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FBA Toolkit Review

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What is FBA Toolkit?
FBA Toolkit Pricing
How to Use FBA Toolkit?
Final Thoughts

As soon as sellers start their business on Amazon, they seem to be eternally stuck in a gamut of difficult operations. They need to estimate sales on a regular basis, conduct all sorts of analysis to determine if their product will sell, and calculate estimated profit. But why handle these processes yourself if there’s a tool ready to do all of that instead of you? Let’s get to the bread and butter of the FBA toolkit for Chrome and check what it has to offer.

What is FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit is a software that offers a set of tools for online sellers using Fulfillment By Amazon . Its developers claim that their invention will come in handy to a myriad of merchants who seek aid in conducting proper market analysis and generating solid revenues. But is it really a thing? Or there are other alternatives which perform better? Let’s find out. 

FBA Toolkit Pricing

The price net provided by the software is segmented by categories depending on sellers’ level of expertise, and their readiness to explore the tool in depth. Upon visiting the website, you can see five pricing options: Scouter ($5 per month - first month free ), Starter ( $50 per month) , Business ($250 per month) , Enterprise ( $500 per month) , and Elite ($1000 per month).  

Each plan has a different set of tools to work with, as well as access to various marketplaces apart from American included in the Enterprise and Elite plans. Unfortunately, FBAtoolkit doesn’t offer a yearly pricing option to help sellers save a bit of money. And fairly speaking, the existing costs leave much to be desired too, for they are definitely exaggerated. 

fba spreadsheet

FBA Toolkit Features

The first thing that springs to mind after visiting is, “Where can I find the list of available features?”. After trying to find them, one realizes that the trinity described on the main page is actually a whole set of features. When we mentioned that the prices indicated on the website are exceeded, we meant that this money are not quite worthy of only three basic tools . But it is what it is, so let’s dive deeper to understand how exactly each feature is functioning. 

Sales Rank

The principle of this feature’s work is very simple and clear: it allows you to estimate sales per day of a specific category for the rank which you can enter manually. This “sales per day” feature grants Amazon sellers an opportunity to take a comprehensible perspective on categories with top products that perform best on the store. While the tool might bring great results for beginners, experienced merchants who paid lots of money for the software won’t find anything special here. Alas, FBA tool’s product tracker doesn’t provide deeply insightful and nourishing information, only average stats.

fba toolkit chrome

Price List Analysis

This feature allows you to upload an FBA spreadsheet with a list of UPCs/EANs/ASINs, along with an optional cost field. Then, the price list analysis will provide you with a report with current offers, estimated sales rate, profit, and markup

Such information promises to facilitate sellers’ purchasing decisions quickly and effectively. However, the tool doesn’t provide detailed instructions on how to start using the feature. Of course, users can use it based on intuitive navigation, but little explanation never hurt nobody. Note: before focusing your efforts on this feature, you’ll need to register first.

amazon fba toolkit

Product Tracker

With such a tool at hand, you can do the following: track product price, stock, sales, and that’s it. Quite a limited list of actions as for a software with the prices they have. Here’s how the result will look like once you use this feature: you’ll see the date, along with sales rank and average reviews that pertain to sales from that date.


How to Use FBA Toolkit?

Using this software will turn out to be the easiest task ever. It doesn’t require lots of time and resources to read instructions, watch video tutorials or consult other sellers who already use this tool. You can understand the whole process yourself without trying days and nights to dive into its basic operations. It’ll take you only three easy steps to get the work done:

  1. First, you’ll need to get to the information section of the product included in the list and find the category / BSR (Best Selling Rank).
  2. Then, select the category you’re interested in (for instance, “Health and Household”), and insert the most applicable BSR rank.
  3. Finally, Amazon FBA Toolkit will display needed information about the product right beside the input section. 

Final Thoughts

FBA Toolkit’s developers keep claiming that their services are “undergoing continuous development”, but we can’t see the obvious traces of this development yet, not now at least. If you want to be on a roll in today’s booming marketplace, FBAtoolkit will hardly help you. Apparently, it’s a great starter kit for product researchers who want to obtain an estimate of sales, but it’ll fail to satisfy the needs of experts. There are many other alternatives which are completely free of charge and perform not worse than this one. So, we recommend you to think twice before using an FBA Tool kit.


What markets are supported by FBA Toolkit?

The tool supports marketplaces in America, Spain, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Mexico. Yet, you need to make sure you are subscribed to enterprise and elite plans to have access to these.

Does FBA Toolkit offer a free trial?

Yes, it does, but for one plan only. The Scouter plan allows you to use the tool one month for free before deciding if it’ll be a great fit for your business and subscribing for a $5 monthly payment. 

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?

Yes, the tool is completely flexible in terms of account cancellations. Namely, you can annul your paid subscription whenever you want, without full or partial refunds.