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There are lots of product research software designated for Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs who long to grow from small startups to established brands. Almost all existing marketing tools are hard-wired with multitasking algorithms to grant your products maximum selling potential. 

JumpSend used to be one of those multifunctional tools before it got optimized and rebranded. Later on, this formerly independent software migrated to the list of Jungle Scout’s principal features under the promising name “Launch”. Today, ex JumpSend has a shelter and is always ready to help you with any of your business endeavors.

What is JumpSend? 

JumpSend, also known as Review Kick, is a potent marketing tool which allows you to set up automated email campaigns that save tons of your time and ensure that your customers receive the best service. Yes, client fulfillment rates can now gain momentum without your constant interventions into the whole process, thus guaranteeing you peace of mind and absence of nerve racks.

The good news don’t end here - with JumpSend, not only will your sales soar dramatically, but conversions will rise too: you can expect around a 50% elevation from promotions . These and other solutions you can find in JumpSend today, so don’t miss a chance to develop your business and make it rise like a Phoenix. 

JumpSend Features

At times when your business plans tend to rise and fall with the tempo of a rollercoaster, JumpSend is here to help you clear up the mess. To make sure everything is well-organized and structured, the tool has two principal features:

 1. Product Launches & Ranking

This tool is responsible for orchestrating an effective distribution of coupons and bringing in more sales to your JumpSend Amazon product listings. How does it work exactly? Let’s take a closer look at how the feature allows you to bring bold ideas into reality. 

The first thing you should take into account is jumpsend deals marketplace where thousands of active shoppers make purchases. This way, clients can look for bargains and categorize deals by applying filters, including price, discount percentage, or category and search term . Once they’ve found an interesting offer, they can get a coupon to use on Amazon.

jump send

As you can see from the description, this feature is the most suitable solution for business starters who want to generate sales volume, launch new products and get their first ranking results in no time. Hopefully, JumpSend can give you this and even more, because another important task the tool fulfills is...

2. Email Automation & Reviews

Apart from being an Amazon seller, you are also a human who has duties, promises and daily tasks. Let’s be honest: sometimes you just lack time to even answer business partners on messenger, let alone informing clients via email letters. Yet, there’s no need to have regrets or keep blaming yourself for what you can’t possibly do when there are so many things to handle. JumpSend has a very convenient feature known as an autoresponder to ease your life. This feature ensures timely correspondence with every customer and timely responses to each review. 

More importantly, JumpSend syncs with your Seller Central account through Amazon API - this makes the process of email automation setup much simplified. For example, the tool can send customers letters of gratitude once they buy something or ask for reviews when the product is in the delivery status. 

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How to Use JumpSend?

The usage instruction is transparent and comprehensible for all users. Once you open the tool, you need to:

  1. Initiate a giveaway for your new product by selecting it from the list and using either a standard Amazon URL or a keyword targeted URL. 
  2. Set the discount number and single-use coupons.
  3. Decide if you want to approve the daily amount of shoppers manually or automatically for a discount. 
  4. Protect the inventory. Opting for this JumpSent option is vital if you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of your predecessors. The matter is that sellers have a tendency to offer sky high discounts for one product and then see their inventory get devastated in front of their eyes as one client buys the whole stock almost for nothing. Hopefully, Jump Send offers you a possibility to limit the order quantity for a promotion. 
  5. Create an email follow up campaign. There are some steps you need to take at this stage: select proper ASIN and decide on the right timing for sending letters to customers (right after the purchase, shipment or delivery has taken place, or at the post-purchase (refund) phase). 


How is Launch Different From Jump Send?

Considering that JumpSend has become a part of Jungle Scout, the number of its features amplified . Therefore, the expansion of solutions currently allows many users to leverage from a variety of business-improving possibilities. The only things that remain the same in the new Launch are promotions and email campaigns. In other respects, the functions alternate. So here’s what you’ll need to get adjusted to:

Target Audience

Jump Send is now available only for shoppers who can access your deals and promotions. No place for merchants means that more customers can search for desired products and basically have a complete tool at the disposal. 

Email Campaign Setup by International Marketplaces

JumpSend was well known as a tool with only two marketplaces available: US and UK. With the advent of globalization though, it became essential to invent some extension so that shoppers could make purchases worldwide without language restrictions. 

So today, you can send automated emails to customers from US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. Isn’t that an amazing option to engage with customers and actually speak their mother tongue ? Yet, this extension has to do with emails only - promotions are still available in US and UK only .

Keyword Targeted URLs Removal

Initially, Jump Send allowed generating targeted URLs by specific keywords for product promotions, which has now become a thing of the past. The main reason why it happened is because Amazon started putting off customized keywords, considering them to be “rank manipulation”. 

In view of this, as soon as JumpSend became a part of Jungle Scout, the developers decided to play a fair game and remove the keyword targeted URLs feature for the sake of compliance to Amazon’s terms of service. 

Pricing Upgrade

The old version of JumpSent had a fixed pricing system in comparison to a new one which is more flexible and variable. Specifically, now you can use the Launch feature and pay for it in accordance with product limit . This limit defines the number of products you can use to create promotions and initiate email campaigns. 

Plus, every JumpSend pricing package is calculated according to the quantity of orders your Amazon account operates on within a month. The benefit you can derive from this is the ability to use the whole range of features for every single item you sell.  

Security Improvement

The matter of accessibility has also taken a new turn thanks to the JumpSend - Launch transition. Thus, you can invite other users to join your account without worrying about privacy issues when giving them passwords. From now on, users can use their own login data to get access to your account, which in turn elevates its security measures.    

Final Thoughts

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and all JumpSend reviews collectively point on the fact that this tool can make you even stronger once you opt for it. Right after its upgrade, JumpSend became one of the most frequently used tools for accurate estimation of product demand and convenience of email campaigns setup. With the help of this feature, you can leverage from extended features and build a solid business you’ve always aspired to create. 


Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try out JumpSend for 7 days completely for free before deciding if it suits your needs and meets your expectations. 

Can I register my account on Jump Send website? 

Yes, you can link your Amazon Marketplace Web Service to sites like JumpSend and get full access to the tool’s features.  

How do I cancel my account?

You can do this manually by clicking the JumpSend account button and selecting your plan in settings. Then, click the red Cancel Account link and your account will be canceled immediately.