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You can purchase or sell anything on Amazon today. Probably, it’s hard to find a thing that isn’t represented in the sections of the World’s largest online store. And these are not just empty words because the company sells approximately 400 million goods! That is why people who have what to offer are already there. But what to do if you have not decided what to sell on Amazon yet? Of course, it’s great that this platform has so many categories. 

An entrepreneur is free to select any of them or even a few. At the same time, you may get lost among all these choices as sometimes it’s impossible to predict which product is more profitable.

It’s ok to worry about your future success, especially when we are speaking of selling things worldwide. Which group of products to choose? How to determine the goods that will bring you income? How to source items to offer them on Amazon? Read this guide to receive the answers to these questions and even more.

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

Before starting offering something through this marketplace, it’s necessary to conduct a little research and look at the best products to sell on Amazon. The store provides a list of the most popular items and updates it every hour, so a user stays informed all the time. Let’s take a glance at the top-selling categories for now.

1. Toys & games

things to sell on amazon

It’s not hard to guess why this section is so popular among buyers. While prices at the store may be too high, customers can essentially benefit from costs and varieties represented on Amazon. It seems like Melissa & Doug are on the wave of success today as their products occupy the 1 st and 3 rd places. Lego is right there between their pet vet set and mini grocery store. Other popular goods in this category belong to L.O.L ., the Elf on the Shelf , and Crayola .

This section is an excellent option if you’re thinking of what to sell on Amazon, but it’s rather risky due to enormous competition. Corporations already occupy the niche, and it may be hard to find your audience. But you can still try with a revolutionary new item or something seasonal like Christmas or St Valentine’s Day gifts.

2. Electronics

what to sell on amazon to make money

As you can see, all three top-selling things in this category belong to Amazon, and it will be hard to compete with this giant. TV stick players and a car assistant with Alexa cost less than $50 , which is an attractive price for people who are looking for good value for money. Other popular brands in this section are Roku, Nintendo , and Wyze Labs . Although electronic devices are the best things to sell on Amazon, it’s also a challenging mission to occupy a leading place among top-sellers.

3. Camera & photo

what can i sell on amazon This niche has more space for an average entrepreneur as no giant corporations are occupying the entire category, and a range of products is vast. You can come up with something extraordinary like a selfie ring or binoculars here. The most popular brands in this category are Wyze Labs, Fujifilm, UBeesize , and Victure .

4. Video games

what can i sell on amazon

Here, you’ll find gift cards, video games, consoles, and everything connected with the niche. Playstation and Nintendo occupy the first three places in this category, and they are serious performers, by the way. There are also such famous brands as Microsoft, Activision, and Electronic Arts. So, if you’re a video-game enthusiast and think that you have what to sell on Amazon, it’s better to analyze the market comprehensively.

5. Books

what should i sell on amazon

This category may give an entrepreneur vast opportunities for his business. First of all, it has a large number of sections, including books on CDs, arts, teens, travel, computers, literature & fiction, religion, medical, crafts, health, politics, children , and so on. Secondly, if you’re a writer, you can even try to sell your works here. Besides, there are so many variations: e-books, audio-books, hardcover, etc. The most popular items in the category belong to Samin Nosrat Guinness World Records , and Jeff Kinney . And if you’re searching for what to sell on Amazon to make money, you may consider this niche as a book will always find its reader.

6. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry

what to sell on amazon to make money

Here, a smart entrepreneur will also find a wide field for activities. A list of products to promote is almost endless, but this niche isn’t only about stylish things. It’s easy to come up with a casual t-shirt and hard to sell something different – that won’t be another cloth from the mass-market. People are looking for new ideas and creativity. 

The 1 st place in the category belongs to skinny jeans from Signature by Levi Strauss . On the 2 nd one, we see a hat performed by Carhartt . And the 3 rd place belongs to a sweatshirt designed by Hanes . However, it will be hard to surprise people with an average item – it’s necessary to think of outstanding designs before representing a new product.

Choosing What to Sell on Amazon FBA

One of the most critical aspects of your business strategy is picking the best items to sell on Amazon. Of course, you’ve heard these stories about people who earn up to $5000 per day. But it’s hard to believe in anything in your situation as you still can’t determine a product to offer. It’s possible to reach success only in case you select the right thing. Your income will depend on its demand in the market, niche, and the commission you receive.

