the general chart.

camelcamelcamel api

In case you are willing to get direct access to the product’s price history and stay at the Сamelcamelcamel webpage simultaneously, add-ons is just what you need. Merely install it and click a camel button, which is located in a toolbar. If you are a Mozilla user, the extension for this browser also exists.

Nonetheless, it’s no longer possible to download camelcamelcamel extension for Mac. If this is the case, you can install Google chrome and get all the benefits from looking through products and analyzing their price history.

Camelizer chrome Сamelcamelcamel extension offers you the complete price history right to the tiniest details, and thus it doesn’t show merely the most recent price changes.

Wishlist Synchronization 

With camel Amazon, you can feel free to create wishlists on Amazon and synchronize them with your account. Also, it connects with a price watches list. Once you purchase one product from the Сamelcamelcamel wishlist, its label changes to ‘purchased.’ Thus, using the wishlist Camelcamelcamel tool is easy. Initially, you will have to copy the URL of your own wishlist and insert it into a URL field. After you are done with this stage, you will instantly see all the products from the list and will further check prices and be informed about any changes

camel camel camel x3

To get quick access to Camelcamelcamel, there is no need for you to log in to your Amazon account. In short, everyone can use the feature straight away, and signing up is not obligatory.


Presumably, you may not be willing to install Сamelcamelcamel google extension. In fact, installing the camelcamelcamel amazon chrome extension might not always be the best option. One may find the feature complicated or merely not too helpful; others can’t access the extension since their operating system doesn’t let doing so.

The bookmarklet feature makes Camelcamelcamel one of the most convenient and at the same time effective price checking tools. Getting to the point, bookmarklet can be a perfect substitute for a chrome extension.

the camelizer chrome

camelcamelcamel amazon

You will hardly come across the app that has an even easier application! With Сamelcamelcamel, you don’t need to do anything except drag the three camels to your bookmarks section . Once you click on those camels - you will get redirected to the product’s page, containing the price history.

camelcamelcamel amazon

Price Drop Alerts

The main task that CamelCamelCamel perfectly copes with implies setting price drop alerts . In particular, after you have begun using the software, you will probably want to make some use of price alerts. The way the latter works is as easy as ABC: you mention the price you wish to be notified of, and Camelcamelcamel does everything for you. Therefore, you instantly get accurate information regarding the product’s price.

The software perfectly works for sellers. Needless to say, Amazon sellers need to be aware of the smallest price fluctuations to know which price to set and what products to sell. Checking the price manually via Camelcamelcamel is not worth the effort, so utilizing a camel extension increases your chances of succeeding with product selling or buying.

To use the feature, you will need to click ‘Top price drops’ , mention the category you are interested in, select the drop type (most significant relative drops, biggest absolute drops, or the most recent drops).

camelcamelcamel app

After you have filled in the gaps, you get redirected to the most relevant search results. Clicking on any of the offered products will let you get a chart with entire price history.

camelcamelcamel chrome

If you want to set prices manually, feel free to do this via Сamelcamelcamel.

Amazon Price History Charts 200

Whatever product you search for, you can always see the price history chart for this very product. Basically, this camelcamelcamel feature implies creating a simple graph that is easy to interpret and analyze. The chart only has two variables: price and month, so it represents the price/date ratio. In other words, the Camelcamelcamel graph demonstrates how your product’s price changes over specific time frames.

camelcamelcamel extension

Below each graph, there is a table with more precise price interpretations which outlines the current product price, the minimum, and the maximum price. Camelcamelcamel chart also includes an average price to give you a general impression of how much the product will likely cost.

CamelCamelCamel Alternative

However, if you are looking for a workable alternative to CamelCamelCamel, there are not a lot of other software to consider. This is mainly due to the vast resources offered by Camel Camel Camel. One major alternative that readily comes to mind is IOScout. Although relatively newer, IO Scout Amazon seller software offers several important tools to Amazon sellers like Product Research Tool, Sales Analytics, Inventory Management.

IO Scout

camelcamelcamel android

IO Scout for Amazon is an emerging resource hub for Amazon sellers. The software offers Amazon sellers a lot of FBA tools to help them achieve success in their online business: Finding trending products, to tracking products, trends, history and keywords, IO Scout offers a wide array of Amazon FBA tools to take your Amazon business to the next level. 

IO Scout offers monthly and annual payment options for Amazon start-ups, Sellers, and Businesses. However, without any subscription plan, you can use the Amazon FBA Calculator and Sales Estimator tool for free. 

All these features make IO Scout a good alternative to Camel Camel Camel, noting that the interface of IO Scout has a more modern appeal compared to Camel Camel Camel.  Check our  IO Scout review  to get more information about their products.

Final Thoughts

Managing to stay ahead of your competitors and making sure you have built a business that guarantees a return on investments is not an everyday task. What is more, making sure you choose the product with the best price and protect yourself from overpaying for no reason is not less crucial. Camelcamelcamel works for Amazon sellers and it suits their every purpose.

No matter whether you are an owner of an established business or a nascent entrepreneur, you always need to analyze and compare product information and prices. With Camelcamelcamel software, you can stay aware of the fact that you won’t lose a single attractive offer, as well as always set the most relevant price for the products.

Analyzing prices in real-time and researching the historical data won’t be extra if you are serious about your own Amazon activity. Just get your Camelcamelcamel account, generate a price watches list, and always stay tuned!


How does price checking system work?

Prices for products are checked every 2-3 hours. Overall, in 9 Camelcamelcamel locales, there are approximately 6 billion products, and the prices of each one are being monitored. All Camelcamelcamel products are divided into groups: one group contains goods with no price watches, while another group consists of products with a minimum of one watch. In other words, all products are being prioritized and placed in a queue first, and then the Camelcamelcamel checking process begins.

How can I create a "price watch"?

First and foremost, you will need to search for the product’s URL on Amazon. Once you have successfully managed this, proceed with Camelcamelcamel. What you have to do is insert the URL previously copied into the top field of the webpage. You will be redirected to the page where you should point your mouse at a price and select the ‘- $0.01 ’ option. At the right, you will see a ‘Start tracking’ button. Finally, you will need to do nothing but wait for notification via email.