Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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Utilizing a relevant set of tools to discover trending products to sell on Amazon is necessary to make your business succeed. Jungle Scout is one of the most convenient and helpful tools for finding out whether your product will be attributed to high demand or not. As a matter of fact, Jungle Scout is far not the only tool to help you. In particular, you may always find a suitable alternative and make sure it fits your business goals. 

IO Scout 

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The primary purpose of this cost-effective alternative is to let you discover goods with the lowest competition but of high demand. The tool assists users by adding value to their products and making sure the latter will be sold really quickly.  

It will definitely let you gain instant profits by allowing you to set up filters . Filters can be especially useful if one wants to find the most suitable product niche.

This software implies creating bookmarks and tracking as many products as you wish at the same time. Helping you get informed on the smallest price fluctuations is what this tool does. For this software, you will need to pay 29$, 49$, or 69$ , depending on your business goals.

Helium 10

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This is another keyword and product research alternative that is designed to help you find the most optimal selling strategy. In essence, this jungle scout alternative comprises four tools, all of which serve different purposes: 

  1. Misspelinator. This feature was created so that you can benefit from users’ misspellings . Simply discover common misspellings and add them to your listings. Most significantly, you may access this free jungle scout alternative for 30 days without paying anything.
  2. Keyword tracker. The tool makes it possible to uncover leading keywords in real-time.
  3. Cerebro. One can use this alternative to jungle scout web app for establishing its own keyword strategy .
  4. Magnet. This ultimate tool serves as a tool for increasing organic traffic .


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AmazeOwl is a Jungle Scout alternative that might turn out to be extremely useful for nascent businesses. The idea behind the software is to search for a winning product idea . The way it works is also simple: this alternative tool describes your relevant products and gives you detailed information on why selling such a product might be beneficial specifically for your business. Finally, while using this software, you will get an opportunity to monitor competitors’ situation and keep an eye on the changes they experience. 

Jump Send

free jungle scout alternative

This solution can be your next perfect match if you are looking forward to boosting sales as well as reviews. Additionally, one point that makes this tool peculiar is the fact that it already provides a marketplace for buyers, meaning that one doesn’t need to pay for premium to promote advertising. Another advantage implies generating more profit since Jump Sales maintains consistent sales. Finally, the software might provide oneself with a competitive advantage by increasing the product’s ranking and driving organic traffic.

Unicorn Smasher

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Unicorn Smasher is a helpful free Jungle Scout alternative. Considering the condition that the tool is totally free of charge, it doesn’t have such a significant diversity of instruments. As for the features, the Unicorn Smasher tool allows you to apply search filters to get the most accurate results. 

Besides, this jungle scout alternative offers dashboard functions for you to save any search results and refer to them in the future. And, if you often conduct multiple searches, you can always download them as CSV.files and run them on your computer. Even though entirely free, this tool is similar to jungle scout.

Viral Launch 

alternative to jungle scout web app

Viral Launch is another Junglescout alternative that can be characterized by its simplicity. Once you open the webpage, you can instantly run a free trial and begin using all the features of this alternative to jungle scout.

As one of the most user-friendly alternatives to jungle scout, Viral Launch has an incredibly convenient dashboard . By only one click, you can get a piece of precise information in search volume, average prices, and dominant categories. 

This jungle scout alternative is available both as a free and a pro version. For the latter, you will be expected to pay 49$, 83$, or 124$ each month, or opt for a yearly subscription plan. 


Jungle Scout Alternative

Keepa is another price tracker that serves as a perfect jungle scout alternative. It provides you with access to any product’s price history so that you can get a deep dive into its peculiarities. What is more, you can easily import all your data from Amazon, such as a wishlist, and continue tracking. 

For more precise tracking, you can opt for enabling notifications in real-time. Overall, you may always set your sights for this alternative tool provided that you want to set an optimal price and get the highest revenue possible. 


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This alternative is perfect for those who want to get informed even on the tiniest price changes . By using the tool, one quickly gets an understanding of how to retain customers and make them eager to buy from his or her business. 

Price drop notifications are quite a straightforward feature that gives you a chance to save a great deal of your own finances. Another useful feature that Camel has is wishlist synchronization, which allows synchronizing lists from Amazon with a Camel account. 

Overall, such a jungle scout alternative will let you build a solid business and stay ahead of the competition. 


alternative to jungle scout web app

Sellics is one more complex and diverse Jungle Scout alternative. Apart from analyzing a single product and its price history, Sellics gives oneself a general understanding of the niche situation. You can take a look at overall sales in your niche and make up your mind on whether entering the niche is worth it.

Another peculiar feature that Sellics can boast of implies review management . In essence, the software notifies you as soon as you get a customer review and makes it possible to reply from the dashboard straight away. 


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Sonar is undeniably one of the top jungle scout free alternatives. Although free of charge, this jungle scout free alternative can dramatically increase your traffic and make own sales plummet. In essence, it perfectly suits you in case you aim at discovering the most relevant products to sell. Besides, thanks to the advanced keyword research option , this free alternative to Jungle Scout gives you a list of the most suitable terms associated with your keyword. What is more, this tool may provide you recommendations on how to improve your product description.

Unlike many other apps, Sonar utilizes Amazon’s data only, instead of referring to a third-party one. 

Final Thoughts

During the whole Amazon usage activity, one ought to always keep in mind that nothing matters as much as choosing the right product to sell. To manage this, it is highly recommended to utilize tools such as Jungle Scout alternatives. Even though it is possible to choose products intuitively, there is always a chance that such a strategy won’t be winning. A Jungle Scout alternative is something one can set their sights on to maximize Amazon profits as well as establish a solid reputation on a marketplace.