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How many times did you find it challenging, or even impossible, to make correct predictions of your business success, rightly determine your profit, and come up with a promising marketing plan for your sales launch? We bet the number is close to dozens, which is common in the framework of product sales. What’s the solution in cases when sales optimization doesn’t work the way it should? Sellics might be your answer to this and other questions. 

What is Sellics?   

Sellics is a software designed to increase sales and make life easier for Amazon store owners. This service is your reliable assistant at various stages of business. With the help of this software, you can select new products that belong to the category of popular, successful and profitable items. The tool will also help you monitor purchases, check the state of the warehouse and tell you when it is time to replenish stocks. 

These and other important operations can be done easily once you consider working with Sellics. So follow our article to know more about the incredible features of this tool.  

Sellics Pricing

The first notable feature of Sellics has to do with its convenient pricing policy. Unlike other software where costs are fixed and depend on the level of the entrepreneur’s expertise, here the Sellics price is formed on the basis of various marketing factors that form up your business. 

For example, you need to define the price for Seller Edition tool utilization per your annual sales on Amazon. If the number is 0$ yet, the monthly plan will cost you 57$ . If you sell more, the price will depend on how much sales you make each year (starting from 1K and ending with 1.2M+ dollars ). From there, the pricing plan will cover monthly, biannual, and annual payments .  

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If you use the Vendor Edition feature , its costs will be tailored depending on the number of the marketplace, the quantity of ASINs per marketplace, advertising module, retail analytics module and other criteria. The principle of pricing politics in this case means that the more features you want to work with, the higher their overall price will be. 

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Sellics Products

You won’t find an extensive list of products while using Sellics, and this is exactly one of those cases when less is more. You surely won’t be disappointed by a modest yet powerful trinity of goodness this tool offers. Seller edition, vendor edition, and agency edition - all these products are priceless resources that every Amazon seller needs for successful sales. 

Every product exists separately and performs different functions accordingly. Collectively, they are essential for the efficient implementation of marketing strategies. In addition, you can find a number of free resources in Sellics, including case studies, weekly webinars, and others. Now let’s take a closer look at the top three tools of the software. 

Seller Edition

This is the product which prides itself in extreme adoration from thousands of brands and Amazon sellers worldwide. Seller Edition is divided into 7 features that grant immense acceleration of business development and contain the whole package of benefits for stellar sales on Amazon. The features include:

Profit Measurement. This is a top-notch feature that allows you to check profit margins which are calculated automatically in real time. The complex algorithm deducts Amazon fees, PPC spendings, promos, and item costs and connects your Seller Central account in your Profit Dashboard so that you could monitor margin percentage results every five minutes. 


Amazon PPC Optimization. This feature is a mini stock equipped with a number of subfeatures you might find indispensable for your business. It fulfills three main functions: automates PPC campaigns, analyzes campaign performance, and optimizes results for profit . With the help of this tool, you can facilitate the task of creating ads and forecasting their return on investment. Likewise, you no longer need to transfer keywords from one campaign to another: PPC optimizator will do that automatically , saving you lots of time and effort. 

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Ranking Improvement. Monitor and upgrade keyword rankings of selected products for relevant keywords with sonar by Sellics. The main purpose of this feature is to compare your items to those of competitors and provide you with recommendations regarding the best means of ranking increase. 

In this respect, if you don’t have enough search traffic, Sellics will help you configure and optimize paid advertising , and will also ensure that each ad brings maximum effect for the money invested in it. Using a Sellics Sonar database to search relevant keywords, your product listings will be optimized and lucrative. 

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Reviews Management. Keeping track of top products and creating alluring listings is only half of the road: Amazon sellers need to wrap up their customer’s journey and make sure they’re satisfied with your item. Of course, one can hardly manage the task of controlling customer reviews all alone, for it’s impossible to see all answers at once and react whenever negative ones emerge. 

To make this process easier, Sellics has a special feature designed to send you notifications whenever clients leave reviews . This way, you can resolve clients’ pain points timely and use positive feedback to outline the best features of your product. 

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Product Research. One of the main reasons why Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs manage to introduce products that actually sell lies in eloquent planning and the right selection of niches . Sellics is a tool that allows you to reach new selling records without putting much effort and time. With the Product Research feature in particular, you can generate product ideas, tap into markets with the highest demand, and make sure your investments were worth it. 

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Competitor Analytics. Sellics developers have also taken into account the needs of sellers who want to get ahead of stiff competition by spying their marketing rivals. Using the analytics feature, you can check not only your competitors’ top-selling products but also examine their prices. On top of that, you can track price trends and cost fluctuations of each of your product.

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Inventory Control. Seeing an empty product stock is perhaps the worst nightmare of every Amazon seller. Apparently, controlling product inventory on your own is a time-consuming process that requires great concentration and analytical skills. With inventory control though, this operation becomes painless, for the feature automatically calculates the appropriate reorder date for every single order.

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Vendor Edition

The next product on our list is the one that’ll help you cope with a number of business issues, as well as accelerate revenue increase and complete a multitude of other operations. Namely, Vendor Edition will come in handy for the optimization of Sellics Amazon advertising setup practices. For this option to work properly, the tool displays KPIs and historical ad performance with visual graphs and statistics. 

Moreover, the product helps you improve search rankings, manage customer reviews, and get notifications whenever your product loses the Buy Box. Finally, the tool has your back when you need to analyze organic & paid revenue increase on Amazon to make an accurate prognosis of your product success on the market. What’s also exciting about Vendor Edition is that it’s available for all Amazon marketplaces, suits large teams, and is a perfect solution for big selections. 

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Agency Edition

This product is a real finding for agencies that already sell goods on Amazon and want to maximize their purchase rate results to the largest extent. Specifically, the tool enables entrepreneurs to handle clients much more efficiently with the help of multi-client accounts. Using these, you can make the process of client reporting easier, thereby saving time and effort. And if you want to organize your Amazon SEO services and implement granular access controls, Agency Edition will also help you with the completion of these tasks. 

Apart from that, the product can help you keep track of all clients in a single account with as many users as you need. At last, Sellics has a reliable and devoted support team which you can contact anytime. There, specialists will provide you with all the necessary information in terms of Amazon sales and your client success.  

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Final Thoughts

The total usefulness of Sellics can be easily evaluated with the highest mark - the majority of users along with Sellics crunchbase consider this software to be the most effective tool for timely resolution of business challenges and pragmatic implementation of marketing initiatives. The software is packed with an ample number of features and tools that allow Amazon sellers never to regret their decision of subscribing for Sellics. 

To make sure that all your efforts are not in vain, Sellics monitors the success of potential competitors and lets you know which keywords or changes in pricing policies can affect your market share. And when the buyer finally selects you, Sellics will ensure that you are immediately notified of the feedback from the customer. All this is done with one aim only - to help your business thrive and your products rate higher every single day. 


How can I cancel my Sellics account? 

Deactivation of your account can be performed at any time. All you need to do is go to the account management block and click the “terminate” button under your current plan. In case you don’t see the button, feel free to contact the support department.    

Can I use the Sellics trial? 

Yes, you can test all functions of this software for 14 days, after which the trial will expire automatically. To start using the trial, you’ll need to register on the website first.

How can I reach Sellics Customer Support? 

If you have any questions regarding the use of software, you can contact Sellics Customer Support by initiating a chat on their homepage or by sending a letter to [email protected]

Is Sellics secure?

Yes, this is a fully loaded software created for Amazon sellers. Considering the fact that it has a perfect interface and operational tools, Sellics is totally secure.