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If you don’t want to rely only on luck and your efforts when doing business on Amazon, it’s necessary to find an effective helper. ZonGuru is a new tool providing more than ten features to users who want to increase their popularity on the platform. Read on the review to get more information about the instrument, its options, and how it improves the entrepreneur’s journey to the accomplishment of his goals.

What is Zonguru?

ZonGuru is a software designed by two experienced entrepreneurs who decided to improve a seller’s path at Amazon, Jon Tilley and Adam Hudson. They combined a few helpful features and performed one tool, although sometimes it's better to concentrate on a single particular quality. With this instrument, a user can find product keywords, track the market data, analyze a business, and increase the income.

ZonGuru Pricing

A user can choose from 3 performed ZonGuru plans depending on his experience and aims. The first one is developed for starters who are only looking for an item to promote on the platform. A Product researcher plan costs $ 49 per month and $ 35 per year. Prices seem to be too high for a person who only begins to earn money by selling goods.

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A Business plan is for an entry-level seller who has created a desirable shape for the brand but wants to increase sales. It has a higher price and more features, including the starter’s privileges, chrome extension, dashboard, monitoring metrics, and customer engagement option. It costs $ 99 per month and $ 65 per year.

how to use zonguru

A Plus plan contains all the tools, but it’s rather expensive . A user gets access to all ZonGuru features, including product research, listing optimization, metrics and monitoring, engagement, expand, and support. You can pay $ 199 for one month, or $ 119 for a year. 

ZonGuru Features

This tool has at least a few features that might help optimize a business, boost sells , and engage customers . The Amazon journey may turn into a real challenge, and you should keep track of your brand and market data. All ZonGuru reviews point on the fact that this instrument is a combination of all the necessary features an entrepreneur may need in the e-commerce world. The review will help you understand whether it will bring you money in the future. 

Niche Rater

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Before you dive into the world of the platform, it’s better to analyze the market and find out which items are the best choice for you. ZonGuru chrome extension allows you to conduct research without the need to leave Amazon, turn on some app, and set filters. Once you’ve found an interesting category, you have to open up the tool, and it will demonstrate the product’s opportunities in the niche. This rating is based on a few factors, including customer demand, competition, a hotbed for investments, and revenue data. A user gets the information within seconds.  

Keywords on Fire

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ZonGuru feature has an algorithm that allows a user to see the most entered keyword s and the information behind them. For example, you can check the highly competitive ones or find out search volume during the set period. With this feature, an entrepreneur shouldn’t miss any click, sale, or customer. A relevant keyword is a good option, but it doesn’t guarantee that a customer will select your item.

Business Dashboard

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This Zon Guru feature displays the performance of a brand on Amazon. It has a few widgets that help you analyze the nature of your expenses, see the history of sells on the platform, and find out how much your business costs. The feature also gives you access to recent customer reviews and data about the product’s net margin. It’s impossible to build an effective strategy without important statistics, but it’s unlikely for a user to wait for improvement only with these details. 


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Love/Hate ZonGuru instrument helps a user find out what customers think about his brand. It monitors the niche and creates a list of characteristics that explain which properties satisfied buyers, and which ones didn’t. Maybe, the tool is the chance to save precious time, but you don’t look for the reviews by yourself. What if you miss important comments

Email Automator

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Brands develop a reputation not only by selling high-quality items but also by setting a tight connection with customers. Zon Guru has a feature helping you stay in touch with the buyers without the need to leave other essential tasks. You can create emails and decide when the instrument sends them to the receivers. It’s up to you what kind of notifications to make – the information about shipping, hot offers, or new items at your store. The tool allows you to add product images, logos, and other marketing materials.

Other Powerful Tools

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As you can see, ZonGuru has many features, but it’s not the end of a list. The tool has even other options, including Your Products, Orders, Product Monitor, IP Monitor, Keyword Tracker, Keywords Spotlight, Listing Optimizer, and Sales Spy. Note that access to the tools costs a lot - that’s why you should prepare a wallet.

Final Thoughts

Both ZonGuru app and extension give access to a combination of features, even if you don’t need them all. A seller doesn’t have to conduct research manually because this instrument provides the statistics. Some tools are practical ones, as they help find a product that accumulates the highest income, choose relevant keywords, monitor reviews, and improve the quality.

However, ZonGuru isn’t the best option if you have a limited budget. Many instruments in the market have the same features or even better, and they cost less. Besides, automated processes like review search or email creation don’t allow you to conduct comprehensive research, see the entire picture, and add a touch of personalization.


What marketplaces are supported by ZonGuru?

The tool is functional on the territory of North America, Australia, Europe. Soon, it will be available for Japan and India.

Can I connect my Seller Account to ZonGuru?

The process will take a few minutes of your free time. If you don’t know how to use ZonGuru, press the “Connect” button, and follow the directions you see on a screen. As a seller, you get access to Business Dashboard, Alerts, Email Automator, and more.

What currency is my ZonGuru billed in?

It’s a US-based company. Therefore prices come in dollars.