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Sonar Tool Review

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What is Sonar Amazon Keyword Research Tool?
Is Sonar by Sellics free? 
How Does Sonar Work? 
How to Use Sonar Keyword Search Tool
Final Thoughts

In the age of high speed, quick decision-making and lack of time, Amazon merchants really want to have an arsenal of tools at hand that are practical and, ideally, affordable. Sonar Tool is just one of them. There are many keyword research tools for effective Amazon SEO strategy development, and Sonar by Sellics is a good place to start. 

What is Sonar Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword research tool provided by Sellics that uses real data from real queries to showcase a number of best-performing keywords of a certain product. This tool is basically a huge database with combinations of products and keywords that enables merchants to identify high-competition items . Sellics Sonar Tool for Amazon is currently regularly updated using its own algorithm.

You can search keywords both by ASIN and by key requests. When analyzing the service, you will be shown keywords, frequent words, and relevant products on Amazon.

Let’s discover how the tool works and what exactly it allows you to do.  

Is Sonar by Sellics free? 

Yes, Sonar is an absolutely free keyword research tool which gives full access to two features: keyword search and index check. To use others ( profit dashboard, Amazon SEO, and Amazon PPC ), you can proceed to Sellics and start a 14-day free trial to test the effectiveness of every parameter and decide whether the tool will come in handy for you. Once the trial date expires, you can submit a paid Sellics subscription. 

How Does Sonar Work? 

Using the Sonar keyword research tool, let’s consider the terms we found that are related to the product we presumably want to sell on Amazon - remote control:

sonar test tool

Here’s the main disadvantage that pops up immediately: given that Sonar is a free tool, it shows only a few direct results . The only fact that saves the situation is that the tool also displays “frequent words” and shows related products that are currently sold on Amazon. This is all useful information which cannot be neglected by Amazon sellers. Who knew that a “remote control car” is such a popular request? Not us, that's for sure.

Notably, even with such free tool, you can get more keyword results by downloading the list. 

Also, keep in mind that Sonar does not give us a specific search volume for these keywords in the free version, which is again a dismal drawback. But, you can just look for additional words to use on your list as an alternative. In fact, if you want to conduct a deeper research on the product and keywords, we recommend using paid software. 

How to Use Sonar Keyword Search Tool

Firstly, you’ll need to find relevant keywords by typing in the name of your product and clicking the “ping” button. Secondly, analyze the results : you’ll be exposed to a list of keywords, frequent words, and relevant products. You can download the entire list with displayed results as an excel sheet and use it later. 

Thirdly, monitor competitor keywords using the reverse ASIN research feature by Sonar. Here, you need to type in competitor product ASIN, then get and download the results. Finally, check if your listing is indexed . For this, you’ll need to indicate your product’s ASIN and associated keywords. Then, Sonar keyword tool will show you if your product listing is indexed appropriately.

Final Thoughts

To put it shortly, Sonar Sellics keyword research tool is a perfect solution for sellers-beginners who want to conduct a superficial search for free. Unfortunately, the tool has only two Sellics features in open access, so to use the rest of the available features to the maximum extent, starters will need to pay for the subscription. Overall, Sonar Tool is an optimal variant for initiating sales on Amazon, but it is not suitable for business experts.