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When you think about becoming the great Amazon seller, have you ever considered that your competitors hit the jackpot all the time? The answer is hidden in the right Amazon FBA tool that covers the basic needs of all sellers. Today, we’re talking about Cash Cow Pro, a tool that answers the baseline of FBA selling. 

They’ve been a very hyped solution in 2018 , but today things have changed. Year 2020 is just around the corner with new challenges for Amazon sellers, like increasing competition even in the most unexplored niches, smarter A9 algorithms, and higher advertisement prices.

What is CashCowPro?

CashCowPro is a solution for managing FBA selling operations. The tool includes the features that are not obligatory but can be quite in hand in certain situations. Among the features, you’ll likely stumble upon auto replies, keyword tracker, and real-time estimation of goods on screen in terms of prognosed revenues, units available, average price, and total number of reviews. 

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They promise that all the features that they bundle will save the day for you, but it’s not the case 100% . Maybe, you’re doing the part of FBA selling in the large team to track the real-time sales or monitor the keyword rank performance. Still, you have to pay the full price after the day of trial . This is how the tool works. Pay for everything or save your cash for another solution. Straightforward but a bit cruel even with the inclusion of CashCowPro extension. 

CashCowPro Pricing

We mentioned that you’re getting a bit of time to look around using Cashcow Pro during the free trial. At the same time, they have a very basic subscription system that asks for money, for everything at once. 

  • Monthly rate. Cash Cow Pro offers the 10-day free trial before that. For $99.7 , you’ll get access to every tool they offer. 
  • Annual rate. You’re saving a couple of hundred dollars with that. Still, $997 is the whole pile of cash, there are cheaper FBA tools out there. 

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CashCowPro Features

Cash Cow Pro breaks the bank when it comes to the range of available features in the toolbox. People often ask, “Is CashCowPro legit?”, and the answer is yes because the arsenal is really full-packed. However, you have to know that you’re spending solid cash like that to enable all the available features.

Sales Data

This feature by CashCowPro is focused on showing the real-time data to receive the right profit estimations . If you want to get a straightforward look over the financial stats you have during the campaign, sales data gets the job done. Checking each SKU works like in many other FBA tools, the equivalents are all over the place. You can check the following stats with sales data with the help of CashCowPro:

  • Product sales.
  • Units ordered.
  • Total number of orders.
  • Average price.
  • Profit from orders.
  • Overall net profit per operation.

is cashcowpro legit

Keyword Tracking

CashCowPro offers the standard of keyword tracking process. Their tool is understandable and familiar for people with experience in FBA. Novices might get lost because the flexibility and range of search scenarios are creating the sandbox to find the right associations with the searched item. 

CashCowPro allows you to keep an eye over 100 keywords for a single product. All you have to do is see how the words perform and pick the competitive ones that will rank easily. 100 keywords is not the desirable volume to get the overall picture during FBA, so keep that in mind. 

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Automated Feedback Collection

If you want to succeed on Amazon, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with reputation tracking. Hundreds of reviews will slide over you as the sales become more volumized. Obviously, responding to all those comments is not the case for you. Set automatic responses via CashCowPro emails with the help of an automated feedback collection feature. 

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Global #1 Advanced Top 20 Million Best Sellers

Sooner or later, you’ll feel the urge to expand the product niches that are suitable for your pocket. CashCowPro accounts that. This is when the research with the help of the top 20 best sellers really comes in hand. Find out the most profitable products from the rare niches that wait for you to sniff around.  

is cashcowpro legit

Inventory Monitoring

You have to ensure the constant availability of the items that you’re selling on Amazon. You can observe the current financial performance on par with the stock of the items that you sell via CashCowPro. “Out of stock” is the nightmare that won’t happen to you under such circumstances. 

is cashcowpro legit

Page Views & Conversion %

This is the metrics tool that will tell you everything about the behavioral factors that drive your users. Once you opt for this feature, you see the fancy data about the user sessions, and that’s all - nothing profound or granular here.  

is cashcowpro legit

AB Split Testing Tool

Take your time to think out the price strategy to select for the next item from the listing on Amazon via CashCowPro. AB split testing allows you to set different prices for the same products to find out what actually stands out. Vast revenues usually come from the sold volumes, remember this rule of thumb on Amazon. 


Final Thoughts

After analyzing everything mentioned above, you can see that there are some issues to CashCowPro which prevent it from being a super efficient tool for research. Still, it’s a great tool for the basic features like price tracking and keyword research. However, the price is definitely steep and costly. You’re getting all-in-one solution, but you’re unlikely to use even 60 percent of the features. It does not work effectively on the rich market of Amazon FBA selling tools today. 


What Amazon marketplaces are supported by CashCowPro?

CashCowPro supports the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe and the UK. The support for countries like China, India, and Australia is still coming. 

Do I have to download software?

The process of using CashCowPro is as automatic as possible. After the initial sign up, the service will have your data displayed in a day. Then, you can start doing the keyword research for the goods that interest you. 

Can I cancel my account?

Luckily for you, CashCowPro won’t hold you down as long as they can keep you cash coming. Feel free to cancel anytime to stop the charges that come out of your bank account. When you cancel during the trial, no charges follow as well.