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Jungle Scout Review

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What is Jungle Scout?
Jungle Scout Web App Features
1. Product Database
2. Product Tracker
3. Supplier Database
4. Keyword Scout
5. Jungle Scout Launch
6. Sales Analytics
7. Jungle Scout Academy
Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features
Review of Chrome Extension Features
Chrome Extension Lite
Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

As an Amazon seller, you do know how challenging it may be to detect the right goods and start selling them effectively. The success of your sales depends directly on the degree of your tolerance for competition, the amount of investment in marketing, the level of risk that you are willing to take on, the product category and type of customer you are targeting. 

Of course, no one will give you guarantees of choosing a successful product, no matter how much data you collect or how promising the numbers look. The only way to find out the right choice is when you start selling yourself. So before initiating grand sales on Amazon, you have to hunt for a decent product that will be in big demand. For this operation, a powerful data analysis Jungle Scout tool exists. 

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a loyal sales assistant on Amazon. It helps entrepreneurs accurately and eloquently find a product that will be in high demand and belong to a low-competitive niche at the same time. 

Jungle Scout parses products from Amazon on a daily basis and provides subscription access to the interface of this database. There, a seller sets up filters like “rating lower than three, but turnover of more than $10 thousand per day”, and gets the top of low-quality yet highly demanded products. One of them is a ready-made business idea which can be used for the creation of an analogue.

While working with this tool, you will have to process a huge amount of data on a variety of different products. This information is provided in the form of tables. In order to operate on it successfully, you will need to correctly sort the data to find the product that will bring you profit in the long run. 

Let's read the Jungle Scout customers ratings and reviews on .


If you want to utilize such a tool as Jungle Scout to monitor products and forecast the success of yours, keep in mind that this marketing toy isn’t available for free. There are two payment options you can choose from - monthly bill and annual bill . If you want to pay every month , you’ll need to spend from 49 to 69 dollars, depending on the package. 

Thus, the cheapest , 39-dollar bill version in this category implies the use of basic web-based software on Amazon added to your Chrome browser. It’s useful for finding, researching, sourcing, and launching the product. 

Premium package that includes both Jungle Scout + Extension will cost you 69 dollars . That’s a perfect option for those entrepreneurs who strive to implement top-notch tools available in the application for ultimate market domination.  

In case your budget is tight, you can avoid costly expenditures and opt for an annual payment . This alternative is cheaper than the monthly bill for the same packages. Choosing this approach, you can save from 10 to 20 dollars and reserve some cash for business initiatives.  

what is jungle scout

Jungle Scout Launch

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Jungle Scout Web App Features

Once you sign up for Jungle Scout, a whole universe of versatile tools and features unfolds right in front of your eyes. These are surely worth their money, for all of them are designed with your needs in mind. Whether you expect to find the right product with high selling potential or seek assistance in precise estimation of costs and profits, Jungle Scout features is just what you need. 

1. Product Database

Where is the middle ground between sufficient consumer demand and an excessive number of sellers with little demand? Obviously, you can’t know for sure without supplementary helper. Luckily, you can find the answer to this question by using the Jungle Scout Product Database feature. 

This feature contains an imposing database of over 70 million products conveniently displayed straight from the Amazon catalogue. What does that mean for you? It means that you can discover product ideas using categories, keywords, and special filters, like estimated sales, sales rank, revenue and others. 

jungle scout free trial

Jungle Scout Launch

Also, you can boil your product search down to such filters as high demand and low competition, good demand or poor quality product. 

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

2. Product Tracker

Apparently, being aware of all products at once is an impossible mission which human brain simply cannot handle. Therefore, Jungle Scout Product Tracker will do all the dirty work instead of you. Its basic principle of operation implies the analysis of sales, inventory, price and best seller ranks. 

Jungle Scout

Plus, the monitor of metrics is another subfeature that’s always at your disposal. In sum, Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker displays the following metrics:

  • brand name;
  • monthly profit;
  • quantity of goods in stock;
  • BSR ;
  • competitors monthly sales;
  • minimum and maximum price among all sellers and the history of its change;
  • automatic calculation of FBA fees (PRO version);
  • average rating and number of reviews;
  • seller (AMZ / FBA)

3. Supplier Database

Finding a perfect supplier has never been easier thanks to this feature. Search your boldest product ideas by company, individual suppliers, products, and Amazon’s ASIN in a simple search bar. 

What’s more, you can narrow the search and detect niche suppliers with similar products , which drastically facilitates the process of developing and designing your own idea. 

jungle scout web app

What’s genuinely special about Jungle Scout Supplier Database is that it’s the one and only feature amongst Amazon selling tools. With its help, you can not only look for legit suppliers but also validate time-tested ones through their customer volume or approved shipments. 

4. Keyword Scout

Keyword generation is one of the crucial elements on the way to sales. The good news is that with Jungle Scout Keyword Scout feature, you won’t need time-consuming operations to search for relevant keywords and phrases, since they can be easily generated automatically in a matter of seconds. Just enter the keyword or ASIN of your interest and voila - your product gets noticed on Amazon with the speed of light. 

jungle scout web app

And here’s the best part: people all around the world can look for your product too with global marketplaces’ research . This way, you can target localized markets without fearing that customers won’t understand your keywords.

Jungle Scout Product Database

5. Jungle Scout Launch

A logical continuation of any product’s life after initiation and design phases is launch and promotion. In Jungle Scout, you can start these processes without significant effort to kick start your sales on the competitive market through targeted email outreach and promotions. What’s the benefit of these features anyway? 

