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The market of Chrome extensions from Amazon has become so popular that the services like MerchantWords have been struggling to adapt to the range of opportunities they offer. If you’re looking for a decent on-page estimator and variation viewer, then glance over RevSeller - one of the most advanced Chrome extensions for FBA selling . Is RevSeller a perfect tool? Let’s find out in the review below.

What is RevSeller?

Rev Seller is the Amazon FBA tool for online arbitrage on this huge e-commerce platform. What RevSeller extension can do is provide the best product offerings available on the 3rd part platforms. Basically, what you’re doing with RevSeller Chrome extension is finding the products somewhere in the Internet to buy and sell them on Amazon at very attractive prices, for you and your customers. 

RevSeller Pricing

The pricing model that they offer is flexible enough. The company has a free trial for 30 days that does not require users to make any initial payments. They also offer the annual model after the trial ends. You’ll know whether to stay with Rev Seller for any longer or not. 

Annual subscription includes the extras like product updates and support. The cancelation is absolutely free at the same time. Paying $99.99 , you’re getting the fully fledged Amazon Chrome extension experience at hand.

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RevSeller Features

For a small and convenient Chrome extension, it has powerful features to offer. As the web-based application for Chrome, you can feel free to enjoy the following features:

Real-Time ROI Calculator

Here’s an easy calculation of ROI and profit margins - only a few steps to get data about your returned income. Enter the sell price and buy cost for both MFN and FBA. Below, you’ll see whether there is any win in investing into the particular item. Dollar and percent equivalents are displayed right beside. The company should be given credits for the convenient integration of their in-browser solution. Unicorn Smasher should learn a lesson from that. 

They have integrated the calculator inside the listing . It means that you’re left without obligation to crawl through multiple pages and sites to get the evaluations that interest you the most. Everyday use of the calculator by RevSeller becomes a life-saving opportunity in this case. 

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Detailed Feedback About Amazon Product Variations

This feature offers you detailed information about product variation to eliminate any risks during investment. Items that have tons of variations can have some underwater stones. For example, sometimes it’s almost impossible to get close numbers about items that are actually selling on Amazon in the selected category. RevSeller product variations helper will give you accurate numbers on which items can be sold safely . The mechanism works when calculating the number of reviews considering the product variation.

Sales and Percentage Rank on 90-Days Average

No sales rank is the definitive one on Amazon, any brand knows that for sure. Before buying anything on Amazon, the brand should run a check. RevSeller gives the ranking information needed to make a safe bet on the chosen product . That’s a nice addition to the main features set. 

Resume of RevSeller Features

  • Pro real-time calculator on the page you’re in now. 
  • Availability of information whenever is needed. 
  • Flexible settings customization.
  • Fast links to the desired products.
  • ROI and profit predictions.
  • Broad access to FBA and MFN vendors. 

revseller chrome extension

RevSeller Google Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension that the company offers aims at helping FBA sellers make informed and faster product choices that are based on the power of Product Calculator Estimation technology. It’s all really straightforward - you’re getting the information that can be accessed on the page in a moment. 

RevSeller have developed their Chrome extension with the pillars of quality, like accuracy, timely data access, and correct price estimations for the upcoming fees. Every product decision requires the check of the exact price estimate of fees and related product data. 

Final Thoughts

RevSeller is a solution for FBA sellers who want to get a reliable browser extension for sales estimations on Amazon. However, the professional selling account is needed on Amazon beforehand to start using the extension. Individual selling accounts do not get the data that is crucial for using a tool like this. Generally, we recommend testing out RevSeller because they offer right options for the sellers of different ranks who want to make a bet on the Chrome extension and its fantastic features.


Can I Use RevSeller on more than one computer?

Yes, RevSeller can be used on multiple computers as long as you use the same account that you pre-paid for the pricing of the extension. You have to go to on another device and login into the account. In “My Account” section, click “Download Extension”, They are not against multiple devices for the same account.

Can I try RevSeller free trial?

To use the extension for better FBA results, you have to know how their free trial works. When you sign up for the first time to use RevSeller, they provide you with a 30-day free trial . After this period, you’ll be offered an annual model that costs $99.99 . Gladly, they often have discounts that are spread with the help of promo codes. 

How accurate are estimates?

The extension has deep integration with Amazon API. It means that fee estimations will display in accordance to the data directly from Amazon. The Amazon API limits the possibility of mistakes on the deep data level. Amazon Calculator works without any critical mistakes because of that.