You may be curious about what are the main rules for picking a profitable item? It should be a wise decision that requires effort, time, and analysis. These recommendations will help you come closer to the right thoughts:

  • When searching for what to sell on Amazon, consider fees and shipping costs of the online store. Your choice may depend on this aspect as you’ll be able to get rid of some options. For example, a lightweight product which is less than 3 pounds is a perfect solution for people who want to save money on shipping;
  • It’s better to forget about goods that are easy to break during transportation;
  • Consider a product that will bring you money all-year-round, and not by season;
  • Take into account the price of goods . Choose products that cost less than $10-100 – it’s the best way to attract customers who often buy things impulsively;
  • Don’t select an item that has thousands of analogs on Amazon. The competition is vast, and many people lower the prices just to sell identical products. Do they earn money at all with ridiculously low costs? Nobody knows, but it’s not the best idea of what to sell on Amazon;
  • You can order products in China as the production cost is low. Then you will sell them at the online store and make money.

Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 10 Steps

Research and analysis are the best ways to receive the answer to the question: “ what should I sell on Amazon? ” With the following instruction, you’ll be able to determine the best item, make money, and avoid many problems in the future. It may be an exhausting journey, but it’s worth all your efforts.

1. Check the market demand

If you’re only a beginner and look for what to sell on Amazon, the first thing you must do is conduct your research . Choose an appropriate category on the website and look at the most popular items. And don’t forget about sub-categories – they may also help you narrow the field of choices. They also have a section where a user can see the products bought by other customers. Take these lists into account to figure out which things may be interesting to people. Besides, you’ll find out which niche has more competitors.

2. Research products with the help of IO Scout

what can you sell on amazon

IO Scout is a product research tool that will help you analyze the situation in the market, find the most profitable items, spy competitors , and many more. It offers dozens of filters to make the search process easy: price, revenue, stock status, sales, and so on. If you want to come up with something revolutionary or track the changes in the market, use this tool to explore the history of trends. With IO Scout, you will find the information about any product and get essential insights. Install a Chrome extension for comfortable use when choosing things to sell on amazon.

3. Avoid categories with thousands of competitors

It seems like people are selling everything, and it’s impossible to enter a sphere where you’ll become a leader. Many categories are overcrowded, so chances are a new seller will fail to succeed in this sphere. However, competition is a sign of money. These people know why they selected this product, and they are ready to try fighting for income. But a newbie may feel pressure and you’ll unlikely manage to earn at least something.

The easiest way to check the competition is by entering a product name into a search box. For example, the keyword “ hat ” that shows 100,000 results doesn’t give you any hope for success. Try “ winter hats for boys ” and a number of items will be reduced to 20,000 . And if you enter a “ 3-year-old boy winter hat ”, you get only 1000 results. It seems like your item has all the chances to become a best-seller in this niche, as it’s easier to determine an audience.

what to sell on amazon to make money

4. Read the reviews

Checking the reviews is another way to realize which products to sell on Amazon. Find the comments of customers who didn’t like the quality of an item. Probably, soon they will be looking for something to satisfy their needs. What if you perform a better product? It may be what they’re searching for.

5. Avoid competing with big brands

Once you decided to promote goods worldwide, you have to take into account the tiniest details. Before you enter the largest marketplace, it’s necessary to explore all the possibilities. You must check if there are dominating competitors in your niche. It will be hard to occupy one of the leading positions among top-sellers in case there is a big brand on your way. Of course, it’s a sign that your item or service is of high demand, but it’s not likely that a beginner will succeed in this sphere. You have to find a free niche where it’s easy to become a №1 seller.

6. Find items with only a few reviews

It may take time before people will start noticing your item and purchasing it. The appearance of a product on the 1 st page of the online store is one of the most important reasons why customers buy it. How to get there? Well, many aspects influence your chances for high ranking, but reviews often play a significant part. 

Next time when you ask yourself, “ what can I sell on Amazon ?” consider how people evaluated different products. It’s easy to find things with 50 reviews on the 1 st page, and a beginner will need a long period to get the same results. Try to find a category with products that have only a few reviews or don’t have them at all. For you, it’s a perfect opportunity to enter this niche and gain popularity. Maybe you’ll become the first entrepreneur who gets 50 positive reviews in the sphere.

7. Think of your needs

It’s banal, but it always works. Concentrate on your problems or needs – have you ever been searching for a product that could solve them? The deal is that other people suffer from the same issues. Many entrepreneurs started their businesses with the exploration of their insights . An item that helped you improve your life may become an excellent variant of what to sell on Amazon.

