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Amazon policy and fees might not always be clear to people who are only beginning to sell on this platform. The amount of data can be massive, as well as final profit size might be vague. HelloProfit is the app that has never fallen short with assisting Amazon sellers in working out a proper selling strategy and generating an impressive revenue. 

What is HelloProfit? 

HelloProfit app is one of the most efficient and helpful Amazon tools for your business. Particularly, the software is designed in a way that facilitates profit calculations and data management. With the help of the tool, one can predict own profits and make crucial business decisions based on historical data and analyses. 

Hello profit allows oneself to compare massive data amounts and product groups. 

Since hello profit has a convenient dashboard , you can get access to all the app’s options straight away. Last but not least, Hello profit helps you always stay aware of promotions, payouts, and sales, so you can basically manage all the Amazon operations with this software. 

HelloProfit Pricing

HelloProfit is a unique app that offers multiple valuable features to Amazon sellers. What makes the software even better is the fact that one can opt for a 21-day free trial . In essence, your preferences and tastes are something that always counts, so HelloProfit made it possible for you to test the tool and decide on whether it’s what you need. You will likely want to upgrade your plan, which costs 97$ per month. After you pay 97$ , you don’t need to limit yourself as you can feel free to conduct as many searches as you want. 

helloprofit app

HelloProfit Features

Helloprofit is fairly claimed as one of the most convenient and versatile Amazon tools. Roughly speaking, one can also admit that HelloProfit can substitute many other tools as it allows you to keep all merchant accounts in one place. You don’t need to switch between multiple accounts anymore since the HelloProfit llc dashboard manages this for you. Go through this helloprofit review to get acquainted with the basic features.

helloprofit review

As a seller, you are always seeking means of conducting the most thorough analysis. To help you with that, another incredible feature that Helloprofit has is the detailed data regarding the marketplace and merchants. And, you can see the SKU level data, of course. 

Merchant Dashboard

The feature offers you access to the most complex and comprehensive dashboard. The latter collects all the data regarding your profits and sales and visualizes it for you. For better analysis, the tool manages daily, weekly, and monthly data , and demonstrates you the general picture of ROI, gross sales, and margin percentage. Another feature implies giving you access to the data that was observed at the same time the previous week or year. 

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With HelloProfit, you can get an insight into what affects your profits explicitly. The top-quality information on the dashboard will undeniably assist you in making further decisions.

You can analyze each product separately and take a glance at sales and orders. While analyzing the sales structure, you’ll get a precise picture of what influences the profit ( promotions and refunds, and how exactly they affect the final revenue ). 

helloprofit review

All the data is synced with Amazon in real-time, so you get an opportunity to get the most precise data ever. And, regardless of in which regions your merchant accounts are, you can navigate them all from a single dashboard. 

Product Dashboard

While Merchant Dashboard is mainly utilized to provide an understanding of the market and its patterns, the product dashboard serves individual purposes. It gives you a chance to customize product groups and spectate the tendencies for a particular product or product line. 

First, you can analyze how promotions affect your sales and find out if there is any point in launching those promotions. Whether the return on investment will be significant or not - this feature provides you with an accurate estimation.

Another point that makes the feature helpful implies the itemized breakdown . You may see an estimated profit by pointing the mouse on it and get a vision of what your profit comprises. The importance of understanding Amazon fees should never be underestimated.

helloprofit app

Finally, using the tool helps you summarize the effectiveness of your Amazon sales by tracking your own sales rank. The higher your position is - the more successful sales you have conducted. 

helloprofit app

PPC Manager 

PPC manager is another distinctive feature that HelloProfit offers. First of all, it gives you access to average order value. In other words, you can see the costs of advertising and bid in such a way that guarantees the highest profits possible. The feature displays fundamental advertising metrics, such as ACoS (Advertising Costs of Sales) and TACoS (Total Advertising Costs of Sales), as well as provides you with the number of clicks and conversion percentages. 

With PPC HelloProfit manager, you can customize graphs, assign different values, and compare them. 

helloprofit llc

Considering that the graph is not generated automatically, it is easy to interpret the data. PPC manager completes the charts most attractively and conveniently.

Another attractive feature implies changing keyword bids. One may change the bid in the matter of a few seconds as well as browse through the bids' history.

Payout Reporting

We bet you are not indifferent about how your Amazon business goes. To be aware of the business perspectives, you ought to monitor your financial situation regularly. Payout Reporting is another useful HelloProfit feature that allows you to get a report two times a week. Not only can you get the general report on individual products, but you also obtain the overall account review and statement. 

In other words, HelloProfit offers you an accounting feature to keep all your transactions in one place. The outlined report always includes Amazon fees and refunds. 

helloprofit llc

Since many revenue calculators have already gained sufficient popularity these days, HelloProfit also remains on track. It has managed to create a built-in feature which makes it possible to calculate a real profit and takes fees and ad costs into account.

If you take a look at costs table, you will notice that there are plenty of various expenses. For you not to get lost and confused with all the expenses, HelloProfit groups them into categories. Having all the costs grouped is crucial for finding out what exactly needs improvement. 

hello profit

Instant Notifications

To be kept in the loop and aware of the tiniest price changes, HelloProfit recommends you to utilize Instant notifications feature. To use the features, you need to set all the parameters manually (set the lowest possible price, for instance). After that, the tool will send you immediate notifications if the price drop takes place. 

You can choose to be notified once the product sales reach the maximum velocity, both in a day and in an hour. 

helloprofit llc

In case the products aren’t being sold at all, there might be some issue with your listings. To let you resolve the issue right after it appears, the tool will quickly notify you. 

Customers and Orders 

Setting the perfect price and assuring that it will let you get more loyal customers and sufficient return on investment is crucial. However, there is another point that cannot be neglected. In particular, you need to be aware of who your buyers are. 

Presumably, the common goal of all Amazon sellers implies attracting and retaining more loyal customers. Knowing how often customers repeat purchases is fundamental to make relevant business decisions. 

With HelloProfit, you can take better control of refunds policy as well as monitor how often customers request a refund. Moreover, you may check which units haven’t been returned. 

helloprofit llc

Knowing all your customers is no longer a myth, thanks to HelloProfit. The software allows making own notes for any customer so that you know what disappointed them or what their preferences are. Any time you see the client’s username, the note will pop up. For instance, if you get a request from the client whose previous product delivery was postponed, you need to either be careful next time or incentivize them.

Final Thoughts 

HelloProfit is a remarkable example of how a single complete software can substitute a multitude of traditional profit calculators, keyword checkers, and other relevant tools. Most importantly, it is not expensive. You will probably need to pay more for a single profit calculator than you pay for the sophisticated software. 

To track all the vital Amazon data and stay aware of the essential changes, HelloProfit might be the top option. For someone who is actively engaged in business activity, this tool can be an excellent choice, as it allows one to keep everything in a single dashboard and perform searches straight away. 


How can I get in touch with HelloProfit?

HelloProfit makes every effort to create the most user-friendly interface ever. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ section on the website, you can always contact the support. To manage this, just click the green button in the lower right corner. 

Is HelloProfit safe and secure?

There is no need to doubt HelloProfit’s security and privacy. Confidentiality is a top priority for Hello Profit, so they strive to let you know that your data is safe. At Hello profit, they firmly believe that trust lays a foundation for a successful business.

Is there a HelloProfit free trial?

If you are interested in finding the most suitable software for your Amazon sales, you can try HelloProfit out for 21 days for free. In case you are satisfied with the tool and are looking forward to continuing using it, you will need to pay 97$ each month.