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Tumbleweed is reluctantly rolling down your niche, but you wish it was filled up with products of high demand and enormous selling potential? Well, all Amazon sellers have been there, facing their own problems, trying to climb up the ladder of success to dominate the market. Some reach their edge of glory, while others are left with nothing except figuring out how these entrepreneurs have managed to get this far. 

But not everyone knows that the real secret toward such accomplishments lies in the right selection of marketing tools. One of them is Unicorn Smasher. 

What is Unicorn Smasher?

Apart from being a tool with amusing name, it’s a software that helps entrepreneurs track demand and product ratings by analyzing the Amazon market. The unicorn smasher extension reads information from the Amazon page for a specific request and provides the seller with transparent product data: the number of sellers of the product, product variation ( color, size ), product price, main category where the product is located, the average number of sales ( units per month ), the number of reviews and review ratings ( number of stars ), and seller ( FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon ).

The most important fields for analysis are the market volume in dollars ( turnover per month ) and the number of sales. According to these parameters, the Amazon seller makes a product analysis and determines the choice of sales. Want to feel a much needed splash of revenue sparks filling up your wallet? Then stay tuned to know how to use Unicorn Smasher along with its features and tools.  

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

According to legends, all Amazon sellers who once decided to opt for this software have drowned in this wonderland for good and never sought other alternatives. That’s because this product research software is absolutely free to use . Quite a surprising finding for those who used to pay a fortune for software with the same number of tools, isn’t it? Everyone who’s willing to take a bite of this cake can get access to it by just clicking the Unicorn Smasher download button and then entering their name and email address. Surely, unicorns did their wonders to let you do yours; turns out dreams aren’t that unattainable. 

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Features

Now that’s where all the makerting magic happens. The repository of tools Unicorn Smasher chrome extension provides will not leave you indifferent given the list of alluring benefits every feature offers. From quality product research to painless analysis - the software has it all to help you tap into the best-selling items and derive immodest profits out of them. So here’s the whole collection of features the tool contains to saturate your sales with decent advancements: 

Organized Dashboard

No need to wonder why exactly this feature tops the list. The developers of this software have long ago made sure that no Amazon sales have the right to get launched if all the product data randomly hovers somewhere over the rainbow. That’s why they created a convenient dashboard to keep all of your research in one arranged place. 

Using the dashboard, you can check all necessary product parameters, including brand, number of sellers, price, rank, estimated sales and revenue, rating and others. On top of that, you can preserve your favorite items, choose among product variants, export to a CSV file and receive meaningful feedback. 

how to use unicorn smasher

Sales Estimates

Not only does the software offer you a possibility to analyse products in terms of rating and demand but also take a realistic guess of what price will be the most appropriate for your product. For how can you launch sales without knowing if the entire product idea is worthy of entering the competition in the market? 

Luckily, you can put all hesitations aside because the tool enables you to check historical sales data based on accurate information from thousands of live products. This way, you can make forecasts without significant effort and evaluate product success at early stages. The only disadvantage of this feature is that it displays sponsored items first instead of putting organic ones ahead.

Canonical URLS

It often happens that two URLs appear to belong to the same product, making sellers second guess which one should actually rank in the search results. However, thanks to Unicorn Smasher, you can forget about this concern because the software allows you to find out how optimized product’s canonical URL is. 

Variation Statistics

If the data about particular product fluctuates, you can hardly detect all changes at once with a naked eye. And that’s where Variation Statistics comes in handy. This particular feature enables its users to get detailed visual metrics for each of a product’s child variations, meaning that you can easily check the presented information and make your own product prognosis. 

Export Tool

This feature is a true finding for Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs who need to process huge volumes of product data but have no possibility to store it in relevant format. Nonetheless, CSV format available for Unicorn Smasher chrome allows you to store tabular data in plain text with subsequent opportunity to return to this information anytime. 

In-Browser Analysis

It doesn’t matter if you want to get sales measurements or PPC metrics, you can now easily check all this information in depth directly in your browser as you navigate through Amazon. This feature is a real helper that speeds up your product research effort and facilitates the process of estimating the items’ worth.  

Revenue Estimates

Similarly to the sales estimates feature, this one works by the analogous algorithm, filtering different revenue parameters and leaving you with clear information about the money being made in any niche. 

Quick Links

This tool is a must if you want to make your research rapidly without useless additional movements. Quick links allows you to proceed to all products’ listings right from your organized dashboard . This invention will help you accelerate product search, thus granting you smooth transition to the needed item in seconds.   

AMZ Tracker Integration

Detecting market gaps has never been easier with this feature. To maximize the net effects from product analysis, AMZ Tracker’s Sales Tracker and On-Page Analyzer work in tandem. By opting for this tool, you can track items of your choice more effortlessly

Chrome Extension

Install the program into your Chrome to receive meaningful updates automatically anytime, anywhere. 

The Bottom Line

Objectively speaking, you need to put the original concept with unicorns and cloudless paradise aside to see that Unicorn Smasher wins users’ hearts predominantly by its free subscription offer, but that’s it. Of course, the software provides Amazon sellers with several worthy features for product research. But they are still not accurate enough for expansive and profound investigation of needed items. 

Even though it’s a free tool, it seems like its developers are shooting in the dark, which leads to a logical conclusion that this software is not designed for professional Amazon sellers.    


Is Unicorn Smasher available for all browsers?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. The extension is available only for Chrome browser.

Do I need to connect this tool to my Amazon account?

Not necessarily. In order to use the tool, you only need to have the software open, make a search query and select the 'Unicorn Smasher' extension in your Chrome window.

Why don't Unicorn Smasher show estimated sales or revenue?

That’s because the software’s developers don’t conduct a rank in the parent category. Instead, they use BSR (Best Sellers Rank) to make estimates. This means that Amazon simply cannot define the product rank accurately since it calculates product positions according to its comprehensive performance only in the parent category.