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Today’s market is driven by a myriad of top-selling products thanks to well thought-out marketing strategies. The competition becomes stiffer and stiffer as entrepreneurs dominate the arena, which makes it hardly possible to find your place in the sun - especially if you’re a newbie in the sales business. 

There are many questions you might ask before knowing which product will hit the target and raise your selling rates. “How to conduct product research most effectively?”, “How to best organize product listing?”, “How do I know if my product will correspond to consumer demand?”, - the list may extend to infinity. 

To help you with this endeavour, there’s a number of customized tools designed to better your product sales and outpace competitors. One of such tools is Helium 10.   

What is Helium 10?

Simply put, Helium 10 is a software used by thousands of Amazon sellers worldwide for refining search engine optimization, conducting product research, and executing successful product launches. In the inventory of Helium 10 you can find a number of tools designed for product research, keyword research, ongoing maintenance, product launches, and listing optimization. Most Helium 10 reviews agree on one fact - these tools are an indispensable part of any Amazon seller’s work. So let’s take a look at what this software has to offer.   

Helium 10 Pricing

The price gradation in Helium 10 is formed by ranking from everyday sellers to advanced merchants. Thus, the more features and tools you expect to use by choosing this or that plan, the more expensive the access is. Overall, the software offers such plans:

  • Free Plan . That’s an ideal starter pack for those who want to test the water and check out what the software has to offer. This plan expires after 30 days of use. Also, keep in mind that the free option presupposes a restricted number of uses for certain features, as well as absence of separate tools.  
  • A La Carte Plan. Here, the prices fluctuate depending on the number of features you want to use. For example, you can add only a couple of tools to work with or all the features available and the cost will form up accordingly. Objectively speaking, A La Carte is the least profitable Helium 10 plan given its sky high prices. If you choose all the features from the box, your monthly cost will be 373 dollars , which is fairly close to elite plan that has way more features available.  
  • Platinum Plan. This plan costs 97 dollars per month. It’s a perfect variant for everyday sellers with entry-level solutions package. The Platinum plan also has certain limitations for users. These include 150 uses of index checker, up to 2,500 keywords, up to 300 Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, and 5,000 emails each month. If you opt for this package, consider that four features are absent there. 
  • Diamond Plan. The Diamond Plan is analogous to the Platinum one, only it costs 197 dollars per month. On top of that, the number of inaccessible tools is reduced to three. As for the available features, you can use this plan for 300 uses of index checker, up to 5,000 keywords, up to 600 ASINs, and 15, 000 emails. The rest of the tools are available without limits. 
  • Elite Plan. This one is designed for advanced sellers who want to get all advantages not only from tools but also from in-person workshops and top-notch trainings. By signing up to this plan, you spend 397 dollars per month on Helium 10 and get unlimited access to all tools and features. Some exceptions include 500 uses of index checker, up to 5,000 keywords, up to 1,000 ASINs, and 50,000 emails.    

You can also pay annually, but only for Platinum and Diamond plans. For other packages, the price remains the same. Below you can see a detailed comparison of each plan for Helium 10.

helium 10 pricing

Helium 10 Tools

If you want to become an Amazon selling pro like millions of other entrepreneurs, you might find it useful to take a look at the cutting-edge Helium 10 tools. Using these, you’ll dive into the marketing realm while being able to research products, estimate their value, analyze competitors, and successfully launch your goods. 

Tools for Improved Product Research

1. Black Box

This tool is the number-one on the list for a reason. It’s designed to help you come through the initiation product phase, which is the most important one, smoothly and quickly. In particular, you can easily sort all the products from the database using black box’s filters, and choose the ones which are especially in demand among users. This feature will save you significant time on the tiresome manual searches. 

helium 10 reviews

2. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

This tool is an imposing repository of five subtools which displays detailed product information everytime you explore Amazon on your Chrome browser. The Helium 10 Extension embraces such tools as:

  1. Xray. Find out your potential product’s opportunities while surfing through data, including revenue evaluations, costs, sales trends, sponsored ad analysis and others. 
  2. helium10 x 4

  3. Profitability Calculator. Use the power of old-school mathematics to calculate the total of finances needed for sales. Estimate margins, net, Amazon fees and overall price in a matter of seconds.
  4. ASIN Grabber. Grip ASINs in bulk to effectively generate audience-oriented ads and embark on winning products for special sales seasons. 
  5. helium 10

  6. Review Downloader. Know what past customers think about products. Bring out the feedback of competitors to detect problematic matters at the early stages. 
  7. helium 10

  8. Inventory Levels. Get immediate access to inventory levels on Amazon product listings of your interest. 

3. Trendster

helium 10

As the name implies, this tool for Helium10 is a true finding for Amazon sellers who want to get an in-depth understanding of whether their products will remain top-selling all year round. Besides, hourly, daily and seasonal product demands can also be accurately evaluated with this tool in the arsenal, as well as unexpected trends revealed. All you need to do is enter any product ASIN and receive visual data right away. 

