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Amazon FBA Calculator

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As a person who sells products on Amazon, you are probably aware of the fact that your revenue is influenced not only by the product’s price. Bearing all the taxes and fees in mind is sometimes complicated, and this may lead to the failure to count the final profit. This is when an Amazon FBA calculator comes in handy.

What is Amazon FBA? 

Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA, is a tool that makes your products visible for a large number of customers and assures acclaimed customer service. Basically, this is a service that helps you get more loyal customers and profit, as well as assists you in managing your finances. 

The way it works is absolutely easy: Amazon stores your products in personal warehouses takes care of shipment and services, and even manages refunds. Regarding the FBA revenue calculator itself, this tool serves as a helper in figuring out how much profit you make and deciding on whether the product will bring you revenues.

Why Use FBA Calculators

The principal reason to utilize an FBA profit calculator regularly implies controlling your profit. It can help you get a precise vision of how much revenue you will gain eventually. Besides, an FBA fee calculator significantly decreases the risk of merely losing the money. Since one finds it complicated to handle all the Amazon fees, an FBA calculator for Amazon is the best tool for you not to get lost or confused.

Best Free FBA Calculators 

There are multiple FBA calculators, so you can always find the one that suits your specific goals and rely on it. As far as each Amazon FBA fee calculator has its peculiar features, we recommend taking a glance at the most popular and effective calculators.

Jungle Scout 

amazon fba fees calculator

This tool allows you to calculate the profit for every single product unit you sell on Amazon. An FBA amazon calculator is a perfect tool for discovering the average price for the product in the market as well as calculating fees. It gives you an insight into the general structure of your expenses ( referral fee, packing fee, service, storage, and weight handling fees ).

If you need the software on a daily basis, you may opt for installing an amazon FBA calculator extension for Google Chrome and make the most out of this useful tool.

Viral Launch

Unlike Jungle Scout, one can access some of the Viral Launch features for free.

To calculate costs, you only need to insert your product’s URL or an ASIN into the search field.

amazon fba revenue calculator

Right after that, you will be able to see the final profit you will gain from selling the one unit, as well as keep in mind the size of a referral fee . With the help of this tool, you can also see 2-3 ASINs and manage your profitability calculations.

FBA Calculator

Considering that the outlined amazon FBA revenue calculator is free of charge , don’t hesitate to give this tool a try to boost your profits. 


This tool can be undeniably assumed as the top amazon FBA fees calculator. Apart from allowing you to make free calculations, AMZScout is exceptionally user-friendly and convenient. One can also install it as an amazon FBA calculator chrome extension. 

amazon fba calculator

AMZScout FBA calculator is designed in a way that guarantees the most extensive final cost estimation . So, using the app is perfect for estimating the overall revenue. 

Besides, the tool is convenient and beneficial in terms of fees calculation due to the multicriterial research it is capable of conducting.

Another useful feature implies predicting future competition and discovering competitors’ positions. Last but not least, using the Overall Niche score allows you to predict future success and the overall worth of the niche you enter. 

Seller App

This is another straightforward tool to do a quick research on the product’s profitability. Installing Chrome extension gives you a chance to check fees each time you click on the product of your choice. Or, you can always opt for a web version, it’s up to your preferences. 

amazon fba revenue calculator

Seller App is utterly suitable for estimating net profits as well as product margins

It is fundamental to point out that Seller App Amz FBA calculator serves as a perfect tool for comparing FBA with merchant fulfillment. Regarding the cons, this app does not give you an image of total sales volume.


Salecalc app can be undeniably considered as the most sophisticated app if to compare it to the rest of the apps. Even though you will need to enter the data manually, the tool gives you the most precise understanding of which price to set if you want to have a guaranteed net profit.

amazon fba calculator

To be more specific, you are expected to choose the product category, the desired goal, and mention all the supporting costs and fees. It is impossible to come up with an exact net profit without using the FBA amazon calculator. 


The utility and convenience of this app cannot be questioned due to the simple interface and many features’ accessibility. You only need to mention the fundamental characteristics, such as size, weight, average sale price, average production costs, and the number of orders each month. 

amazon fba calculator chrome extension

After you click the ‘calculate my profits’ button, you get the data regarding total costs, net revenue, and overall profit. When calculating costs, you get a clear vision of both fulfillment and production costs. 

Amazon’s FBA calculator

Using Amazon’s FBA calculator is relatively easy as it provides you with the fullest understanding of all the fees and costs. You should also make use of this app in case you are looking forward to setting a competitive price. Since choosing the optimal price for your own product has a critical impact on the final profit, this feature is genuinely helpful. 

While most apps imply using the product’s URL or ASIN only, this one also works with keywords. There is no necessity to enter the ASIN as you can mention a couple of keywords to complete your calculations.

amazon fba calculator extension

How to Use Amazon’s FBA Calculator 

No matter which country you sell from, the procedure for utilizing an FBA calculator is always the same. If you have already looked into the subject of taxes, you won’t have any issues with using the calculator. Above all, make sure to follow the most fundamental steps:

  1. Search for the product’s ASIN or the keyword. At this stage, you only need to use a correct identifier to find your product. You may also use ISBN, EAN, or any other search term. 
  2. Insert all the values and dimensions in the fields. If you take margin calculation seriously, you ought to mention data as precisely as possible. Here you also set the price, and it gives you an understanding of how your price affects profit.
  3. Fill in the ‘ shipment field .’ Although you may leave this field blank, we recommend you to fill it in to understand the margin impact.
  4. Finish by mentioning the final product cost
  5. See your net profit. Amazon FBA Calculator allows you to take a look at graphs and estimated sales increase.

Final Comment 

FBA calculator is an indispensable tool for Amazon sellers who are not indifferent about the final profit and the overall performance. These days, you can use the Amazon FBA calculator chrome extension, which drastically facilitates the task of fee calculation. Take benefit from the FBA calculator and maximize your own profits!


How to Choose the Best FBA Calculator?

To choose the best FBA calculator, you will need to find the one that meets all your expectations. First, you ought to decide on own budget and decide on whether to choose a free or a paid tool. After you have made up your mind, you can address some of the tools outlined above and analyze the features each calculator offers.

How much does FBA cost?

The price you pay will always depend on the tool you opt for using. Some excellent apps are available for free, and many of them offer valuable features, allowing you to calculate an accurate net profit. 

If you opt for more advanced tools, you will need to pay. Roughly speaking, you’ll have to invest around 100$ per year into a payable feature. For professional tools, they may charge you 900$ per year. Nonetheless, you can always start a free trial and find out whether the tool is worth the money.

How is FBA fee calculated?

The FBA fee is the total sum you will need to pay for Amazon’s fulfillment services. In particular, the price comprises three costs : cost of seller fulfillment, shipment costs, and fulfillment by Amazon costs. Fees also include packing and picking the order as well as product returns and customer service.