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Every seller on Amazon dreams about one thing that curates e-commerce today: this thing is automation - the most powerful approach to organizing any kind of process in the cyber-world of today. What FeedbackWhiz offers is as close to that description as possible in terms of FBA selling. In the review below, we’re going to poke as deep as possible to understand if the power of automation is on the side of this Amazon seller tool.

What is FeedbackWhiz?

If you have never heard about Feedback Whiz, then you should know several things about the platform. This solution is known among many Amazon sellers who want to get into the voluminous feedback and reputation uplift among tens of grateful customers. The idyllic picture like that one can be observed in different FeedbackWhiz reviews. However, there is more to Feedback Whiz that just that ultimate goal. You can expect to become the competent order manager and a professional of email automation system introduced by Amazon Feedbackwhiz. 

FeedbackWhiz Pricing

The price chart for Feedback Whiz can be overwhelming for some FBA starters. However, here lies the convenience that the company offers for all users. They have the detailed model that explains what you can expect from the tool like that for a certain price. Basically, you’re going to drift between five price plans that have own features balance. Starting from $14.99 up to $199.99 , you’ll get to know that there is a plan that suits you the most. Just glance over the chart below to see which one is the most reliable for you:

feedbackwhiz reviews

FeedbackWhiz Features

The feature set is one of the richest we ever saw for the Amazon tool of such a unique feedback focus. They’ve introduced the order management system to track the general picture, feedback tool, analytics, product reviews, email automation, and monitoring and notifications. Every item from this list serves a higher goal. This goal is to create a positive, trustworthy feedback image for the products that you’re about to promote on Amazon.

Order Management

If you ever wanted to get control over orders on Amazon in one place from the customer-oriented perspective, here you go. What this tool allows to do is more than just a bunch of order metrics collected in one place. 

With the help of Order Management by FeedbackWhiz, you can achieve the following:

  • See the current order status for the targeted goods. 
  • Understand what products show prominent performance .
  • Promote them to potential buyers.
  • Get feedback on possible product returns. 
  • Add notes about goods that require bookmarking. 

feedback whiz

Feedback Management

One thing that bothers sellers on Amazon is how to save the reputation in the feedback section that drowns in the whirl of negative feedback, often from angry and reluctant competitors who use black hat approaches. Feedback Management is the lifebuoy from FeedbackWhiz that accounts any negative response and helps you solve it in a minute

If a seller wants to drive buying and max out the revenue from the operation, positive feedback from clients is a must. When you get negative feedback once or twice, Feedback manager will inform you about that with instant notifications. After that, feel free to remove any bad comments if they seem to be inadequate. 

Product Review Tools

Amazon product review tool from FeedbackWhiz is the one-screen solution to categorize the reviews according to chosen filter settings . You can actually select from a dozen predefined settings. With the help of the advanced filtering layout, you can seamlessly get the best insights about the entries that need repairing or monitoring. This is a quick solution and effective reputation fixer, no matter what kind of reviews you want to improve, absolutely negative ones or ordinary and neutral replies. 

amazon feedbackwhiz

Email Automation

Everyone is talking about the power of email marketing. Why not use the same concepts to respond to the reviews you’re accumulating daily, and why not keep the customers informed about the order details? In either of the cases, Email Automation by FeedbackWhiz sets the answer straight. 

Drag and drop editor included in this tool allows you to create the emails that will deliver customizable, personalized information about order details and status directly to the inboxes of the buyers. The campaigns have the configuration and space for complete automatization . Thus, you can set time, audience groups, and the contents according to the email intent


Monitoring and Notifications

FeedbackWhiz has introduced the unified platform to respond to all critical events that happen to the orders you control on Amazon. The monitoring works 24/7 to allow you to receive the following information:

  • Review monitoring.
  • Get hijacked alerts from other sellers. 
  • Buy Box Loss because of competitors and upcoming notifications. 
  • Listing title changes to sabotage your workflow. 

With the signaling system like that, you’re not going to be exposed to any kind of potential damage or theft from vicious sellers in the same niche. 

amazon feedbackwhiz

Final Thoughts

The availability of the functionality that FeedbackWhiz offers has amazed us. It’s the versatile solution to get rid of any negative feedback that FBA sellers can encounter when dealing with negative comments. Review management is one of the key tools of creating the positive brand image on Amazon. Gladly, with the help of the instrument like FeedbackWhiz, this task seems easily accomplishable. Use the power of automation to get a competitive advantage right today. 


Which Amazon marketplaces are supported by Feedbackwhiz?

Currently, FeedbackWhiz provides dedicated support to such marketplaces like Amazon US, Mexico, Italy, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, and India. As a bonus, you don’t have to create various accounts to manage the markets from those areas. It is a nice option that removes the hassle. 

Is FeedbackWhiz a web based software?

FeedbackWhiz is the solution that is web-based first and foremost. What it means is that you can use it via a web browser. It works like that from the very first day, so keep that in mind. 

Can I cancel FeedbackWhiz?

FeedbackWhiz is not the company that will force your wallet to stay with them all the time. They offer the feature to cancel a subscription at any given time. You can cancel it in the account settings.

Can I export data?

You can use the functionality of exporting order data to a CSV file. The file will include the data on order, feedback, and review information to analyze and make conscious decisions about what to do next.