8. Choose a product that costs less than $100

Of course, you want to sell something serious that will bring you lots of money. But first, you have to make people notice your brand. And it’s hard to do so with an item that costs more than $100 . Many people visit the online store and scroll pages just to look through. Some of them aren’t even going to buy anything. But when they see an item they always wanted to have and it costs $10-20 – prepare it for shipping! It’s a hot zone of impulsive purchases

Be sure that a customer probably won’t conduct research and look for reviews because no one expects too much from cheap things. And only when we’re buying goods that cost more than $100 , like laptops and different devices, we’re asking for recommendations and start reading testimonials of other people.

9. Consider the best sellers rank

If you’re ready to compete with others and want to try your luck, look at the best sellers rank. A list of products that brought entrepreneurs the highest revenue will help you determine what to sell on Amazon. It’s better to choose a category that shows more than one top-selling thing because it means that there’s no most popular item here. It’s where you can offer your goods and compete with others.

10. Select lightweight items

When surfing the Internet and choosing the best product to sell on Amazon, remember about the size , because it matters. It should be something lightweight as you will have to cover shipping expenses. A beginner can select a thing that is no bigger than a shoebox and get an acceptable fee. If you want to know how much you’ll have to pay for shipment, you can use a calculator of the store. 

Of course, entrepreneurs often choose small things due to Amazon’s conditions, and competition is high. Before making a decision, you have to check all the criteria, including demand, selling opportunities, reviews, and revenue. All in all, the final choice will depend on your budget.

Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

Making money is good, but it’s necessary to find reliable partners who will provide you with high-quality items to satisfy customers. Otherwise, people around the world will find out that you offer things that don’t meet their expectations. Unsatisfied customers won’t miss a chance to leave a negative comment on the website – so, you must do your best to find trustworthy manufacturers. As a beginner, you can start with the following cost-effective and popular places:

  • Alibaba;
  • AliExpress;
  • Bossgoo;
  • Made-in-China.

On these platforms, you will find a vast number of items and manufacturers. At first, it may seem to be a long journey because you will have to send dozens of emails to get the desired result and information. You must order and test samples from different suppliers, and only after hours of research and exploration, you can decide what to sell on Amazon. Soon, you’ll grow your network and build relationships with other entrepreneurs or producers. They will share their experience with you and tell where else to get reliable partners.

Final Thoughts

There are two ways in business – you lose or you win, and a product is an essential part of the process. A seller can’t predict whether the online store will bring them success and money. That’s why you need to spend some time while researching, analyzing, and making conclusions – actually, lots of time. But only hard efforts will lead you to the right decision and profitable items to sell on Amazon. 

Let this guide be a helpful tool that opens broad opportunities in the e-commerce world. Besides, checking the demand, revenues, top-selling things, and trends isn’t only about figuring out what to offer in the market. It’s also about the brands’ values, quality, and a customer-oriented company. You don’t want to have a store where a person buys goods only once. But you do want to be a seller who attracts customers – regular and new ones, again and again with top-notch products.


How successful is selling on Amazon?

Even if you haven’t ever tried to promote goods online, it’s worth it. Of course, it may take time and effort because you won’t sit and wait while someone will push a magical button and add your item to a cart. You’ll have to find a high-quality piece to offer, set the connection with reliable partners, cope with shipment and fulfillment matters, and even face some difficulties. Many entrepreneurs work up to 16 hours per day to succeed on this platform. But they get a nice reward – customers, money, and high rankings.

How much can Amazon sellers make?

The sellers’ earnings range from $4000 up to $1 million on average. Everything is possible here, but you have to discover what works best for you. Exclusive products, comprehensive research, seasonal options, and passion about your business may do magic.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

The company offers two packages for entrepreneurs who want to promote their items worldwide. The Individual plan is a perfect solution for people who are going to sell no more than 40 products per month. They don’t cover a subscription fee but pay $0.99 per each thing they sell. There’re also other fees depending on a category.The Professional package implies a subscription fee a seller pays every month. And entrepreneurs have to cover other expenses according to the category of an item.

What is the most sold item on Amazon?

If you want to figure out what can you sell on Amazon, you can check a list of top-selling items directly on the website. They update the ranking every hour, so it’s a great chance for a customer to stay informed. The latest changes in the market are always at your service.