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The market of Amazon FBA tools is in its zenith today because thousands of people join the seller club in the USA only every day. What is so special about Amazon compared to such giants as Aliexpress or Taobao? Amazon is the biggest western online trading platform that offers qualitative goods in countries like Canada and the UK apart from the US. 

Today, we’ll review the Swiss army knife that makes trading on Amazon a breeze. Meet Keepa - your future friend that will enhance seller experience with tools like Deals, Track, Apps, and Data. They also have a fancy Keepa Chrome, believe it or not. 

What is Keepa?

Keepa is the powerhouse for any Amazon FBA seller. The service can track the best daily deals with an overview of the recent price drops. There are also detailed price history charts with more than 800 million goods available via Amazon integration . Price drops and availability alerts are also the fantastic features to keep track on the selected range of goods to invest in them when the time is right. International Amazon prices are also available to review either on the website or in Keepa extension.

Keepa always strives for perfection. They often release updates with new features and patches over the old bugs. This is the high-end quality of service for the Amazon FBA tool. 

Keepa Pricing

Keepa goes absolutely free as the initial distribution model of the creators is very friendly for all novices. However, they offer a sweet deal for the experts of FBA sales who need more than the functional features of Keepa Chrome extension. Premium data access, product finder, product viewer, best top seller lists, and price increase tracking are under the hood of a premium subscription. It’s available only for €15 per month - a solid gateway to becoming the master of Amazon FBA.

Keepa Features

Keepa Amazon is the deep chest with tons of features that will come in handy for every FBA seller. In the upper part of the website, they have most of them included in the convenient sections. They have such tools as:

  • Deals. This tool will help you explore what is actually happening on Amazon in terms of noticeable products.
  • Track. It’ll help you keep track of the selected items in terms of price and availability.
  • Apps. Enable using Keepa in different browsers. Here are also chatbot and Keepa API. 
  • Data. This section holds everything from product finder to Keepa API. The broad number of features that explain how to use Keepa. 


The Keepa tool allows sellers to explore the infinite space of Amazon goods of all kinds. You can choose from the categories like Appliances, Books, Musical, Video games and many other categories are available at hand to find the products that have most prominent discounts to demand rate. 

keepa api

The sidebar from Keepa that they have included into the Deals is also very functional. You can change the view of the product net from table to boxes. Besides, you’re able to choose the deal type that seems attractive to you . New, used, sales rank, collectible, or refurbished - it’s all included into the option called Choose Deal Type. There is also a small indication of whether the item is going with shipping included with the small truck icon. 

There is also the calculator that allows to select the Drop Percent Range, Drop Range, Price Range, and Sales Rank Range. 


Finally, you can see the list of the products from Keepa when setting the right options. On the default, it looks like a horizontal card stack. Every card has basic information like the percentage of current sales . You can also check out the average price compared to the present one. For example, if you check the Agatha Christie’s book, it costs $101 on average with the sale of 80 percent . Thus, the price drops to $20.

keepa review


This tool is like a spy beacon attached to the product vehicle that is moving in one or another direction. To start, you have to add the item from the deals or via Chrome extension to the notification dispatch. In the tab called Tracking Overview, you can see the instruction on how to get the alerts once the price on the item drops via email, Facebook, Telegram, or RSS . You can also use Keepa app in your browser to start following price alerts straight in your browser.

how to use keepa

The second tab called Wish Lists allows you to import a public Amazon list directly from the platform. You just have to follow several simple steps to make it possible. Open the Amazon Wish List page and import it via clicking on the left navigation bar. Then, paste the URL that you copied into the Wish List URL field on Keepa. 

The final tab is called Recent Notifications. In this section, you’ll be able to get the latest notifications from the Keepa items that you labeled in Deals or using browser extensions. Thanks to Keepa, you can use simple navigation for every tool with small instruction in each category.


What the navbar tab called Apps hides is several useful external Keepa features. They not only offer a Keepa plugin for any of your browsers including Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, and Explorer. The apps that the brand offers are miraculous. 

Browser extensions are the doorway for every FBA seller, and all of them are absolutely free! You can install them almost to every browser to add items to the tracking module to get the notifications about recent changes on price and availability. It is one of the most convenient tools in the toolset of Keepa that makes life of a seller so much easier. The extensions are having the dropdown interface in the upper-right corner of your browser.

keepa review

The second option in the Apps section is called Chat Bot, and it is very smart, to say the least. What the bot can do is the following:

  • Interact with Keepa inside of Facebook Messenger. 
  • Make the search queries including keyword, product link sharing, and scanning of barcodes.
  • See how the price history unfolded for every product.
  • Set up the price alert feedback. 

The final section called Keepa API offers the guidelines on integrating the technology closely to your product. You can see what features it offers, read the documentation, and see the pricing plans on the current API packages offered by Keepa.


That’s the navbar section with a populated number of subcategories. It includes:

  • Product Finder. A quick tool for finding a product that matches the selected criteria. 
  • Product Viewer. Allows you to import and export vast amounts of prices and product details.
  • Best Seller Lists. Here you can see the best selling goods on Amazon.
  • Top Seller List. Top seller lists for Amazon sellers. 
  • Category Tree. Full-spectrum category tree of the Amazon to explore the bestseller lists. 

keepa extension

Final Thoughts

Keepa is a spectacular choice for both sole sellers and agencies. You can use Keepa for the FBA operations of different scale. From retrieving the information about a single product to the competition in the niche. 

They also deliver a multifaceted API that can help you access a 500 million database next day after giving it to your programming unit. The data from price history to best seller lists with 500k+ ASINs is available to you with Keepa easier than anywhere else.


How do I use Keepa extensions in Chrome?

To use Keepa extensions in this browser, you have to go to their website and find the tab “Apps”. There, you can choose the most convenient Keepa extensions for the browser. In this case, you’re installing it to your Chrome.

After that, just open it on Amazon product range to set price alarms or check out price history and other features as well.

How do I install Keepa?

To install Keepa, you need to make a few simple steps. You can simply Google “Install Keepa” and you’ll be directed both to their website or other review articles where installation link is also embedded. 

A small lifehack. You can also install it via Chrome Web Store or get it like an addon via Mozilla extensions. Tons of ways to install Keepa are available for you, so don’t worry. 

Does Keepa have an app?

Keepa has in-browser extensions for different browsers. Browser extensions allow you to perform the bulk of the features that Keepa can actually do. They also have a Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger that is convenient to interact with. So, check both features today.

How do I cance`l Keepa?

To cancel Keepa, you can enter your profile and select the subscriptions tab. There, you can either enable or disable the Data Access feature.