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Seller Labs is one one the most helpful and beneficial tools for those who consider starting selling activity on Amazon. In essence, the Sellerlabs software is a helper that provides entrepreneurs with an understanding of how effective the ads are and how powerful listings should look like. Generally, it serves as an assistant in building a trustworthy brand reputation by keeping the focus on the most fundamental aspects of selling business.

What is Seller Labs? 

Sellerlabs is a software that is integrated with Amazon and aims at providing sellers with top product solutions. It is believed to maintain your business’s presence online while allowing you to save quite a great deal of time. Most importantly, the tool is designed in a way that enables sellers to utilize only specific tools. This means you shouldn’t necessarily browse through the entire scope of all tools each time you need to find the one you need.

Seller Labs Pricing

The amount you will need to pay strictly depends on the feature you opt for. In contrast with the rest of Amazon features you might have probably already encountered, with this software, you pay for separate elements and not for the software itself. Below are the prices you will pay for each particular feature:

  • Seller Labs Pro. For 50 monthly orders, you pay $79, for 10,000 orders - $299 , for 50,000 - $999
  • Seller Labs Ignite. You pay $59 for up to $1,000 ad spend, $249 for $5,000 ad spend, and $899 for $25,000 ad spend.
  • Feedback Genius Seller Labs. To find out the price, you need to decide on the amount of emails you want to send each month and the amount of products you want to monitor.

seller labs feedback genius

  • Quantify. For the average volume, you will be charged $ 99 .

seller labs ignite

  • Scope seller labs. Depending on the amount of keywords, you will need to pay $ 390 , $ 690 , or $ 990 annually.

scope seller labs chrome extension

Seller Labs Products

Among Seller Labs products, one can find particular features, all of which perform a specific function. While one feature makes it easier to make the most out of Amazon advertising, another one allows oneself to uncover the unique keywords that can drastically increase conversions. Other products also make it possible to monitor trends, get analytics and insights into business’ performance , and even improve seller feedback. All of the outlined functions are incorporated in the tools described below. 

Ignite - Amazon PPC Advertising

This feature works well on managing advertisements and minimizing the costs for ads while boosting the effectiveness of promotions. More specifically, you can quickly compare your ad costs with ad revenue as well as take a look at the conversion rate.

scope seller labs

Another feature of Ignite Seller Labs implies making listings for you with the help of suggestions. To make the listing indeed effective, the tool includes a confidence score. Besides, this product outlines the reason why the software has come up with such a recommendation for you.

Feedback Genius - Amazon Products Reviews

Seller Labs Feedback Genius is a tool that can assist you in getting more customer feedback and make effective efforts to please the customer. Since we often tend to trust products with a sufficient amount of positive reviews, this feature might be assumed as essential. 


This tool serves as a means of significantly increasing business’ availability for a customer. Also, the product makes it possible to influence email open rates by finding the correct time and situation to deliver an email. And, the feature implies creating customers blacklists, which is not a surprise.

Scope - Amazon Keywords

Scope by Seller Labs is another feature that almost every single Amazon software has. Scope allows you to check what keywords competitors use and why their strategy is way more effective. Additionally, it quickly navigates you through all of the possible product keywords as well as shows the most highly ranked keyword for a specific product. 

scope seller labs chrome extension

The feature offers you to create personal keyword lists to save the products and keywords and refer to them later. Also, one can see some historical data and find out how the top product was ranked a year ago. To make searches more facile, one can install Scope Seller Labs Chrome Extension.

Quantify - Amazon Inventory & Financials

This tool is aimed at letting you find ways of maximizing Amazon profits . The feature implies carrying out research on your Amazon activity and providing you with a report. The latter usually reveals how effective your activity is. Quantify also gives you an insight into what your profit margins are and how much profit you can gain throughout your business activity.

Overall, this option might be beneficial for making relevant business decisions. Nonetheless, one might doubt the accuracy of the numbers that the tool reveals. 

Seller Labs Pro

The fact that the software offers separate features might be somehow illogical for some users since selling activity implies monitoring many aspects at once. Therefore, SellerLabs has created a Pro version for Amazon sellers who don’t want to access all the features separately. 

Basically, Seller Labs Pro is a tool for monitoring performance, stimulating organic traffic, maximizing promotions efficiency, and conducting market research at the same time. Thus, this is a so-called all-in-one feature . As for the prices, you will need to pay $ 79 for only 500 orders per month. For 10,000 orders, you will be charged $ 299 each month and $ 999 for 50,000 orders. Needless to say, such costs are relatively high, which makes one feel skeptical about accessing the feature. In fact, with other software, you can instantly access the same features for a significantly lower price.

scope seller labs

Seller Labs Services 

Apart from a couple of helpful features, the software gives you access to some services:

  • Amazon Listing Optimization. A listing will cost you $ 399 , and this is the price you pay for making people see your products and willing to buy them. Needless to say, caring about your listings is a must, since even the best products may sometimes not be visible due to inappropriate listings.
  • Advertising PPC management . This one provides the effective management of advertisements.
  • Buyer-Seller messaging optimization . Apparently, this should be used to get more reviews and customer feedback.

Final Thoughts

Seller Labs can be claimed as another useful and multifunctional tool for tracking Amazon sales and evaluating potential profits. Just because all of the tools it offers can be accessed as single products, the company focuses on refining those features and making sure each of them is sufficient. However, considering the vast amount of relevant companies in the market, it becomes vague why SellerLabs’ prices are so high, and what is the unique feature that makes it so outstanding among others.


Which marketplaces are supported by Seller Labs?

Scope and Quantify support only the US marketplace. Nevertheless, Ignite and Feedback genius also support the European marketplaces, as well as North American ones. Regarding European ones, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and the UK marketplaces are supported.

Can I connect my marketplace to my Seller Labs account?

You can set everything up on your dashboard. In particular, you need to sign up, go to a marketplace page, and begin the setup. Once the installation is done, you will get access to all the essential information during two days after you have connected the marketplace to your account.

How can I contact Seller Labs?

To get in touch with SellerLabs, you will need to send your message to support team. On the website, you will see the form you will have to fill in. You will be asked to specify which product you are referring to and describe the issue briefly. In the next 24 hours, you will get a reply.