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Today, MerchantWords is one of the newest Amazon research tools that has become popular due to the functionality of MerchantWords tool. What MerchantWords can do is help you rank the chosen products from the top charts of Amazon search . In our Merchant Words review, we want to help FBA sellers understand why a tool like this can help find the right buyers for the products you’re investing in simply by adjusting the keyword strategy. 

What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords is the FBA platform that has extensive keyword research features. The idea of the company creator, George Lawrence, was to introduce the tool that will aid sellers detect the right products searched by different buyers.

Amazon marketplace is a very diverse place, so you need to have a tool that provides the complete number of searches in a certain period of time on Amazon. We’ll tell you how to use Merchant Words later in this review to make the idea clearer. 

MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords free approach to pricing only works when tied up to the initial fees they ask from you for a monthly or annual subscription. When you choose the annual tariff that they offer, you’re about to enjoy that 2-months-free advantage that they offer to attract the audience. 

Monthly prices start from $29/mo for Silver, $79/mo for Gold, and $149/mo for Platinum. Merchant Words discount is only available for an annual subscription, so keep that in mind. 

MerchantWords Services

The services that they offer are based on the Merchant Words data. It includes:

  • More than 1.5 billion collected keywords from Amazon.
  • 500+ million of products analyzed in the system. 
  • 10+ different Amazon marketplaces. 

The range of services that we’ll review today includes such tools as Listing Advisor, Collections, Classic Search, Keyword Multiplier, Page 1 Products, and Asin Plus. 

Listing Advisor

If you ever wanted to create the Amazon listings that stand out from the crowd, then you should know how to use MerchantWords with their premium optimization feature. Using Listing Advisor, you can get the listings that have keyword-optimized title, text and HTML descriptions, keyword bundle, and 1 free rewrite.

what is merchantwords

It’s all charged per the parent ASIN costing around $300 with a discount of about $2500 per 10 orders in this category.


This keyword tool allows you to create and store the diversified Amazon lists based on the search query. The keyword variations pop up below the main search key to provide you with creative ideas to name your future products. 

Merchant Words

You’ll be surprised how many related keyword terms will be on the screen. You’d never thought that they can be related to the item you entered into the search field. 

Classic Search

The instrument like that will come in handy to everyone who understands how the Amazon A9 algorithm works. What’s happening here is the usage of the keyword that might interest you. You enter, let’s say, “apple slicer”. 

Next, you’ll see how many possible alternatives exist for this term . This is how you’ll see how different people’s requirements can be. Generate new product ideas according to the volumes of those rare and unique search queries that inhabit Amazon. 

merchantwords free

Keyword Multiplier

The company has introduced this tool to allow sellers to generate synonymous keywords in a few seconds. It works really simple. You just enter the keyword to become a synonym in a moment or less. 

After that, tens of results will be displayed below the input field. From those, you can pick the most creative ideas Merchantwords is offering to you. We think that for product ideas generation, the tool works like a charm. Accent your attention on it, it’s dead easy to use. 

merchantwords free

Page 1 Products

The Page 1 Products is a powerful entry and effective time-saver by MerchantWords. It offers an insightful product research glance over the researched item name . What you get is the list of the top competitors who are already on the first page of Amazon. You want to overtake them, right?

This is why the help of Page 1 Products might come in handy. You’ll know what product names led them to the success they’re having in the Amazon top as for today. Competitor analysis is a must in FBA segment, keep that in mind. 

merchantwords free

Asin Plus

The tool like ASIN Plus uses a reversed approach to get the ranking keywords. Supply data also comes directly from Amazon to understand the competition inside the niche. ASIN works differently than in other tools in case of MerchantWords. 

merchant words discount

Final Thoughts

MerchantWords has adopted the concept of keywords introduced by Google years ago amazingly. However, many users accuse MarchantWords for the inaccurate suggestions. The pricing policy is also quite sharp from the very start. For comparison, Unicorn Smasher and Camelcamelcamel are the free alternatives that can be in-built directly into the browser . They offer extra features not available on MerchantWords as for 2019


Is my info safe?

MerchantWords operates since 2012 stating that the amount of data they collected is stored in their system. However, their official guide does not mention anything about security protocols or data encrypting. They say that improvement is the ongoing process for MerchantWords. Quite blurry for a promise we must admit. 

Does MerchantWords have a free trial?

MerchantWords includes several free months of their service in the annual package. You get more than two months when purchasing one of the bundles for a year ahead. This is the only choice they leave for new users.

Is MerchantWords reliable?

MerchantWords is definitely not the worst choice in Amazon selling segment. It has keyword features that work like a charm and offer some creative insights into FBA selling. We think that MerchantWords is a bit pricey for what they offer. Competitors are often headed above that.