Using “direct” communication with customers, you can get over 8x accumulated response , meaning that the chances of getting positive reviews about your product increase twofold. And don’t forget to schedule your e-letters and send them at the right time throughout the entire customer’s journey. 

jungle scout web app

6. Sales Analytics

This tool is a must-have when it comes to product sales analysis. Such feature arranges and monitors Amazon’s sales and profit data accurately and operatively in real time.

Furthermore, you can utilize this tool to check FBA financial metrics, forecast the upcoming trends, and plan strategies aimed at minimization of expenses and accumulation of profits from sales. Additionally, Jungle Scout Sales Analytics dashboard enables you to estimate sales and profits information while showing you a wide range of critical metrics: units sold, net margin, ROI, revenue, and others

jungle scout estimator

7. Jungle Scout Academy

You might be wondering if Jungle Scout offers some pro tips and hacks for those who only consider developing their business. Yes, it does . The Academy feature is enriched with educational tutorials from expert Amazon sellers. Apart from watching videos, you’ll have a chance to participate in weekly live Q&A sessions where you can ask professionals burning questions, along with community forums and monthly trainings designed to upgrade your knowledge of all product sales vicissitudes.   

jungle scout extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

As we’ve explained earlier in the “pricing” section, you can purchase a simple Jungle Scout package with basic tools and features. Or, you can step a bit further and get a real marketing combo by purchasing the application + Chrome Extension.

Why’s the latter option better? 

With the help of Chrome Extension , you get more than just a tool for planning your sales strategically. This magic wand enables you to dive beneath the surface and come to brilliant product ideas which competitors have no clue about.  

Review of Chrome Extension Features

1. Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration is a feature that connects the dots between design and action while you browse Amazon. It’ll take you only one click to see how the extension expands and unveils exclusive product data based on the product page or search results page. This premium access grants you not only accurate sales evaluations but also competitive data and profit displays in real-time. 

jungle scout sales estimator

2. Historical Analysis

The main player in this game is AccuSales ™ data analysis engine - a tool which defines if your product is worthy of investment by showing detailed sales data. Moreover, you can use this extended feature to save time on hefty research and check such important parameters as monthly sales estimates, historical sales and historical pricing data.

Jungle Scout Academy

3. Opportunity Score

This prominent feature was invented with the idea of helping Amazon merchants around the world understand and measure the real selling potential of their products. Owing to this, you can play with different product ideas as many times as you want, for you’ll always see the data depicting listing quality , as well as whether your product is of high demand or low competition.  

jungle scout web app

Chrome Extension Lite

Jungle Scout Extension Lite is a mini-version of a fully-loaded Extension. It, on a par with Jungle Scout pro, was created with the aim to make users feel comfortable in browsing how the Lite works, what features it has, and thereby make a conclusion of whether they need a complete Extension or not. Notably, Extension Lite has limited features, and it does not include such points :

  • Net 
  • FBA fees
  • listing quality score
  • number of sellers
  • product size tier
  • product dimensions
  • product weight
  • historical monthly and daily sales graphs. 

In view of reduced features, Extension Lite costs accordingly - 29 dollars monthly or 97 dollars with one-time payment and subsequent life-time access.  

Here’s what features the Lite version includes:

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Ongoing Support & Updates

jungle scout trial

Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

Surprisingly, many people tend to attribute both the app and the Extension to the same type of marketing tools, which is definitely a wrong suggestion. 

The principal difference between the two lies in the level of user experience and possible features. Therefore, those people who are newbies in the marketing realm and just look for some of the ways to expand their awareness of how to initiate product sales, Jungle Scout Web App will be a good starting tool. 

With the help of this basic app, novices can get an overall insight of which items are top-selling ones and which aren’t while entering the criteria they’re looking for in a potential product. The following filters are applicable for this purpose: minimum price and net payout, maximum reviews, maximum star rating, and maximum listing quality score.    

On the contrary, Chrome Extension will come in handy for confident sellers who already know what they intend to sell and need to gather data on whether it’ll launch successfully. And let’s not forget that the Amazon Jungle Scout Extension also performs a role of a competitor analyst. By using this tool, any Amazon seller can easily find out what products are the most demanded among competitors.  


Is jungle scout free?

There’s no free version of the app available. You can purchase a monthly bill for 39, 49 or 69 dollars, or a yearly bill for 19, 39 and 49 dollars. The price escalates depending on the type of package you want to use (Jungle Scout, Jungle Scout+Extension, Extension). 

Does Jungle Scout have an app?   

Yes, there’s the web app available for everyone who wants to initiate product sales. 

Can I use Jungle Scout on my phone?

Yes, you can view Jungle Scout on tablets and phones. However, the Extension is not currently available for viewing on mobile devices. 

What is Jungle Scout used for?

Jungle Scout was designed both for new and advanced sellers to ease the process of finding and selling their products on Amazon based on different criteria and exclusive features.

Can I cancel Jungle Scout? 

Yes, you can either change the monthly and yearly payment plan or cancel it anytime you want in account settings. Alternatively, you can contact the support center and ask them to cancel your plan.  

How can I contact support?

By writing an email to [email protected] or visit help center

Does Jungle Scout have a free trial?

There’s no jungle scout free trial available. Yet, you can use a 14-day refund policy if for some reason the product didn’t match your user expectations.