Tools for Keyword Research

1. Magnet

Give your sales business potential a powerful boost by advancing your keyword research results with Helium10 magnet. This tool contains an impressive database of keywords most frequently searched for on Amazon per your listing. Apart from generating organic traffic and increasing your sales, you’ll also have an opportunity to make adjustments to your search using state-of-the-art filters that sort keywords by search volume, broad volume, and number of competing products and others. 

helium 10 tools

2. Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro is a tool you can find in Helium 10 for optimized competitors’ keyword research . Reach new sales highs with Cerebro’ proprietary Cerebro Product Rank formula specifically designed to maximize the advantages of its precise search volume data. With this formula at hand, you’ll detect the units for each keyword and climb to the first page on Amazon. 

helium 10

Tools for Effortless Listing Optimization

1. Scribbles 

Creating product listings is not an easy task. Yet, you can now forget about this time-consuming experience with Helium 10 Scribbles. This tool automatically displays if some keywords are missing in your product description, as well as reminds if you used the right number of keywords. The latter feature is especially useful if you have character restrictions. On top of that, the tool contains user-friendly features for the replacement of previous listing drafts to listings from your Amazon account. 

helium 10

2. Frankenstein

Nothing works better than this tool for the facilitation of your optimization initiatives. You can freely use Helium 10 Frankenstein to manage hefty keyword lists better and arrange them to achieve the desired level of listing refinement. The tool will also come in handy if you want to categorize your keyword list by output settings related to length, spaces, special characters, word frequency count and other critical keyword elements. 

helium 10

3. Index Checker

If you want to save countless hours on the estimation of product index by Amazon, Helium 10 Index Checker will be a salvation for you. Many entrepreneurs make mistakes by not realizing that exactly low-quality keywords prevent the indexation of high-quality keywords . The tool does wonders to let you know which “parasites” stop you from being on the top positions. 

Just enter product ASIN of any competitors’ product and get the results featuring what keywords make them top-rated immediately. This way, you’ll never get to worry about manual research that normally takes dozens of hours. Plus, undesired profit losses will no longer be a problem. 

helium 10 tools

4. Keyword Tracker

Facilitate the process of checking and keeping a close eye on your Amazon product rankings. Keyword Tracker is what you need to monitor which place both your organic and sponsored keywords take in real time! Track all of the selected keywords in a single user-friendly dashboard

Furthermore, with the Rocket Boost feature added to the Keyword Tracker tool, you can get access to detailed keyword ranking information for whatever top keyword each hour for 10 days . The data includes such parameters as keyword position, fluctuations in percentages, ranking trends, evaluated monthly searches, and others.

helium 10 extension

Tools for Maintenance Alleviation

1. Profits

Obviously, it’s hard to merge product listing and Amazon account analytics to estimate product efficiency properly. But who said the Profit tool for Helium10 can’t fulfill this task? Using complex algorithms, the tool shows the overall picture of your product potential , displaying both optimistic moments and negative aspects throughout all your product listings. With such an aid, you can control your finances much better and direct them on accurate estimation of what is lucrative and what is not. 

helium 10 cerebro

2. Alerts

It would be way easier and less troublesome to sell products on Amazon if not the increasing number of hijackers who constantly find new ways to steal business ideas or falsify products. With Alerts tool, there’s nothing to fear about. This Helium10 feature safeguards your Amazon product listings from a convenient dashboard 24/7 , while you’ll be able to check FBA inventory regularly too. In case some threats are detected, don’t forget to mention about hijackers on Amazon so that the company could take action and erase them from the market.  

helium 10 reviews

3. Inventory Protector

There are many shoppers out there who buy large amounts of discounted products. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should refuse discount coupons at all. But still, if you want to get rid of this issue in terms of your sales, Helium 10 Inventory Protector allows you to set a limited quantity of goods on a discount that can be purchased by shoppers . This is a perfect way to initiate promotions without having to fear that potential buyers will clear up the entire product inventory. 

helium10 x 4

4. Refund Genie

Getting compensations from Amazon sellers is quite a challenge, for the whole process might take a lot of time which you obviously don’t have. For the purpose of the facilitation of this intricate operation, Helium 10 Refund Genie was created. The mechanism works like this: first, the tool automatically analyses five different reasons for FBA inventory compensations. 

Then, you need just to copy and paste previously drafted messages and send them along with your inquiries for Amazon seller compensations. Finally, get Amazon approval with the total sum of refund indicated.   

helium 10 extension

5. Follow-Up

With the advancement of automation, busy entrepreneurs now don’t have to create new emails to retain their audience. All it takes is just a Follow-Up tool for Helium 10 to communicate with customers at the highest level whenever needed.

This tool does everything to save your time and avoid unnecessary cases of customer loss. Notably, you can view orders, set automation, create email templates, organize products, and do other processes that are crucial for successful sales.  

helium 10 reviews

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell your first product or have already gone some distance to get where you are - Helium 10 will be useful for every entrepreneur, regardless of the sales phase. Also, the number of features are pleasing to the eye - you can use 17 tools from the list, all of which are equally useful and practical. 

The prices are optimal and well-justified, at least in the framework of adequate calculations. The only exception you need to take into account is A La Carte plan, which is unreasonably costly. Either way, your chances of being dissatisfied with the software are quite low.  


What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is a tool designed for Amazon sellers for accurate estimation of product demand, research of keywords, and execution of successful product launches. 

Can I test the Helium 10 tools?

Yes, you can test most of the software’s tools entirely for free, yet for limited uses and time.

How to Connect Helium 10 Account to My Professional Amazon Seller?

This is a multi-step process that requires some time and effort to sort things out. To guide you throughout the entire field of these technical operations, Helium 10 has a support center that’s already answered this question for you. So if you want to find out how to connect software account to Amazon seller, click the following link for detailed information https://kb.helium10.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035207233-How-Do-I-Connect-My-Helium-10-Account-to-My-Professional-Amazon-Seller-Account-   

Is Helium 10 Accurate?

Yes, Helium 10 is accurate to the maximum extent of its possibilities.